Aug 28 2015

I played ping pong at the office today, (If my boss is reading this it was only one game! Okay like 3) and I realized how bad I was. I use to have a table way back when and use to play quite a bit. You always assume that if you are good at something you will always be good but as I learned today in a crushing defeat, you have to keep up on your skills. I have been learning that the hard way recently and not just with ping pong, guess I need to put in some work! You know what I am a bit rusty on? Flipping domains for a HUGE profit after a week. I definitely want to practice that.


VCampus.com 19 years old. Virtual campus. PR 4 to boot. Getting some bid love

VCampus.com: $3,400. Didn’t like it at first glance. I am liking it more and more now.

Vorse.com No bidders. Not a bad 5N.com for $12

Vorse.com: $113. Brandable. Decent name.

PotTruck.com Because you know that this is going to be a thing. After you visit the Pot Truck you’re going to want to visit the Food Truck

PotTruck.com: $222. Pot car just sounds dumb.

Alaz.com I thought this one would get to four figures fast. It may get there but not close yet

Alaz.com: $841. Slang version of Alas? That makes no sense.

Z7Z7.com I think if you buy this for $12 you make money. Easy to remember and that’s half the battle

Z7Z7.com: $808 My adhd is making this one tough. But I still love it.

PV4.com The 8 above is much better than the 4, guessing it sells for half of the 8. See what I did there? 4 is half of 8

PV4.com: $731. I don’t get it.

828333.com As I said yesterday. the only 6N.com I even look at are the ones that end in triple repeating. This one has the added bonus of two 8s at the front as well

828333.com: $638. And a couple 8’s to boot.

Siggle.com Another nice 5N.com that would make a short brand. All depends on how cheap you can get it

Siggle.com: $172. I think this is a 6N. I could be wrong.

CelebrityHD.com A high quality photo celebrity blog waiting to happen. May have already happened once based on the traffic that it already has

CelebrityHD.com: $315. Sell this one to TMZ.

PVDX.com Has a V but still like it. Flows off the tongue, more the teeth and lips I guess.

PVDX.com: $138. I like the DX on the end.

WSWE.com Worldwide Society of Woodworking Elephants. The domain auction is going well. The Elephant woodworking thing, not so well

WSWE.com: $249. They are good with the power tools. The chisels not so much.


Purchase.cc Reserve met at $25. Worth watching IMO

Purchase.cc: Sold by Auction $175. No bad, I am not sure what I would do with this.

SendAJart.com I absolutely love this site. Always looking to buy websites I can continue to monetize and I am sooooo gassy that I can keep fulfillment going for years

SendAJart.com: Sold by Auction $6,150. I like this site too, financials look pretty good too.

Portfolio of 60 Names. Some decent names in the list and reserve met under $500

Portfolio of 60 Names: Sold by Auction $1,800. There are some pretty good names.

J.AI But watch the renewal fee

J.AI: Auction ended unsold $610.


WUDA.com CVCV aren’t what they used to be but most are a few grand right now

WUDA.com: $10,200. Why did this go for this much?

SBX.com Awesome LLL.com I think it hits $50K. I usually undervalue names but this is a nice one

SBX.com: $32,599. I like this one a lot too. Just sounds good.

LocalMarketing.com Start local and expand. Can’t remember, that saying may be for helping others

LocalMarketing.com: $20,351. Awesome name.

89818.com Someone actually let this expire

89818.com: $3,700. Great 5N. This always surprises me the stuff they let expire.

BetPad.com Only 6 bidders. Betting app name and you know they will eventually be a thing in the US. Too much money for the government not to happen

BetPad.com: $631. Great betting name.

No Result List- Results may be added at a later date.

JL8.com $750 is floor IMO but should cross 4 figures without a problem

JL8.com: It’s got an 8 so its got my vote. J late.

MFOB.com Great English LLLL.com

MFOB.com: Agreed.

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