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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 14th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I’ll keep this short, Did a few other posts today.

Hey Cyger! If you’re reading this it’s your move, don’t let that huge score scare you away. 🙂

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,322.60  20 years old.  Big name with the S but even without getting good bids

?   19 years old and getting so so bids.  Good end user name.   P for products

?  18 years old and getting a few bids.  You know I like 5L.coms that would make a short simple brand

338 USD  FarAx, Remote Tree removal  Another nice acronym and 18 years old

1,402 USD Rhymer   Not sure what you would do with it but has some age but no bids.  I think you’ll be fine at $12

305 USD You would Direct Health of course… I can see a fitness site or something like that.  I hate to be one of those guys but I hope this does well because I own a similar but better name.  And it really is better.   Most people say it is but it isn’t but mine really is……………..I promise

?    I figured people would like this.  Especially in this industry where half the people sleep in

1,330 USD Are they sleeping in or just working the night shift?  Since we’re talking sleep. One bidder at $12.

? Easy to get addicted  to sleep, the more you get the more you want.  Actually an upgrade name for a few companies.   It is a kind of square bale of hay.  There’s regular hay bales and then there are big bales

? Bale can mean “That’s all, or only in pinyin, so Big Only?  Its pretty obvious you can buy them.  Might was well start a site.  5 bidders agree

1,136 USD People still search for reviews everyday.   H for holdings.   12 years old.

1280 USD  Thank Goodness Josh’s Home.  No bidders.  I can easily see this in a commercial for something that claims to

? I like it, Safety consulting business. Lots of safety professionals out there due to pesky OSHA regulations.   Not too bad of a 5L.   Worth $100ish IMO

147 USD I can see it, not bad   Getting a pretty high bid.  Seller puts a note saying its a name with the word “Zen” and is a smooth and relaxing name.  I think its getting the bids because of the Japanese sex site on the .net.  Just a guess

?  Probably one of those things and not the misspelling of Zebra   Getting a the best price of all the LLLL.coms on the board today

4001 USD Josh You Crusty Bastard   All are worth at least $300 at this point


1455 USD Not Talking To Me ?  

Theo must be SOOOO excited to see all these great Western CHiPs selling. Means someone is selling their portfolio.  Which can only mean that the only names worth owning are names like and   Artisan anything seems to sell right now.  This is proving me right

711 USD   Pattern 6N.coms continue to do very very well

?   Pretty sure the value is in the typo of AirBnB but I won’t tell anyone

1,225 USD Is that really the reason? The U seems too far away from the N to matter.   This is doing MUCH better than I expected. Actually I didn’t think it would do anything

? Huh?   No fours or zeros.  That’s still a good thing

425 USD double number on the left and ending in sequence  I overpaid on a lot of 5Ls.  We’ll see how it goes but I am probably going to pay some holding costs waiting for the world to see how awesome my names are.  The regular old 5Ls?  There will be no holding costs

135 USD AAABA  At $30 at press time.  Pretty sure its worth more than that

? Big Gay San Francisco or maybe Buy Green Stained Furniture, could be Big Giant Squirrel Farting  One bid at $12.  278 visits per month.  And because just isn’t that great

? Fun name for a skydiving company  One bidder at $54.  Worth more than that as well IMO

? Small Pickles  One bidder at $12

?  I honestly thought the TT would bring more than $20

?   I don’t like it but the bidders do

Unsold    Stallone

Unsold   I think you will do well with any NNN in the top 20 TLDs.  You get 50 NNN and LLL dot co with this portfolio


  Recap Quick Overview

farax.com338 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
rymr.com1,402 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
healthdirector.com305 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
snoozing.com1,330 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
greatreviews.com1,136 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
tgjh.com1280 USD04/12/16GoDaddy
hoojo.com147 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
jycb.com4,001 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
nttm.com1455 USD04/12/16GoDaddy
artisanmarket.org711 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
airbub.com1,225 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
117678.com425 USD04/13/16GoDaddy
zzzkz.com135 USD04/13/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,900.00 4/13/2016 NameJet $1,410.00 4/13/2016 NameJet $2,900.00 4/13/2016 NameJet $1,402.00 4/13/2016 GoDaddy $4,001.00 4/13/2016 GoDaddy
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