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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 11th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Some really high prices for 5L pronounceable names today, I think they’re more valuable than the 5L Chips just like 4L pronounceable’s generally are. There’s still some available for hand reg. Maybe they’ll all be liquid soon. Who knows.

A few Canna names that sold are listed below. You could spend a small fortune speculating on Marijuana names, there’s so many option.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $5,100.00  The English still keep the useless letters in their name. 18 years old

3,999 USD It’s like the antithesis of Chinese premium  Key names continue to do well.  17 years old

490 USD Why?  It may not be a Chinese but its a perfect acronym end user name

2,216 USD  I think this is a four figure name.  I don’t usually like the ly and the ing words but this one is nice. You know how I know its nice?  Because of the way it is

2,650 USD I guess it could work for an insurance brand or something like that. One more where the U gives you a discount code.

?  I don’t even know what a vector clock is.  I’m not even sure if that’s what people are thinking about when they bid on this

193 USD I’m not sure what’s going on today at all. There’s all kinds of crazy bids on crazy names.   It’s cute and has the word text.  A few bidders think its something special too.

765 USD We’re pushing to wholesale brand price on some of these, but it doesn’t matter if you know you can sell it for a profit.  A CHiP and although I heard they aren’t going up they sure are hitting $2000 much quicker than they did. Maybe I don’t know what going up means

2,200 USD  12 years old. Love these.  Got a nice offer for Bleeb yesterday.  I’m not helping my case by talking this up but I can only buy so many names (says the guy that tripled his portfolio this year)

405 USD I’m glad these pronounceable 5L’s are getting such good bids. I have a few, but I’ve never paid this much for any of them.  Another one.  And again getting some bids. At $100 at press time

2,750 USD  By the way Aaron, did you sell it yet?  Nice combo of city code and repeaters.  Should hit $250 plus,  based on history

405 USD Again higher than I expected.  I don’t know the value of 5N.nets but this is at $17 and pretty sure the floor is much higher than that

?  This one is a little higher because of the 77 and the 55 but not much

184 USD  When you want to fart but a little poop comes out with it.  And yes it has bids.  Made famous in Along Came Polly.  A pretty funny movie

261 USD This is such a crap name.  Not sure why this one is this high.   Learn me

1,175 USD: “NetworkX is a Python library for studying graphs and networks. NetworkX is free software released under the BSD-new license.”,

?   Evidently I don’t know the floor

?   The  NLN.coms have more than doubled in 12 months.   I pointed these out all last year as being very liquid. I hope you bought a few.  I know I did………..and then sold them all for a quick, very little profit, flip.

900 USD I had two of them. Bought them both for around $250. Sold one for $200 because I was bulk editing prices and mixed it in with a bunch or junk… It happens, someone got lucky., 449 USD, 381 USD, 600 USD   Y484 USD

our daily list of lower boats You can’t go wrong with a, you just don’t see very many in the North American market. They are selling all the time in China

1,356 USD   No zeros or 4s and you’re always over $4k in the 5Ns. And then you can go from there

5,766 USD  Pushing $6k.   Yeah yeah.  Dot co is flying, I know

641 USD Wow, yeah going up everyday it seems.  The more 8s the better.  I think these are going to be good buys when we look back in a year

423 USD  Good number dot info have legs

136 USD, 227 USD Yesterday the price was around $240 changes everyday.  227 USD

Just in case you were looking for some that cost more than $200, 217 USD  241 USD, 220 USD , 220 USD, 212 USD   210 USD

If you’re looking to find a numeric CHiP  Canna is becoming the new short form of cannabis

350 USD,  So many names for Cannabis to keep track of.dsad auction recap cannabis meme
Acapulco gold
loco weed
Maui wowie
Panama red
black hash
black oil
pot   Canna names are starting to sell.  Maybe they always have, just not at auctions


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61,936 USD Will probably be used to sell Jack Brakes.   Almost as good of a name as

Unsold Speak of the devil

Big Ben, Parliament  Nice repeater. Going to do well..  Eventually

Unsold  All those delicious searches but not getting much love

No Winner   You might get a deals if you put a bid on heels.………….Sorry




  Recap Quick Overview

humour.net3,999 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
keydesigns.com490 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
wia.net2,216 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
accidentally.com2,650 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
vclock.com193 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
texti.com765 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
khlx.com2,200 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
beega.com405 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
zigmo.com2,750 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
bfccc.com405 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
77055.net184 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
sharts.com261 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
networkx.com1,175 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
2p6.com900 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
twtu.com449 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
wliy.com381 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
vprt.com600 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
ozsb.com484 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
19608.com1,356 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
37568.com5,766 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
qsp.co641 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
852887.com423 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
8786.info136 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
yrtt.net227 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
zqyj.net227 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
297672.com217 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
258685.com241 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
853821.com220 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
153836.com220 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
165613.com212 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
139632.com210 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
cannaproducts.com350 USD02/10/16GoDaddy
retard.com61936 USD02/11/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,200.00 2/10/2016 GoDaddy $8,000.00 2/10/2016 Sedo
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