AUCTION RECAP, 14th of March 2016

Mar 15 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 14th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

The other day another Police Officer was killed by gunfire in Maryland. This brings the total to 3 Officers killed in Maryland just this year, by individuals targeting them. The most recent was in Prince George’s County and 2 last month in Harford County. Also a Rookie cop was killed the first day on the job in Prince William County Va. Prince William County is in Northern Virginia and also close to the DC metro area.

Obviously this has nothing to do with domains, but I think it’s an important thing to reflect on. This has nothing to do with politics or a stance on guns, for or against, it is simply a declaration that DSAD acknowledges the sacrifice that is made by those that give their lives protecting us and our way of life.

marylandflagthinbluelinedsadSo America’s Finest, we salute your sacrifice, your dedication, and your resolve to uphold the laws of our great land and the constitution. We encourage you to kill any mother fucker that knowingly, with premeditation, attempts to take your life or the lives of any citizen that is peaceably and lawfully pursuing life, liberty and happiness.

In other news, the tooth finally came out. The only reason I found out about it was the puddle of blood in the bathroom sink. I woke my daughter up to ask why there was blood in the sink. She told me the she can now saw Chrithmith, and showed me her missing two front teeth. I asked her what she did with the tooth, she said duh it’s under my pillow, waiting for the tooth fairy.

That was a close one there, Tooth Fairy. Without the blood trail we would never have know that we needed to activate our Tooth Fairy resources. It was a close call indeed.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,707.00   Alternate spelling of Audrey.  17 years old

1,575 USD, She’s still underage  You’ve heard me say it a few times.  Media names always seem to sell for a good price.  This one is no different.

3,905 USD Almost a cool 4K, it seems nice and refreshing  A few products already have this name so sell it to them or defend it from them

693 USD  Don’t see very many NNN.nets anymore

6,601 USD Nice pair of 4’s standing strong  Be careful! You don’t want to get hit in the face by these.  No bidders

? Always good advice. Flying balls can be dangerous.  I probably do.  I bet a few other people do too

? I like this name, I guess it’s relative, Some people only work 40 hours a week and spend another 40 watching TV. Not all work is “work”  Really good DUI name.  “The FYI for DYI”

507 USD Driving under the Influence, Yep   Decent pattern  No doubt 6N have fallen out of the conversation.  More lack of volume than falling prices.  We’ll have to watch and see on this one.  I am fully vested as are many people. And that may be the problem. Need more interest

376 USD ABABCC it sure is a nice pattern  The above will do better because of the patterns.  Even little patterns increase the price

186 USD, 359 USD Shane could have used this name, Buy Quality Manure Urbana., 449 USD  You’ll hear me say on Monday’s Domain Sherpa that I bought a bunch of LLLL.coms that ended in XC because I was trying to add some cross country names.  XC is short for Cross Country.  Little did I know that would be a perfect Chinese

1,731 USD Private First X-class, Sounds like an E-3 on a spaceship  These have held their value during all the “collapse” talk.  Most have been going in the $300 plus range.  This one without a V will probably go for $350 ish

?   This one has the V but the rest of the letters are solid

?  Speaking of perfect Chinese name.  I think are fantastic investments for the long term

1,526 USD  Even those with vowels

326 USD   Another CHiP.  I don’t like J and L together because how many Justice League names can you sell?

1683 USD Ouch, the double bastard Chip brought this one down., 173 USD, 173 USD, 172 USD, 173 USD  184 USD

Your daily 4L.nets.   These have settled into the $200 range as of late   The stepchild of numerics in the major tlds

206 USD No love for the orgs   Only two letters will get this up to $70ish

304 USD Up, up and away.   dot biz is holding serve.   Hasn’t flown up in price but holding very steady

245 USD  I think this could sell on a brand site.  Good buy under $50

171 USD, I don’t know what it’s promoting but it’s glorious.  Looks and sounds technical and commercial

171 USD, I envision a Trident shaped Vacuum cleaner. You can strut around, cleaning your house like you’re King Neptune.   Means “be careful” in Spanish.  dot co used to be Spanish

?  I have been buying  You have to remember you add $25 for renewal on these.  But I have been getting them for $20 so I’m good at that price.

?   Thousands go to Mexico for cheaper healthcare.  And the donkey shows

159 USD Oh and Blow they sell that there I think, also switch blades and ironwood carvings.   How they say Iron Hawk in Boston.  Joke value only


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Under $200 when many of the have been selling for over $400 .  Met reserve

160 USD  Met reserve.  Under $1000

130 USD  Getting Zero love.  Flippa has had some real deals on Chinese names the last month or so

Unsold  I’m not sure the dot org is best for this but the keyword is fantastic.  Low price is because of the dot org

Unsold  I like it for our industry.  But price is already better than I thought it would be and it still hasn’t met reserve

Unsold  Nice WHiP. Stuttering Outside Linebacker


TA.GS One of the best GS names you can buy.  Better than the old lady boob site SA.GS

Unsold, Flippa was shut out


NameJet Results $485 3/14/2016 $142 3/14/2016 $1,120 3/14/2016 $90 3/14/2016 $120 3/14/2016 3/14/2016 3/14/2016 $3,000 3/14/2016 $695 3/14/2016 $960 3/14/2016 3/14/2016 $3,360 3/14/2016 3/14/2016

NameJet Action Time Left:11h 59m High Bid:$2,205 Time Left:12h 0m High Bid:$965 Time Left:12h 1m High Bid:$511 Time Left:12h 12m High Bid:$5,001 Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$788 Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$775 Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$330 Time Left:2d 11h High Bid:$252 Time Left:2d 11h High Bid:$262 Time Left:2d 12h High Bid:$666

  Recap Quick Overview

audrie.com1,575 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
coolmedia.com3,905 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
mylite.com693 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
744.net6,601 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
duiy.com507 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
151522.com376 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
963879.com186 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
bqmu.com359 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
trkv.com449 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
pfxc.com1,731 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
cgm.cc1,526 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
loj.cc326 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
hpjl.com1683 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
gchz.net173 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
nfyr.net173 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
dwrl.net172 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
bpwp.net173 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
gklc.net184 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
5385.org206 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
yxxyx.com304 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
xcb.biz245 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
classicglory.com171 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
trivac.com171 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
mexicosurgery.com159 USD03/13/16GoDaddy
377.io160 USD03/13/16Sedo
ABR.net1300 USD03/13/16Sedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,683.00 3/13/2016 GoDaddy $1,731.00 3/13/2016 GoDaddy
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