AUCTION RECAP, 12th of March 2016

Mar 13 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 12th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I just listened to the DNW interview with Frank Schilling and I’m excited to see what’s unveiled when DNS is merges with Uniregistry. I have the majority of my names at Godaddy but I have a decent amount at Uniregistry and talk to the DNS brokers on a daily basis.

The main thing holding me back from transferring all my names out of Godaddy to Uniregistry, has been the Premium Listings. I generally sell more names each month through Godaddy premium than anywhere else. Another reason I’ve stayed is the excellent support I’ve gotten from my account reps Matt, and now Mark.

But here’s the thing Godaddy, I will not stay there if you don’t fix all the problems or at least make progress. I don’t understand why the same problems persist. Take a chapter out of Frank’s book, they don’t release new products or services that are crap or that leave other services lacking.  If I was Godaddy, I would commit every engineer on staff to 20 hours a week of overtime, and hire 50% more if that’s what is takes.

With Uniregistry offering superior products and services, it’s getting very hard to justify staying there.

Maybe they just don’t care about the few domains I have  and are focusing all their efforts on the “large” portfolio owners, leaving the little guys to fend for themselves.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,140.00  Becoming very popular.  Using a depression to collect water so the garden become self sufficient. 19 years old

1,326 USD I have a raised garden in the yard, it grows weeds pretty well.  The world is all about mobile advertising right now.  Good name to represent

150 USD Or companies buy ad space on pockets, and lower the sales price of the garmet.  I have no idea why its getting this price

?  Does anyone think anything other than krispy kreme here?  Getting a pretty good price for something that brings only one thing to mind.  And that’s another company.

5,940 USD French Fries  The bad scrabble letters sure do push the price higher

2,314 USD Triple Premium, Single Bastard, Chip   Great name for anything security related

565 USD I’m thinking of a safety product for toddlers. It keeps them from touching the stove or sticking their fingers into outlets.   5Ns have been holding strong.  50 at the end is a good thing

3 days left  I really didn’t know what this is.  Just saw all the bidders and looked it up.  Didn’t read enough to find out really what it is.  I think its some kind of judo move

? No takers at $12 at press time

116 USD  A few lower boat 5Ns have been popping up.  This one is a four figure name

?  People say that certain letters at the end of Chinese words are ignored.  I feel that X is a filler letter in many acronyms and as long as its at the beginning is very memorable and good way to use it.

3 days  This one is not.  But still a 5N which is a good thing

? Wow!  Can’t believe the price is because of a Vietnamese city or singer

17,316 USD Yeah it’s not pinyin… Vietnamese domain invasion begins, The new salvation of the V.   It has been profitable to hold over the last few years

?  The best LLLL pattern you can own

280 USD  It does look pretty, nice and balanced.  The going rate for these is $700 to $1000……. I think

631 USD  Another one about the same price

630 USD The L dropped this one a dollar. ,  A few bottom boat for you

436 USD, Could only find the price on this one., 206 USD  ?

A few 6N to add to your collection.  $30 on the 4s , $60 on the zeros is my over under, ,,    The city code 5Ls are leading the charge out of the gate

? I don’t think these wang names made it to $100  A little over the top but memorable

? I’ve sold some “epic” names, they had the word epic in them making them epic.  I like women, my Mom is a woman

801 USD

Well I guess what you say is true,
I could never be the right kind of girl for you,
I could never be Awoman.

I could never be Awoman. If you believe the stats its a PR5 with 19,000 backlinks.  One bidder at $12

610 USD

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   You should want to own all at this point.  I’ve only told you that for 3 years.   And most Chinese stuff has been at a discount at Flippa lately

3 Days

US.SKI   I got it wrong. This ended up being the top bid getter in the auction

3 Days   As I said above.  These have been going for $700 plus.  We’ll see if that stays true at Sedo

1 Day  Mother Fucker.  Sorry, but I know you were thinking it

2 days  White Castle…done

2 days left   Nice name for anyone that brokers product or services

Unsold  I actually really like this one.    Short fun word.  and cheap

Unsold  bought too high at $36K.  We’ll see if the reserve is at a loss

Unsold   None of these tablet names became worth millions but billion dollar product so has quite a bit of value to some.  And I like the seller so its worth more

800USD, Nice Job Mike, Anyone want to buy Email me.


  Recap Quick Overview

raingardens.com1,326 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
pocketadvertising.com150 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
krispy.com5,940 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
zpcb.com2,314 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
touchsafe.com565 USD04/04/15GoDaddy
speedywallet.com116 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
xuanmai.com17,316 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
ggxx.cc280 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
yxg.co631 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
szl.co630 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
xgbe.com436 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
703366.com206 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
awoman.com801 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
theamazings.com610 USD03/11/16GoDaddy
tablet.io800 USDFlippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,966.00 3/11/2016 NameJet $2,314.00 3/11/2016 GoDaddy
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