Auction Recap, 15th of February 2016

Feb 16 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 15th of February

Auction Quick Recap

I’m not plowing snow like Shane was yesterday, but I did my share of sliding around in it. The snow stopped this afternoon and it’s been all freezing rain for hours. There’s about 2 inches of ice on the main roads. Ice sucks, horrible driving and trees and power lines come down.  I’d rather have 3 feet of snow over any amount of ice.

Hopefully I sell a couple domains within 24 hours so I too can have lucky domain selling precipitation.

llestoptenlistYesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,350.00  First I’ve seen. Seen NN before and they’ve done very well.  I know,  sold one this fall

1,525 USD   Cannabis slang. OK I’ve never heard it called that but I hadn’t heard it called Canna a few years ago either and now its one of the hotter terms being registered.  Get Nabi before I make

619 USD lol looks like that pitch worked  1999 name.  I like it because its short.  That’s enough for me

1,363 USD Curtain in Spanish, is that the reason it’s so high? When I said that I thought CVCVC would go up I didn’t think it would be in a week.  Not much value but I sure would like to have my degree from here

This could be one of those online schools that you get fake accreditation. For $19.95 we will certify that you have earned a PHD in Ice Creamology.  You’d get a framed diploma and everything.

There have been a pretty good list each day of that are lower quality but there are quite a few of you that think the best ROI is buying the bottom.  Here you go, 1260 USD  VCCV not too bad. , 800 USD This one reached this price because it’s Canadian. , 449 USD  335 USD  Jerky ?, 333 USD  Olive Drab Frizzy Quilts. , 333 USD,  338 USD  I’m going to brand every LLLL that I have with a V to Virtual something. Virtual Freedom, the newer better Virtual Reality, 365 USD This one has more value just because it looks like a real word, or is one

1900 USD The new Uber/Lyft  Hoping I could pick this up for $12 and flip.  Nope

338 USD Sounds like a good brand, for an Energy Drink  10% of the dot com would be $1000 IMO

570 USD Yeah still don’t understand the 4L net’s. If the normal 4L nets hold or increase, the premiums are way undervalued.   Middle road and I still like it.  I’m long 6Ns, then again I’m not really short anything.  Just don’t buy some things

245 USD It has a certain Chi to it, I learned that from Kung Fu Panda   It continues to pain me watching these go higher after I sold all my cheap last year.  But I made a little money so I should be happy and move on.

515 USD I own one and I’m fine with that, it’s I was thinking mexican restaurant. There’s still 100 other strings that work, who knew this bastardized extension would become cool?, 247 USD, 249 USD, 249 USD, 249 USD, 249 USD  And some pretty nice CHiPs

241 USD  I can’t see why can’t catch dot net prices

? It’s a Chinese Ploy to flush them all out and buy them cheap., 320 USD, 320 USD, 320 USD, 300 USD Close Quarter Freakin Violence, it’s a video game., 315 USD Ultimate Virtual Destination Nation.  316 USD  

These names will determine bottom prices. These are very important names. A lot of things riding on these final prices.  One $25 bid for this color animal dot com

? Lots of Monkey names taken and in use.  One bid at $20 here for the   I have purchased quite a few like this.   Sell a few every year


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  It’s funny that are in the $30 range and a NNN is only $600. Something is out of whack

Ends in 1 day, Soon, they’re late bloomers and   These are even better but the price isn’t even at $600 yet.

Ends in 2 days  When Flippa CHiPs are over $2K with a day to go you know the market is moving up

2650 USD  15 years old. 3 bidders.  Turn an unhappy feeling into a positive site

Ends in 2 days  Big name but its going to take a buildout.  Or just a person who wants to build it out to sell it to

Ends Today  Awesome CHiP, tough English acronym but that’s not who really wants this name

2050 USD



  Recap Quick Overview

202.biz1,525 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
nabi.org619 USD02/14/16NameJet
telon.com1,363 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
ivsa.com1260 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
ehtl.com800 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
qlvd.com449 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
jrqi.com335 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
odfq.com333 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
xvbn.com333 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
vfue.com338 USD02/13/16GoDaddy
ymvs.com365 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
kaby.com1900 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
snapfocus.com338 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
gcgc.net570 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
585286.com245 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
ddk.biz515 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
gmhw.net247 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
gllp.net249 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
dwyz.net249 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
bczy.net249 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
llwm.net249 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
snrn.net241 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
bxdu.com320 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
inxq.com320 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
viwz.com320 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
cqfv.com300 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
uvdn.com315 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
xwku.com316 USD02/14/16GoDaddy
llkw.com2650 USD02/14/16Flippa
xtxc.com2050 USD02/14/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,650.00 2/14/2016 Flippa $2,050.00 2/14/2016 Flippa
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  1. Teddy Fisher

    Hey Josh,

    Liked the post. I was just wondering if you could give me your opinion on one of my domains. The other day I used and I found I thought it was an awesome domain that sounded good and it’s only one letter off from

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been getting any interest. Do you think I should ditch this domain for like $20 and be happy doubling my money?

    1. Post author
      Josh E

      I’ll do an article on what I think on short brandables. However, before we get to that….
      You registered the name 5 days ago, so I wouldn’t expect you to have gotten any interest. Brandables have certain metrics that might make them better and sell quicker, but essentially it’s a numbers and waiting game, They’re slow play domains if you will. At least if you have end users in mind.

      Things may change due to more speculation, and I am of the opinion that there will be a certain liquidity to 5l prounouncable names, but it’s only an opinion.

      You’re domain doesn’t resolve, so your chances of selling it any time soon are cut in half. One of the keys to Brandables is finding a way to package and present the name to the end user. The end user is not a word smith. They’re coming to you for a selection of hand picked names that they might like but don’t have the time or energy to think up. (there’s other factors obviously)

      Like I said I will try and do a whole article on this, but you have to understand to get a company or end user of any kind to ever see this it needs to be on a platform like brand bucket, where they can visualize the name and see it as their brand.

      There are times when you register and sell by accident a shortened form of a larger name, someone’s nick name, or brand they already thought up, but this is really rare.

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