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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 13th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

My 6 year old daughter soon won’t have any front teeth. She’s lost 2 so far with one of the front top teeth gone and the other wiggling around like it’s attached with rubber bands. I obviously don’t care about blood or most other gory sites, but there’s just something about loose teeth.  I would rather not look at a tooth barely hanging on, bending back and forth all over the place, but she taunts me with it. She chased me around the house today laughing, moving it all around, telling me she was ripping it out, lol.

I ran away from her because I’m a big pansy and I don’t like watching teeth get ripped out.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,675.00  31,000 backlinks.  PR5, 21 years old.   I’m thinking this is the reasoning behind all the bids

2,810 USD    They haven’t dropped from what I can tell from the great crash of March

3,150 USD Beware the Ides of March  One of the most popular apples. I like Pink Lady

220 USD, This one is a tasty apple.  The J takes it off the WHiP chart but still nice.  I think some might think its a word.

1,581 USD These are almost on par with the Chips. Its getting bids but really?  You going to sell gas cans?

495 USD Gas Can Depot, all gas cans all the time. I hope there’s a diesel can depot  Great brand for $12.  No bidders

?  No bidders at $20.  Pretty sure NNNN.orgs are worth $20 but I really haven’t been following the category

? I haven’t really seen too many of them lately.  Corn, Bean, Weed   No bidders at $12

137 USD I envision pushy seed salesman at the seed dealer, pushing their used seeds mixed with sawdust.   All now worth $500 or more.  Except for a few that are under that.  So maybe not all

800 USD, 2,000 USD WTF is going on? Quality Development?, 365 USD  910 USD  That’s an imitation CVCV

Some lower boats for you today.  $335 seems to be the bottom boat price    There has been a move up in but not enough sales to establish what they are worth yet IMO

631 USD, 166 USD, 165 USD, 175 USD   149 USD

A few for you lovers of this category.   One is doing much worse than the others

I would buy this, but Im out of money buying, Pinyin .ws. Just  Because I can.    Not very many bids. We’re back under $200 on these……I think

185 USD, Yay! I think I got this one. I keep telling myself they give me a whole year for a reason. We shall see.  93,000 backlinks.  Heat or cute ponytail and running shorts

384 USD, 93,000 links of Porn spam.  These are on my new watch list.  At $20 right now.  I think they go up to $50 by the end of the year.  Mark this post

?  and   Two pretty good patterns

The Auction’s still going I think, but the links aren’t working. I found manually

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Not a bad for $50

Reserve no met    Keyword dot cc don’t generally do very well but its a pretty strong keyword

67 USD


  Recap Quick Overview

scitechsoft.com2,810 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
ysd.net3,150 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
galaapple.com220 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
onjo.com1,581 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
gascans.com495 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
seeddealer.com137 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
9ue.com800 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
qdev.com2,000 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
jspv.com365 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
yofy.com910 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
swq.co631 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
fcfb.net166 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
wpxz.net165 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
whzp.net175 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
ldqy.net149 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
633282.com185 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
sodamnhot.com384 USD03/12/16GoDaddy
cabs.cc67 USDFlippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,550.00 3/12/2016 DropCatch $1,800.00 3/12/2016 DropCatch
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