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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 15th and 16th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Just got an email from asking me if I wanted to list any names for auction. I talked to Travis earlier today and he said that they’ve been in beta testing  for some time now. They said they were taking short and numeric domains, has anybody out there been a part of the testing or know anything about this? I’m interested and may send them some names. I’m not sure if their catch inventory has gotten smaller or they’re looking for new revenue streams, either way I’m glad they’re doing it. It seems like Pheenix gets good prices on Short and numeric when they have them and they already have a diverse and international buyer base. Competition is good. We shall see.

I didn’t do a recap post from the list I did the other day. I started to and then stopped when I couldn’t think of anything else to say about the names. I’ve added a quick recap at the bottom in addition to the regular quick recap. Thanks again to Shane for having me do the list, I always have fun with it.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,223.17  No bidders. 16 years old.   Good name for a movie review of information site.  Domain is cheaper than a ticket for an IMAX with G Shock

?   Nice and short and biz works for local businesses IMO.   I would remember this if it was on the side of a van.  Of course that’s what I do for a living so don’t use me as an example

Has a BIN Firehouse.   Buy the rumor and sell the news.   Speculation is how big money is made and lost.  Nobody speculating on the name though.  No bidders.  16 years old

? I like this one, don’t know what it went for.   Fantastic physical therapy or massage company name

165 USD Everyone needs mending at some point.    Not even sure what I’m matching but pretty happy to have another.   No bidders

? Paint?  Millions of results for these keywords and yet no bidders.  Most towns have at least one store that sells high end imported rugs

?  This one would have gotten a ton of action a few months ago.  88 is always a good investment IMO

Ends Today   I don’t know what head jelly is or can be but like the name as a brand.   Can triple your money if you sell it for $50

Closeouts  This past month I see commercials for helicopter ambulance insurance every single morning.  This is a great name for the service.  But I admit it looks like the biggest waste of money I’ve seen on television lately.

760 USD Depends where you live there may not be an expedient way to get you to definitive care.. Some insurance won’t pay for the bill, the cost of an Air ambulance ride can be  over $20k.  119,000 backlinks.   And there are times that I think this is also how my bathroom was built. The angles seem off to me.

200 USD Crooked angles add Character to any room   Something that many take for granted.  There are a lot of kids that want to go to college but can’t afford it.  Perfect for a site to help them find a way to get there

? While I think there is intrinsic value in a college education, not everyone is suited for college and not all skilled jobs need college. There should be just as much educational emphasis and gaining traded and skills that don’t need a college degree.    I look it up every week since I have a recycle dumpster that I keep and send in.  There are regional price differences but it would be nice to have a simple site with prices as a guide.  Sure its out there but this would be a better name

217 USD There was a similar name the other day, there are scrapers in every town and a truck load of metal can be worth a lot of money.  I would settle to just be as good as the 8th grader across the street

? I’m a horrible golfer, I go once every five years or so.   Any time you get a billion results on Google when you type out the domain name you know you have a pretty solid name

898 USD that’s a lot of data planning. It’s like retirement planning, except data quadruples every year.  Nice and simple though and brand.  Although I like Live and grow better but I imagine that would be a little more than $20

155 USD Could be a plant name too.   Nobody likes stories with boundaries

521 USD Or books you can’t open.   Because of the song named Panda, Pandas are now ghetto cool   Getting some bids.  “I got girls in Atlanta”

660 USD I was not aware of the Ghetto Panda trend.   The V makes this one not as fun

2,830 USD 123.WTF? I own that and like to give it a shameless plug every now and then, but seriously?   Short and also my waist size.   33 when I’m in shape

? Fricken skinny people…    Sponsored by Doritos

510 USD It’s actually a Tech product, all of the infrastructure is made out of hemp.    I can see it in Colorado.  A monthly gift box of cannabis

360 USD Geez so many cannabis names to choose from.  401 USD   Perscription from the Physicians assitant 280 USD Perscription from the General Aviation? No that doesn’t work  449 USD Left spelled wrong   This would have gotten $400 plus 6 weeks ago

214 USD It does look pretty   One of the better .cc names you can own.    They’re always pretty cheap compared to the usability IMO

155 USD Weddings Church Chapel?   Sounds kind of techy.  Sounded even more techy 19 years ago when it was first registered

355 USD new zone   No bidders at $12 and has some age.   NetTeller and a few others used to be a big thing back in the early days

150 USD More banks are popping up that are all or mostly online.  Perfect tld for the cause.  Nothing hotter than native anything right now.  And trust me I know, I hear about it every day.

