Jul 17 2015

Welcome to the Recap. My comments are in bold.


TowerLighting.com 19 years old Tower lighting are those portable lighting that people use for parking lots or events. Big rental product

TowerLighting.com: $1,240. And expensive.

Masry.com Popular last name so it will be people, places, and things

Masry.com: $5,533. Apperently it is a really popular thing.

StemDoctor.com Stem cells are changing medicine IMO. I advise all clients to have some stem cell names in their portfolio. Of course I have no clients

StemDoctor.com: $227. This was a good pick up for whoever bought it.

ReplaceIt.com Not sure what I’m replacing but I love this as a marketing name for some company that does replacement something. Windows etc

ReplaceIt.com: $2,605. Awesome domain, It costs money to replace things. This is where you go to do it. Don’t fix it, Replace It!

NJHW.com Perfect Chinese letters. Will do very well

NJHW.com: $1,525. New Jersey House Wives! Come on I’m not the only one that thought of this?

CIVU.com CVCV.com that could go at value based on price at posting. Of course it always runs at the end

CIVU.com: $970. Not a bad CVCV.

MPME.com Sell it to the guy that owns MP.me

MPME.com: $360. Military Police Me. Kinda sounds dirty.

CheapThemes.com One bidder at $12. There’s money to be made in WordPress Themes

CheapThemes.com: $520. Worth a lot more than this imo. Easy affiliate site.

CloudPet.com Two hot keywords, one low price

CloudPet.com: $1,355. A Pegasus? That would be badass. I would go to this site Fo Sho. 

JLCF.com I noticed from my reports you guys are buying many of the LLLL.coms off the list. IMO the go up. Am I buying? Yes but being selective

JLCF.com: $910. You always need to be selective in anything you do. There is only so much to invest, so do so wisely.

LivingUnlimited.com Love the concept, getting some bids

LivingUnlimited.com: $355. I like it as a slogan. Unlimited email, unlimited data and the list goes on and on.


BBQ.me I think this one is getting overlooked. WAS getting overlooked

BBQ.me: Auction ended unsold then relisted. Listen I get that BBQ is a HUGE keyword… but, some how BBQ Me just doesn’t make me hungry.


ISU.com A ton of things would use this name. Colleges use edu but its the first thing that comes to mind

ISU.com: $25,000. Internet Security University.

NetFun.com 20 years old. Who doesn’t want to have some net fun? Except maybe some fish

NetFun.com: $1,741. A site where you can buy Net Cannons?!

HealthStop.com Decent name. Health is always a good investment

HealthStop.com: $880. So many people buy health supplements.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

Fuuf.com Love these LLLL.com with the double vowels in the middle. 4 figure names in my opinion

Fuuf.com: And its a palindrome.

DBurn.com No bidders $12. I can give you a slogan to go with the cheap name. “Feel D Burn, dburn.com”

DBurn.com: Domain Burn

78710.com Solid 5N.com. Sevens are more American than Chinese but they still pay a good price for them

78710.com: Lots of people like 7’s.

79763.com There are three expiring in sequential order but this is my favorite

79763.com: Same here.

JL8.com Average price is $750 on these right now ad this is way under

JL8.com: Me likey. Just L8 or for you non hip people that means Just Late.

RVV.com Two Vs for the price of one

RVV.com: RV Venture.

EnglishBulldog.com They’re cute. They just can’t breathe. And for that reason…..I’m out

EnglishBulldog.com: I like beagles. Shane are you watching Shark Tank?.. Don’t lie to me Shane. 

TheCellphone.com Only 5 bidders for a name that represents something every …single…person has

TheCellphone.com: An affliction that has spread to the entire world.

Microfibre.com I see this as a brand, not a company that sells it. Good for dusting

Microfibre.com: Could be a cool brand, but I’m not feeling it all that much.

EBBF.com I think it deserves more than 19 bidders.

EBBF.com: Elton B. B. Franklin.


Top 5 Estibot Values from the list-

ISU.com $482,000

EnglishBulldog.com $144,000 This one gets a hell of a lot of searches.

RVV.com $100,000

Masry.com $8,500

TheCellPhone.com $4,800

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