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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 22nd and 23rd of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Fear is a funny thing. Fear can make us piss our pants as we run away as fast as we can. Fear can make us freeze up, vapor locked, paralyzed to do anything and still make us piss our pants. Fear can make us fight aggressively like a cornered animal. These reactions are part of nature and derive from an internal chemical reaction to our situation. They aren’t based in reason, facts or wisdom of any kind.

If we were being hunted by predators or in life and death situations every day this natural reaction would be beneficial. We’d have increased blood flow to the parts of our body that need it, we’d have increased adrenaline to be able to do the things we normally wouldn’t be capable of doing.

In today’s culture most people don’t experience life or death scenarios more than a few times in their entire lives. They don’t know how to deal with fear and it’s side effects. They can develop anxiety or do rash things in non life threatening fearful situations.

The optimal situation is being able to control the body’s response and use it as a tool while maintaining the ability to think clearly and act deliberately. Fear in itself isn’t a bad thing, it helps to keep us safe, it reminds us when it’s time to go. Irrational fear makes us do crazy things, it clouds our minds and can keep us from making informed balanced decisions.

If someone with  knowledge of these basic human reactions wanted to elicit a certain response from others or even a large group of people,  they could easily do it. Look at Hitler, fear was one of his most powerful weapons in making, otherwise civil, people do horrible things.  

While the above is an extreme case of large scale human manipulation via fear, don’t be fooled into thinking it isn’t a currently used powerful tool. Any entity looking to gain power or money by eliciting a certain behavior from a group of people can use this tool. There will IMG_2163always be those who wield this weapon over others to gain power or money.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,458.20  18 years old.   Nice acronym letters.  B for Barracuda

306 USD B for BA Barrackas   17 years old.   Good if you own a cleaning company and really good if you own

1,280 USD  I do not own a cleaning company, so I didn’t bother  Peer for peer?  Probably more value to the Chinese market.  Doing well despite the 4

?   Nice marketing name for a company that is known for good value.  No bidders at $12

102 USD I like it, I can see lots of end users for this name.   Test or Satelittes

775 USD I really don’t like repeating word names, but it it short. Apparently a few people liked it.   No snow is getting one bid

354 USD Free lift tickets, that’s what I’m talking about.   Lots of Vs for one low price

456 USD Not sure what the deal is with this name, It’s sold 3 times since October, each time at a loss of $300-$400. Are the flips gone bad, or simply increasing fear.  Not sure how you would monetize it but memorable

585 USD Sold for about the same price last year this date. and seem to be the only Chinese names holding their value

4,500 USD It’s got an 8, these things are all over the place but usually fairly high.  Still not quite back to last year’s prices but we’re almost there.  World Wide

? HP Wang wang  Not by chance this one was put up for sale

151 USD, some kind of papers or something   Now too low to show results on Namebio.

137 USD. So my observation only, from looking these up everyday. They seem to be holding right around this price, with good patterns getting good prices.,  195 USD,  136 USD  146 USD  190 USD

Under $20 at press time

I think these four are a good example of who shows up and when it is that can influence the sales price.  Everyone is going to come to find out why

? A shame site? Or a soap site, you choose.   Not a bad name for $12.  One bidder

965 USD So I think it’s a decent name, but we’re still talking wholesale on all these names at auction right? Sometimes I see these prices and think “Are these people crazy, or do I not spend enough money on wholesale domains”?   One of the best funding names you can buy.  Wonder if the owner thinks the same

?   Will the resurgence of TV help the value of .tv?

2360 USD Is Tv coming back?    Ugly Mike has a very nice one here

1900 USD  Philly Mike is what I like to call him, or schuylkill river Mike  20 years. One of the oldest form of direct marketing.  And still one the most commonly used.

Has a BIN  One of the few types of short domain that have held price and may even gone up a little

?   The two Vs are holding up well.  Looks like its going to hit $300

241 USD  I like the V on the left.  It lets the good letters do the work on the right while it watches.

?   The vowels not as much but still have good value

?    Used to describe a person that’s recently moved into town.  I imagine the person that owned mail marketing let this one expire as well

6,651 USD Here’s another one, almost $7k It’s a good name but wholesale at $7k?  I thought this one would get a bid.  I was right

1,435 USD, This little bastard would have been a million bucks a few weeks ago.    $1250 at publication time.  T for Trust.  I don’t know what they other T is for

? Short for PHATT   $2K opening bid and I think that’s not too far off value

?   No bidders.  I just like it because its fun to say.

? Japanese drink made out of mint and raw fish.  No bidders.    It’s nice to be needed

? Isn’t this a song? Probably several songs on several different albums.   20 years old.  36 bids and may hit four figures. Upgrade name for quite a few companies

4,450 USD I saw this one coming up and was like “meh, I like it but how many ways can you spell tech?” apparently no one gives a shit but me., 294 USD, 338 USD

All can be used as Western acronym.  All will be at the low end of the price model   I am still buying great pattern CHiPs for cheap if anyone wants out.  Not CHiPs, not good patterns but great patterns.    And yes, I know the market is in a freefall.   I’ll be fine

218 USD This is a good pattern, that’s why I bought it.  I admit it was easy to remember

? I like this one. If you look at some of the early numeric sales of 5-6n with the highest prices they were whole numbers like this.    Not a bad fantasy name for $12

104 USD Until the government shuts them all down.    Single and double digit country codes are becoming gold.  This price proves it

4 days left  Pretty special name.  And the price shows

4 days left

Korean.TV   Surprised this one has no bids.  I would think there is a Western station that shows Korean programming that would want this

4 Days left  Reputation repair name.  Still leaves a dirty Dicker taste in my mouth

2050 USD I’ve gotta say, if nothing else he’s given bloggers plenty of material for years to come.

  Recap Quick Overview

lseb.com306 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
cleaningco.com1,280 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
weknowvalue.com102 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
satsat.com775 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
snowfree.com354 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
vlvv.com456 USD04/20/16GoDaddy
mymistake.com585 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
wb8.com4,500 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
panamaleaks.com151 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
877196.com137 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
663928.com195 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
663958.com136 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
663938.com146 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
663918.com190 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
createanapp.com965 USD04/21/16GoDaddy
Best.tv2360 USDFlippa
Wedding.io1900 USDFlippa
lvvz.com241 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
newmovers.com6,651 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
88game.com1,435 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
autotek.com4,450 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
bnau.com294 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
amrq.com338 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
189187.com218 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
draftbench.com104 USD04/22/16GoDaddy
NameRemoval.com2050 USDFlippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,526.00 4/22/2016 NameJet $1,402.00 4/22/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/22/2016 NameJet $1,401.00 4/22/2016 NameJet $1,610.00 4/21/2016 NameJet $1,311.00 4/21/2016 NameJet $1,500.00 4/21/2016 NameJet $1,600.00 4/21/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/21/2016 NameJet $1,311.00 4/21/2016 NameJet $1,650.00 4/21/2016 NameJet $1,387.43 4/21/2016
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