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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 14th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on was $2,638

Auction Quick Recap

There’s a lot of sound advice from expert domainers that makes great sense and should be followed. When I say followed I don’t mean a blindly doing exactly what they do, but rather taking what they say, making sure that you understand the concept of what they’re saying and then applying it to the best or YOUR ability.


One strategy that sticks out in my head is the idea that new domain investors should buy 1 decent domain, sell it and take that profits to buy more. My problem with this approach is that coming right out of the gate a new domainer has a higher probability that they’ll screw up that one transaction. I think if you’re going to take this approach you should do it step by step and only after consulting someone in the industry that you trust and knows what they’re doing.


I almost think it’s better to start out like the individual that submitted the list on today’s DomainSherpa review. While the names sucked and no one liked them, he only spent a few hundred dollars on that list. A few hundred bucks for the lesson he got, offers of help and redirection are priceless. I think it takes some balls to make yourself vulnerable and go before the sharks with a list of names that you think are good.


dsad meme 12/14 auction recapWe learn the most by failing. If we never fail, at least to some degree, we’re either full of crap or we’re not learning anything. Even professional domainers fail, what makes them professionals is learning from the failure. I know I touched on this before, but I started thinking about it again after watching todays show.


It struck me that the people submitting those domains will probably be excellent investors one day. I say that because I think that anyone willing to accept that level of vulnerability is someone that knows that they can learn from failing, otherwise they wouldn’t even subject themselves to the scrutiny.


The cool thing, like Shane said today, is that there are so many ways to be successful in this business. There are people from all walks of life with vastly different budgets looking for domains to build something on everyday. Sure we’d all love to sell every domain for 6 figures, but if we only did that we would  miss out on the opportunity to sell domains to thousands if not millions of little guys. People that are only going to spend a few hundred up to a few thousand dollars.


In any case keep learning, diversify if you want, but nail a process down that works for you. I appreciate Shane’s kind words today, but just so you know, I’m not a better investor than he is (He’s Just  trying to butter me up so I wear a DSAD visor at NamesCon), but I can offer a different perspective based on the things I’ve learned and continue to learn every day.  18 years old.  Jus in French.  At least that’s what I’m assuming considering I am getting meat juice to dip my meat in when I get Au Jus.  I’m assuming it means own juice.  Could mean, pig sweat

2,080 USD “This Au Jus is a French term meaning “with juice.” The term is used to describe the serving of meat, most often prime rib roast, surrounded in or served with a container of the natural juices that were produced as drippings while the meat was being cooked. It is not thick like a typical sauce or gravy.” reference  15.  Eventually going to be the name of something if its not already

406 USD Let me see your Q face

IMG_9925  L for league.  I don’t think you can go wrong with any as long as it doesn’t have a V.  V just doesn’t work for any language.  I guess its good in Latin.  I used to buy names geared toward Latin until I heard all the Latinos moving to California didn’t speak Latin

574 USD, LOL makes me think of “H”, I chuckle every time. Cyger might be the Whitest person around   105 bids as many as I’ve seen on a Godaddy auction.  They sure do love the repeaters in China

1,035 USD You don’t have to be Chinese to love all those beautiful 7’s. Sometimes I just stare domains like this for hours on end, soaking up the pattern’s vibes.  LLLL.coms are on the rise again.  Starting to close a little more regularly above $2K

2,125 USD They are indeed. You know they’re going up when the big wallet bulk guys are over $2k and the emails get trickery and pass the spam filter.  I have seen quite a few requests of people wanting to buy LLL and  That tells you demand is over supply

195 USD, I think I have 1 or 2 left.  Buy up all the you can.  Not going to many left to buy after then next 12 months.  Less and less for sale each day

1,382 USD, Lots of people looking for them offering $500-$800 for the bottom end. Sometimes I think we get brainwashed with the 0, 4 perception and undersell. Maybe not brain washed, but if I was looking to buy these lowm talking about how much 0 and 4 suck might get me a better price.  The price at press time seemed like a steal based on sales results but things change quite a bit in the last five minutes.

780 USD, Nice looking 6n.  I’m not saying buy but if you are, this is the kind you should buy IMO.

107 USD, The Bed and Breakfast on Route 86.  Nice mantra. The kind Michael Berkens would sell for a lot back in the day.  Like 2 weeks ago

898 USD, Looks like a good deal. Perfect for a resort.  The only I have on the list today.  Unless you want more

101 USD  V and a vowel. Will test the bottom of the market.  Ok to own the bottom though.  Rises with the rest. Ask the with the 4 and zero buyers how they’re doing

Ends Tomorrow    At least it ends in C.  All the letters are great except for the first one

Ends Tomorrow  I’d like to have this more than some of the other Chinese letters.  I never feel great that I can sell to an enduser but this has a much better chance than Zs and Qs

207 USD, Traveling Nurses. Road, RN

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  It seems every kid is named with an N sound in their name.  First names have always done well.  Also a last name

Ends Today  A billion dollar industry and keyword. A decent tld.  Still worth a lot of money

Ends Today  I have to admit, I didn’t even know that there was a gTld called .gal.  Still doing very well

Unsold at $2500  Very nice CHiP.  pronounced Qwirp (made that up, I when people tell me how to pronounce a name)  Visually appealing as well.

At $1700 Ends Today  Another Ali name. I’ve put quite a few of his up today but he’s the one that put up the good names today

At $1750 Ending Today

NameJet Action Time Left:1d 7h High Bid:$8,000 Time Left:1d 7h High Bid:$25,001 Time Left:1d 7h High Bid:$1,600 Time Left:1d 7h High Bid:$3,401 Time Left:1d 7h High Bid:$34,000 Time Left:1d 7h High Bid:$1,209 Time Left:1d 8h High Bid:$40,199 Time Left:1d 8h High Bid:$7,501 Time Left:1d 9h High Bid:$1,009 Time Left:1d 9h High Bid:$79 Time Left:1d 9h High Bid:$85 Time Left:1d 9h High Bid:$100 Time Left:1d 9h High Bid:$70 Time Left:2d 7h High Bid:$80 Time Left:2d 7h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 7h High Bid:$99 Time Left:2d 7h High Bid:$75 Time Left:2d 7h High Bid:$3,000 Time Left:2d 7h High Bid:$2,600 Time Left:2d 7h High Bid:$1,598 Time Left:2d 8h High Bid:$150 Time Left:2d 8h High Bid:$335 Time Left:2d 8h High Bid:$1,860 Time Left:2d 8h High Bid:$343 Time Left:2d 8h High Bid:$2,800 Time Left:2d 9h High Bid:$110 Time Left:2d 9h High Bid:$100

Recap Quick Overview

Cloud.galunsold Flippa
JUS.net2,080 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
QFace.com406 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
EHTL.com574 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
777778.net1,035 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
GRXP.com2,125 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
PJR.co195 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
45987.com1,382 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
877668.com780 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
86BB.com107 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
EatSleepPlay.com898 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
TZFFF.com101 USD12/13/15GoDaddy
RDRN.net207 USD12/13/15GoDaddy

Yesterday Reported 4L Chip sales. 3,150 USD 12/13/2015 NameJet 2,125 USD 12/13/2015 GoDaddy
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  1. 5n I only have one but and it has 8 in it. Got 10 years ago:) Inventory is going down each month. I think the real value increase in the next 6-12 months. 5 figures will be common with a 8 and no 0,4.

    with llnn, nnll, they seem pretty rare around 8x8x20x20 -25,600 for each side. I think we are @ in one year $250-1000 or we are at 1$. 🙂


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