Aug 07 2015

Not sure anyone read the article about Tom Brady wanting the Domain TB12.com and how his business managers said that they need to conceal his identity and try to convince the owner that they are students working on a school project or something. Does this work on anyone? I think for the most part investors would know the tricks people use. I don’t remember if I have ever run into this scenario myself but I like everyone else has told low ballers no. On the other hand who knows what they might have paid. It says he has gotten good deals before pretending to use it for school projects. The investor still could have made one hundred or a thousand times their investment. Interesting story all the same. you can read the snippet of the email chain here. It is quite a ways down.

The Auction Recap will cover the 5th and the 6th.

My comments are in Bold.


CyclePlus.com Was hoping to sneak this one in to my portfolio. Solid bike shop name. 17 years old but already has a few bidders

CyclePlus.com: $516. Cycling is really big in Arizona. I don’t get it… I just feel like it would feel like riding into a blow dryer.

iSouth.com I said iNames aren’t doing too well lately but here is one with a bid. 17 years old

iSouth.com: $703. Memoirs of a snow bird.

NDNW.com Worldwide LLLL.com. Appeals to all languages. Should be four figures IMO

NDNW.com: $353. North Dakota Natural Wellness.

MyTuition.com No bidders. 13 years old. Great name for scholarship search or anything college money related

MyTuition.com: $1,336. Perfect for college financials.

ORBT.com Everyone sees Orbit.

ORBT.com: $690. Who’s Orbit?

PokerBot.com Getting a lot of bids. Is the name of what people are really playing against. Remember when poker names were huge?

PokerBot.com: $4,953. Looks like that time is not over.

NewHouseProject.com With all the remodeling shows on TV this name is growing in value every year.

NewHouseProject.com: $410. I think my wife bought this so she has a place to write down all the projects she wants done.

Zoggo.com No bidders. Decent 5L.com for $12

Zoggo.com: $170. Sounds like a stroller. A jogging stroller.

Xiate.com Chinese city, just buy it

Xiate.com: $1,075. How do you say it?

Football.cc We’ll see if the keyword can overcome the tld. 18 years old

Football.cc: $565. I would say it did.

SmartSize.com As good of a name as FashionMetric. Only $12. No bidders. 13 years old

SmartSize.com: $511. If they made clothes to auto adjust to fit that would be super.

NHCM.com Did I say Ps were good? I meant Ns ,Hs, Cs, and Ms

NHCM.com: $610. New Hampshire Chess Masters.

Traveler.cc Again, not going to get rich on these names but you could make 5 times your money

Traveler.cc: $170. Pretty cool .cc.

OnlineCollegeCourses.net HUGE keywords. Overcoming the dot net

OnlineCollegeCourses.net: $510. Friend of mine built out a really nice wordpress site for something like this. Easy build out.

TTXK.com Crazy high, crazy high

TTXK.com: $835. Doubles the average.

PersonalToys.com Good adult sex toy name. Only one bidder at $10. Less than the cost of the Whizzle Wazzle Monster Attack Dildo

PersonalToys.com: $299. How many D batteries does that thing need??


LCFE.com Under $200 and closes this morning.

LCFE.com: $351. Still a good price for this name.


Implemented.com Closes today. Ideas are one thing but implementing them is the real hard work. Great name doing well

Implemented.com: Auction ended unsold at $2,700. I like this name a lot. Could be used for so many things.

EcoCentricMom.com Interesting website for sale. I think it actually has the ability to grow from here

EcoCentricMom.com: Sold by Buy It Now $15,000. Organic baby stuff. HUGE sellers. I had organic electricity when I was a baby and stuck my parents keys in a socket. I turned out great.

AwesomeWriter.com Another pretty nice website for sale. I only put up websites I think someone could actually take and duplicate or improve profits. This is another one.

AwesomeWriter.com: Auction ended unsold at $5,000. I have a whole list of them. I am an avid reader. I usually read a book every week or so.