?   I know this one pretty well too.  I saw a few garden centers in Miami amidst all the neon

109 USD Are these plants specific to Miami or is it the place to buy plants in Miami?   One more city that sells plants.  The price of the domain is less than the cost of a plant

?  No bidders.  Last time I checked there were a few guys here and there selling cars in California

1,050 USD Well that took off.   Not even sure what you’re going to sell at the marketplace but the price seems right

510 USD List anything for free, the only problem is you’ll get spammed with crap   With the price of NYC real estate, owning any domain related to that would be a good investment in my opinion

7,000 USD I can’t afford either.   Millions of Americans and people around the world go out to do this several times a week.  Probably more than they should

915 USD Good name, I like it.   I’m still a fan of   I’m back to the original reason I liked them. Short and easy to type

502 USD These are certainly gaining momentum.    No bidders.  Good name for a site that helps companies get a better domain

? Or a site for people on the run.   “Because the best stuff is in the back”.    Free slogan with purchase

3,050 USD Don’t understand the wholesale price, not gonna lie, but I’m probably missing something.  No bids at $12.   A nice little brand name for a file sharing site or data management

243 USD  415 USD 185 USD  227 USD  181 USD   227 USD

A good collection of triple repeating 2s for under $50   1,035 USD 1,855 USD  huh?  761 USD   305 USD

A few for you to put in your domain pockets  Officially buying a website but the name is the value.  Getting up in the morning and out the door is really the challenge

Not Sold    Second only to VR names right now.  Surprised this one is 8 years old.   Somebody knew

Not Sold

  Recap Quick Overview

bodymend.com165 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
heliservice.com760 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
withoutmeasure.com200 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
scrapmetalprice.com217 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
dataplanning.com898 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
growandlive.com155 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
openstory.com521 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
pandahood.com660 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
tlv.cc2,830 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
thehempnetwork.com510 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
chronicclub.com360 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
rxpa.com401 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
rxga.com280 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
letf.com449 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
233881.com214 USD05/14/16GoDaddy
novazone.com355 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
onlineteller.com150 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
miamiplants.com109 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
californiaautos.com1,050 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
freemarketplace.com510 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
nyccondos.com7,000 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
outtoeat.com915 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
ipw.cc502 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
musicalley.com3,050 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
loadbit.com243 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
172228.com415 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
172229.com185 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
172225.com227 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
562229.com181 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
612225.com227 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
kuii.com1,035 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
zzke.com1,855 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
lluv.com761 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
ivmg.com305 USD05/15/16GoDaddy
ccrp.com2938 USD05/15/16GoDaddy

Recap from 5/14

hardworkpaysoff.com1,025 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
senseofpurpose.com665 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
safetyscouts.com390 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
retrorental.com143 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
perfectbasement.com695 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
novadesign.com4,050 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
gom.net3,000 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
norights.com227 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
mysteriousdeath.com100 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
myscoop.com451 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
momcareers.com220 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
mightyhot.com101 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
listlocal.com2,650 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
jinglee.com553 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
incomemedia.com170 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
gametycoon.com326 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
flyarizona.com344 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
businessoptions.com1,900 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
blockeasy.com239 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
bikediscounts.com190 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
pickwicks.com1,027 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
swingu.com107 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
scizza.com490 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
coprisa.com179 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
gaz.biz290 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
gom.net3,000 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
7666.biz105 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
techy.biz100 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
138819.com165 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
187770.com209 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
187775.com304 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
356088.com205 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
372088.com136 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
375088.com147 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
501388.com125 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
509288.com201 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
519088.com203 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
576088.com170 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
582511.com130 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
582512.com155 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
701288.com224 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
706788.com144 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
729993.com258 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
1531111.com126 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
1521111.com130 USD05/13/16GoDaddy
1612222.com145 USD05/13/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $2,938.00 5/15/2016 GoDaddy $1,324.00 5/13/2016 NameJet $1,354.00 5/13/2016 NameJet $1,300.00 5/13/2016 NameJet $1,423.00 5/13/2016 NameJet $5,000.00 5/13/2016 NameJet
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