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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 12th and 13th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Yesterday I took my 6 year old daughter to see Kung Fu Panda 3. I consider it working and research since it takes place in cartoon China. Obviously we got the movie theater popcorn with butter. Every single time I eat that crap it makes me nauseous.

It tastes so good and for $6 I’m going to eat as much of it as I can. You’d think I would learn, but I don’t. I continue to pay the price after the movie for my lack of moderation and discipline. I do love going to the movies, but don’t go that often. Maybe that’s my form or moderation, only going so often.

One of these times I’ll beat the popcorn at it’s own game and not get sick.   That’s really the lesson here, never give up, perseverance, a little spark of hope can change the world.  

Yes this is how we all justify and rationalize things…dsad meme for the 12th and 13th of February

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,660.50  18 years old. I thought about keeping this one off and I hardly ever do that.  Great brand for anything storage related.  I’ve probably killed my chance of buying this one

2,020 USD, You store Roots in a root cellar.  18 years old.  I like the above much better but this one is 20 times higher

915 USD It certainly didn’t stay 20x higher.  Don’t see many 17 year old LLNN.coms

Probably a WB Tv station.   Also 17 years old.  I love both and is a great marketing name for someone that sells them

688 USD This got a good price, I was thinking maybe a few hundred wholesale.  Judging by the price and all the bids there is a lot of money in bible verses

? Missed the price, I’m not sure what the monetization play would be, lots of free bible apps.   Not gas for the car but for life.

? $1550 in 2013 at Sedo  Very fantastic   5% of is $5K imo

4,288 USD Close  Rarer than a

8,166 USD 1296 combinations, I think.  And you know every kid is going to come to this site

695 USD You get them to the site through trickery and offer online tutoring.  Remember last week when these were under $2,000?

2,139 USD Letters are decent too. Not a Quad premium Chip or a Quach, but close. People love names that resonate positivity.  This fits the bill

1,490 USD I like these kind of names. They have mindshare and you can think of thousands of contexts that you would use it in a sentence everyday. “I’m happy now” with a gentle soothing tone, “Are you happy now” with an angry condescending tone.  Can’t think of a better website evaluator name

?  I can,, but this one works too.  Nice to see the great prices pronounceable 5Ls are getting

1,015 USD, It’s very nice to see. The other day I was talking about these, I wasn’t really comparing them to the 5L Chips other than to say overall I think they could be better universally, just like CVCV is to the 4L. I think there’s a whole different market and more end user potential right now and for the foreseeable future.   I don’t like it all because I don’t like the zero and oh confusion.  But they sell every day with no problems so they are still worth owning

460 USD, This is the lowest I’ve seem in quite some time. 10 year old  

210 USD 215 USD  210 USD

And two that aren’t

A nice little quintuplet of 5N.coms today. 771 USD 1,325 USD 771 USD 898 USD 696 USD  Take out the 4s and zeros and its at a whole other price level

3,335 USD  Great looking  Top 5% of the category.  Going to fly past $2K IMO

?  Not quite as good but the double 88 is always nice

?  Not a ton of today.  At least not many that I feel like listing

248 USD  Damn zero. Ruins everything

333 USD Ruin might be a little harsh.  

260 USD Will get a peek at what a general CHiP goes for today with these two

226 USD  CHiP are killing it

662 USD  now THIS price makes sense.  You know with the whole 55 and Hong Kong thing going on

? Didn’t see it, like the name, it does better flipped around, but hey, can’t have everything.   

326 USD  The daily group of bottom percentile of the

493 USD  At $17 at press time

?   If the are moving, this would be the natural next names to increase.  Just talking logic, it means nothing.  Don’t take my advice or you may lose everything.  And then you will be forced to actually check for the cheapest gas in town

?  Sounds like an app that a celebrity would endorse that is free but you pay $32 in game to have 6 extra chances to finish a level

? I envision a Farmville type of game where the animals attack each other.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC) 18 years old.  49 millions results.  Names, places, and things

6,300 USD

My google SERP is and the title it “Enhance your Brand” Hopefully they’re the ones that are going to enhance they’re brand with the com.  Yeah, I see eight as well

1,009 USD I would have thought an Eght like this would have gone for more. It’s a single number .com, kinda.  17 years old.  1400 backlinks.   Used to be a Heavy Metal band which hogs the results

155 USD Was it a tribute heavy metal band? Sounds like a bunch of old guys on a reunion tour.  No bidders.  You can make money with this one at $12. Guaranteed.  Because if you do I’ll buy it for $20

109 USD Sounds like a cough drop brand, or something else entirely,  that may cause choking and gagging.  Have to turn those updown.  15 years old

520 USD I actually think this is a good deal, While it’s negative I can see it being a brand. It’s easy to remember, short, a word. You would need a really good concept for it, but it could be a good play.   12 years old.  Nice number, some pretty letters, and you have a winner

2,551 USD  Only Notre Dame fans or football fans will understand this one.  No bidders

105 USD Jesus would score a touchdown every time, unless he didn’t want to.  I thought this one was a pretty good one for our industry.  A few other bidders agree

569 USD I like it, but it only works within the industry. I assume that most people looking for consulting don’t even know what the hell a TLD is. It’s been my experience that they don’t. I’m sure that will change in the near future.   In a car name the I is good but in a domain its not quite as desired

1,480 USD No bidders.  It works for Happy Birthday if you ask me.  Heck of a lot cheaper

185 USD Or Happy Bangladesh, that’s my guess. Get ready for the Bangladeshian domain invasion.   Funny, this one is doing better because its a Chinese Surname and word

2,755 USD Always something to look for, every time with every number letter combo.   Yes, it IS the zip code of Mitchellville Iowa

1,870 USD  You don’t see many patterns sell in the 5Ns so this is one of the better names available

4,150 USD Get a ton of Rs for the price.