Tavares.com One of the most popular names in the South American world. And the name of every short stop in major league baseball. (made the last part up) 20 years old

Tavares.com: $5,725. I was this close to changing my son’s name to Tavares Johnson.

KIRI.com If you’re going to buy a CVCV.com then this is the kind you should buy IMO

KIRI.com: $9,300. EVERYONE agrees.

EOOO.com A pretty domain and also what the guy who accidentally walked off a cliff. Sorry, not very good

EOOO.com: $2,999. If you are going to do vowels might as well have four of them.

Drony.com Droney is probably better but this one doesn’t have a lot of bidders and think it looks correct

Drony.com: $1,523. This would be a good name for a kids drone toy.

SSLW.com Breaks barriers in the LLLL.com world

SSLW.com: $570. Right in that 500 range.

JustBeCool.com Marketing name. And I try, I try

JustBeCool.com: $907. Too late! And by saying that I’m not cool anymore.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

LPNP.com No Vowels, No V, not stopping it. Easily over $500 with the repeating Ps

LPNP.com: Solid 4L. I like the letters and the order.

28569.com Most bids on the GD board today. I know it doesn’t have a four and that’s all I got

28569.com: It also has an 8. I think 9 at the end might be significant because it is the highest single number. Maybe I am delirious.

55306.com Any non 4 5L.com with 55 on the front or back is worth taking a look at

55306.com: I have a 55 ford pickup. Too bad the engine isn’t a 306 cubic inch engine right?

LVWeddings.com Last time I checked Las Vegas was the wedding capital of the US. No bidders. $12. 17 years old

LVWeddings.com: Its a wedding name. Just buy it.

LPNP.com Repeating Ps, no vowels or Vs= $500 +

LPNP.com: A lot of nice LLLL names.

769988.com Top bid number on the GD list today. That’s right a 6N dominates the charts

769988.com: double 9’s double 8’s. Wow.

555597.com And in second in bids, yup, another 6N. The 5s sure do bring in the crowds

555597.com: four 5’s bring all the boys and girls to the yard.

UpdateRenovate.com I actually like this name more. No bidders. 12 years old. Solid home remodeling name. Sounds like it’s already a show on HGTV.

UpdateRenovate.com: I thought the same thing. Great name.

OTBF.com Trying to figure out if the Chinese market is starting to take on LLLL.com with Os or the English market is buying them because its a good acronym

OTBF.com: Over the Battle Field.

RDOF.com Also over $200

RDOF.com: I see Rudolf.

RUCA.com 19 year old CVCV.com That’s enough to take a look

RUCA.com: Pretty much. I like the way this one sounds. That is part one of Aaron’s CVCV test.

XR.com No bidders. Just kidding. More watchers than bidders but not a lot of buyers have $500K laying around

XR.com: I am buying this one if I can remember where the hell I buried that money in the back yard.

GMTM.com Fun to say. No vowels or Vs. Over under $500

GMTM.com: I like saying it in a sports announcers voice.

MoldTips.com Good CPC and I’ve said it before. Mold is a an insurances company’s worst nightmare. They always want it cleaned up immediately

MoldTips.com: Pretty standard is GTFO right? I guess someone should build out a site to provide tips.

SKOS.com Looks cool, sounds cool. Only 28 bidders

SKOS.com: Not my favorite but I like the way it looks.

IWillNow.com A good name for a site that teaches a lesson

IWillNow.com: Could stand for Internet Will Now. Website to set up a Will.

TrainingTree.com 19 years old. I’d go there to get buff. Or at least train 10 minutes and talk about it for the next 50

TrainingTree.com: Yeah, do some pull ups on the lower branches? Nice.

Cuddle.com My favorite name this month. Unfortunately will be out of my price range……maybe

Cuddle.com: I like it too! Who doesn’t love a good cuddle? Other than men who hate to cuddle.

Toby.com First names sell for a lot. Even cowboy names like Toby

Toby.com: Toby is a cowboy name? I don’t think so Shane. How about Wilfred?

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