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AUCTION RECAP, the 11th of April 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 11th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Random video of EZIO insertion. The EZIO is a drill that establishes  interosseous access by directly inserting a catheter into the bone marrow. It works the same way as an IV for giving fluids and medications to patients.  It’s quick and effective and despite popular opinion doesn’t seem to cause that much pain, though it’s normally reserved for unconscious or critical patients.

A lot of medical advancements and new technology come from wars, obviously due to the increased patient load and the need to find solutions for problems that arise and by studying trends in patient survival/death rates. The IO drill isn’t that new and has been around for about 10 years i think, the predecessor to the drill was a spring loaded torture looking device that fired a catheter into your sternum.

Anyway, the medical field is one way that we can find names with potential future value, buy learning about trends and technology.

Enjoy the video.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on  None Reported 21 years old.  You know I like media names because they always seem to sell.  This one is all media

3,705 USD   Lots of bidders, lots of price.   Lots of skiers.   They better protect with…..just kidding

9,201 USD Wow, I used to ski, haven’t in a few years though.  No bidders and 17 years old.  We all feel this way some days.  Most actually are

193 USD Whenever I’m feeling fat I like to eat a whole container of icecream. Then I pause and think “yep that feeling was correct” I like to test feelings, make sure they’re based in reality.  So many ways to go with this one.  Probably best since its Sunday to just leave it alone.   I’m thinking of a cat petting site.

4,148 USD And you couldn’t leave it alone could you. It’s a name for a swimming site, that highlights the breast stroke.  Off their $700 high but still plenty of value

491 USD  No bidders.  Sounds like a casting couch video site in the making

? There is certainly a porn overtone today.  12 year old CCC.   No CCC are under $300 anymore

591 USD   Great dating app name.  Also great name for a Fleshlight type device.  ****Don’t look that one up, I only know because of the movies

147 USD Like warm apple pie.   The value is in the funny.

? It’s funny or gross depending on the media. Magazines, not as funny.   No bidders.  Not a bad name for a granite countertop or other stone masonry company

? I like this name, I think it’s great for things Shane mentioned.   These with double numbers are still selling

107 USD   Numbers are on the wrong side but still getting a few bids

?   I feel sorry for real escorts once this VR thing takes off

? So many VR names…  Because a nail salon probably can’t afford for their marketing campaign

? I’ve never had one.  Might as well add this one as well.  No bids on either

? The V is your discount code

415 USD   Love this one .   Nice and round, like I like my basketballs

670 USD Can’t believe I have a 7N back on the list but you’re getting a lot of 8s for the money here

? I still like it.   The repeaters in the middle will take this above the $200 mark IMO.  Used to be above $300

420 USD and it exceeded expectations, but it’s a nice number  Might actually hit that $700 mark mentioned above

? 207 USD   ?  

Regular old 6N CHiPs

They have decent patterns.  The double 8s are nice but no 8 can overcome a zero or 4.  Still a nice name

122 USD Not too far off the average   I get a lot of truckers delivering stuff to the nursery and most of them smell from being in the truck for 12 hours.  I’m sure they don’t all stink and is more concentrated in the long haul trucker category

410 USD I wonder what the truck stop showers are like. They usually have a line and they call the numbers over the loudspeaker. Does someone clean them in between? ., 148 USD, 152 USD, 134 USD, 148 USD,  143 USD   143 USD

This may be the last day I list  The are getting sold but they are the least clicked names on the list each day.   Somebody is buying them but its not you guys    Pretty much all VR names are selling

?   22 years old.  Get it?  In To You

No Winner  19 years old. Big city, big homes.   Great real estate site name for the home of the Alamo

No Winner  No reserve.  Under $100

145 USD  You better be all that if you’re going to be on this site

No Winner   A for association or aardvark

915 USD It’s pronounceable 

  Recap Quick Overview

mediainc.com3,705 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
iski.com9,201 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
feelingfat.com193 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
stroker.com4,148 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
rky.co491 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
y7a.com591 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
pocketdate.com147 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
lp33.com107 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
gcv.cc415 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
7500.cc670 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
899779.com420 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
353357.com207 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
882990.com122 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
truckerdating.com410 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
szgn.net148 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
shxr.net152 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
bkzn.net134 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
btjj.net148 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
rftr.net143 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
jjwm.net143 USD04/10/16GoDaddy
Confidence.io145 USD04/10/16Flippa
pyga.com915 USD04/10/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales.


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