510 USD That’s $125 a piece for each R and $10 for the lonely D., 233 USD, 263 USD, 227 USD   234 USD and 240 USD

and my favorite  207 USD They’re selling.  Every single day I put up 5 or 6 that sell.   Or you want them to sell for higher every day?   Do it in months not days

227 USD  Josh would get all giddy over this one.  He loves 4s (value wise) and patterns

155 USD That is a pretty nice pattern and not a bad price for a 4 domain. One of the things that put me onto liking the 4 value wise was selling a 5N with a couple 4’s but with an 88. I sold the name on afternic for way more than I thought I would. Ever since then I’ve looked at the 4’s and 0’s a lot closer than I otherwise would have. In my mind that confirmed that the pattern will trump the 4. So take that knowledge to the buying side,  most of the time buy request are “no 4 no 0” and you know those guys making the request are only paying discounted  reseller prices. They don’t even look at the names with 4 and 0. If you’re selling wholesale this knocks a lot of potential buyers out and makes it seem like the things are virtually worthless. So when everyone’s mindset is like this, great patterns can slip through the cracks. Even names without great patterns can often be bought for way under their current market value as people just want to unload them.  Besides pattern we all know that certain 4 combos have positive meanings, so I can’t help but speculate that if the name has positive meaning there may be unrealized value there.  Travis’ numeric Value chart shows that 5N.nets average $247 right now.  This is better than average IMO

216 USD I would have thought so too.   Great looking WHiP.  A name you should be proud to own.  OK maybe not proud like put a picture of it on your desk at work but maybe in your signature at Namepros or something

2 Days left  449 USD  330 USD   324 USD   And finally for you bottom boat buyers.  I can’t forget to give you a little action

334 USD  LLL.infos and dot cos really are smoking right now


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Some times people spell it with an H but now that I think about it, that’s a different word.  but nice short name

Unsold  Can’t go wrong with a trip 8 no matter what the number

Unsold at $399   Very nice dot biz.  Hate the listing.  spammy

Unsold at $500, He also has for sale if anyone is curious.  Same thing. Good name.  Same spammy sales page.  But name trumps the spam

Unsold at $200, He could get $280 to any Chinese guy that buys these.


NameJet Action Time Left:16h 23m High Bid:$617 Time Left:16h 26m High Bid:$565 Time Left:16h 38m High Bid:$210 Time Left:16h 57m High Bid:$295 Time Left:16h 58m High Bid:$295 Time Left:17h 0m High Bid:$80 Time Left:17h 2m High Bid:$299 Time Left:17h 26m High Bid:$3,130 Time Left:17h 27m High Bid:$3,351 Time Left:17h 29m High Bid:$3,220 Time Left:17h 33m High Bid:$420 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$4,000 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$510 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$399 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$99 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$399 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$120 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$111 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$110 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$3,200 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$810 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$110 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$2,100 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$2,100 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$155 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$333 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$1,299

  Recap Quick Overview

rootcellar.com2,020 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
artforce.com915 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
sweetsandtreats.com688 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
snn.net4,288 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
n5.net8,166 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
testanswers.com695 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
kbcm.com2,139 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
happynow.com1,490 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
zapad.com1,015 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
9b0.com460 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
38611.net210 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
55316.net215 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
38611.net210 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
48130.com771 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
48118.com1,325 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
48176.com771 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
24624.com898 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
21047.com696 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
15619.com3,335 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
rclc.net248 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
108688.com333 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
132676.com260 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
132578.com226 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
zys.co662 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
gfvx.com326 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
mckv.com493 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
battleyard.com503 USD02/11/16GoDaddy
trasa.com6,300 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
eght.com1,009 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
lastcrack.com155 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
throaty.com109 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
frowns.com520 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
5sz.com2,551 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
touchdownjesus.com105 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
tldconsulting.com569 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
75i.com1,480 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
happybd.com185 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
hu9.com2,755 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
50169.com1,870 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
98597.com4,150 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
rrrrd.com510 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
hzgj.net233 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
bmtz.net263 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
wmjy.net227 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
jxmw.net234 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
gzxg.net240 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
jtwl.net207 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
zycy.net227 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
554556.com155 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
99126.net216 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
puwb.com449 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
xnpu.com330 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
uqya.com324 USD02/12/16GoDaddy
vgqe.com334 USD02/12/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,319.00 2/12/2016 NameJet $3,002.00 2/11/2016 DropCatch
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