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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 12th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

A few months ago I asked Marco from about the way his site Camel Cases domains. Camel casing is making the first letter of every word in the domain a capital, so for example I was looking for an easy way to do this, because sites like Afternic seem to list the domain exactly the way you enter it. If you have a large list of names, it will take hours and hours to go through and make the names camel cased.camelcase1

This is the best way to present your names for sale. I wish Godaddy and other sites would do the same thing, I’m pretty sure that more sales would be made if the names were camel cased. Buyers would know right away what they were looking at.

Marco gave me a access to this tool on his site but it wasn’t navigable without the link. He recently added a link for the tool to his site, and anyone can use it just by pasting in a list of their names. This is a great tool and it’s awesome that he’s been willing to share it. So thank you very much Marco. 


One of the A. Dickers Business’s that was pitched to his facebook group in search of project managers was, a site that sells custom made bobble heads. While I’m pretty sure that no one from that group is left working with or for Mr. Dicker, this particular business is still up and running. I checked some of his related domain inventory and I think I found where all the missing money is.

Check out the list of Bobble Head names that he has registered.

And that’s just some of them. Some other names of note, that will probably be available soon are:

And then a few more just for fun

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,054.50  I think we’ve all pretty much called BS on this auction.  Can’t be real.

30,500 USD Maybe some poor bastard thought the L was a 1, thought he was getting a great deal/  No bidders.  19 years old.  People specialize in country art.  Folk art.  Surprised there are no bidders

420 USD Apparently a cannabis enthusiast picked up the name.   Pretty popular Irish name and more than a couple entities with the name.  Somebody had built the name out.  24,000 backlinks and 19 years old

539 USD póg mo thóin  19 years old.  All the bids coming because of the PR4 and the 190,000 backlinks

827 USD This was listed before.  Turns out its not a crooked cow but a boat

3,550 USD Sounds like a facial expression with a furrowed brow An upgrade name for a few companies.  Office landscaping.  22 bidders

1,180 USD estibot of $5500 with about 600 exact monthly searches, 293 USD  Uncle Jack Can Bake, 310 USD Zebras Selling Electric Bikes, 296 USD Universal Broken Limb X-ray, 290 USD I Really Jumped Here 296 USD Outside Zone Pancake Fountain  290 USD Idiot Gopher Pajamas

A few nice bottom boats for you to peruse  Sounds official, even if it isn’t.  It’s all about the implications

1,008 USD Use this name as an email  for a fake Doctorate from a fake school.   I’ve been told the key is effort.  No bidders

? Effort as in, back rubs, foot massages and effectively pretending to pay attention. Millions of dollars in rabbit prevention sprays and powders.  Trust me I sell a lot.   Traffic and backlinks

120 USD These things breed like rabbits   W for worldwide and wetlands.   Nice acronym for us Western type

1,535 USD Super Purple Duck Wang, it’s a Chinese Snack  Should be the name of a satirical domain blog.  Ken O’Brien agrees

? A that’s under $25 at press time.  Good value IMO

288 USD add VR, VRwilcox and it’s a 4 figure name. `  No value but my favorite play I ran on my 5th grade gym class football team.  Scored every time

?   The zero keeps it cheap.  Still over $100 at this time

365 USD 169 USD  Not doing nearly as well as the name above yet very similar

126 USD Not sure why the one with 22 was so much more, seems like the 99 would be better.   Very nice  This is one of the few that I would think about

166 USD No rhyme to the 4 L net Chips that I can see. They all go for the same price.   The dot org has bids and is up for auction as well

?,, Own a whole series for under $100

?   Nice marketing name for a mattress company or sleeping app

? Not of bad name, It makes sense anyway, and I can see it as a business name.  I’m still buying and since I keep losing all the auctions there is at least one other person that likes them too

? A few bids.  I feel like I’ve been there to get oysters on the halfshell.  Upgrade name for a few things

305 USD On lake Superior? Where are they getting these Oysters? All of these are at one bid at $20.  These have been going for more than this lately and quite a few triple numbers that I didn’t list

?   Brand site type domain.  One bidder at $12

?   Love the domain, not the reserve

3 days   Getting a pretty good bid but there are some great comps to make bidders feel comfortable with the price

Unsold reached over $6K


  Recap Quick Overview

l40.com30,500 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
countryart.com420 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
flannerys.com539 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
no-quarter.org827 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
scow.com3,550 USD03/09/16GoDaddy
officescape.com1,180 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
ujcb.com293 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
zseb.com310 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
ublx.com296 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
irjh.com290 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
ozpf.com296 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
igpj.com290 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
westerncollege.com1,008 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
rabbitstop.com120 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
spdw.com1,535 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
wilox.com288 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
822808.com365 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
855808.com169 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
899808.com126 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
jccj.net166 USD04/11/16GoDaddy
harborshack.com305 USD04/11/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $5,001.00 4/11/2016 NameJet $1,410.00 4/11/2016 NameJet $2,000.00 4/11/2016 NameJet $1,390.00 4/11/2016 NameJet $1,700.00 4/11/2016 NameJet $1,500.00 4/11/2016 NameJet $1,900.00 4/11/2016 NameJet $1,535.00 4/11/2016 GoDaddy
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    1. He does have quite the portfolio of anus names. Not sure how you monetize

  1. Great tip! I’ve been using ExpiredDomains for about a year, but didn’t know about that CamelCase tool. Now it makes my life a bit easier 🙂

    1. Thanks, Yep the link was recently added, I’ve looked and can’t find any similar tool anywhere.

  2. That CamelCase tool is clutch. I too agree that capitalization makes for a prettier presentation. The way the name looks have some level of influence on a purchase or not imo. Thanks for the heads up Josh

    1. No problem Dashawn, I think we’re on to something here. Maybe all the sales platforms will take notice and figure out their own way to easily do this.

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