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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 16th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,393.00

Auction Quick Recap

I was curious today why, in the world, a Chinese company would have registered crazy long numeric domains with 4’s and 0’s 15 years ago. I’ll keep at it and maybe do a separate article. But here’s some things I found in 10 minutes. was first archived in 2006 and the site looks to be about women’s health.  I think the domain might be the phone number too, but I don’t know why any women would call or visit a medical facility that has death in their domain and phone number. website first Archived in 2002, has 0’s and 4’s. Might also be the phone number, but if length and 4’s are so repulsive why not just redirect this one to something less offensive? It looks like the site was for an airline or travel agent, something to do with flying. Who wants to buy a plane ticket from a site that says death in the middle? only a 7n here, but from 2001. Yes this was a Chinese website in 2001 for a law firm I think. It doesn’t look to be related to the phone number. I could be wrong I haven’t done an exhaustive search yet. I’m sure they could have had there pick of 4n or 5n in 2001, yet for some reason they decided to go with a 7n with a 4 and two 0’s. Either they are the worst marketers in the world, or there’s meaning that we don’t know about.

Could the length of the domain be needed to better represent the Meaning? I don’t really know, but I only checked 6 of these out of thousands. Maybe they went out of  business because they were so horrible about branding. 7 and 8 digit websites in 2001-2006 with 0’s and 4’s, what a bunch of idiots. 🙂 I’m joking, I will dig deeper to see if we can learn anything from this.

dsad auction recap 117  17 years old.  I am always trying to be my best self 51 weeks a year

1,680 USD The other week is just different type of “best”   Haven’t see a up for sale in a long long time.   I’m sure there has been but not when I’ve been paying attention or sober

5,001 USD The worst combination of NNN possible I think and still $5K “I ain’t afraid of no 4”    Add a three letter dot net and we have a nice pair

1,500 USD Wow, it does look fricken ugly though doesn’t it?   That’s was Stu’s job at the craps table :).  But guessing it will more heat and air condition related to a final end user

? Great brand for an AC manufacturer, Ac installer home or auto, and Drug companies that make SSRI’s.  And the award for worst marketing campaign for a Spa goes too……………..

And it’s still available in Closeouts for $10! Worst or best, depends on who the target audience and is and what kind of Spa it is.    What are the chances.  Had a laugh over the vice episode just the other night.  Perfect name and a good brand.  No bidders

? If you missed it this is available for hand registration
Same thing right?   Very nice  A few other bidders agree

765 USD Since we’re talking about cross bred species. Jebba is the unholy spawn of Jabba the hut and Jedi Knights that went to the dark side.  Great pattern but it’s a dot net so it will be a little more affordable.  Good on the buy, bad on the sell

582 USD  Lots of buyers for this type

? Missed it, but I’m guessing around $100? I got today for $26, because I would probably buy’s with emoticons and 8’s if it were possible. Is it? Maybe it’s an IDN.

🙂 🙂  I promised not to venture into the unless they were special.  This is special to some people.

450 USD It’s very special, and should tell the flippa seller below that $400 for his name was very very good. That is a hell of a deal IMO. I would have bought it. That name goes for at least $1500 in a month… Or tomorrow to the right buyer, or in a year, Or 10 years. That is my super non specific prediction.  Not going to be a brand but a call to action.  Not sure why I like it.  Kind of like

318 USD Looks like it drops every year. Same auction date for the last 3 years   Can’t believe that are starting to cross the $100 mark

? I can’t either because it’s just plain crazy. I had a couple of these once, don’t they resolve weird? I mean seriously, there is so much stuff to speculate on that has a better track record than .mobi. I think you can  play pin the tail on the domain blind folded and come up with some winners.

You could put different combos of com, net, info, biz, cc, co, me, xyz, top, win, tv, or any other CCTLD or NGTLD on a dartboard, then missed the whole damn dartboard and still pick less risky domains. That $100 right there is 100 missed’s….

And Next week I’ll be wrong, due to some wierd joint venture between new Indonesian domainers and the Chinese. If this happens, and there is a .mobi numeric buyout I will buy some too, sell them and then scream “This is the best business in the world”!!! from the top of my roof. Once mobi becomes popular my’s won’t look so bad anymore will they? 🙂   I am a buyer of these.  I’ll tell you exactly why in a later post

? I missed all of these results. Later after you sell them all? Don’t hold me in suspense, will you tell me if I sell half of mine to you?   If you like do co you should want to own this one.  A great pattern

214 USD, That’s an extension I can deal with, it’s not perfect but at least it’s accepted and used by businesses.  Are we doing CVCV.nets

My opinion is that we should have done them before the Chips. Even the Chinese like CVCV and value it higher don’t they? Retail anyway. has always had a higher average price than any other combo. (ok 4L actual words are better). So following that line of thinking at some point .net CVCV will be worth more that 4 L Chips. We may still be caught up in a perceived Chip supply and demand issue. But as far as end-users go the pronounceable might fill the void left by the elusive

Take the’s I bought some’s when all the 4L.nets sold out. Mainly because I saw it as an alternative for those normal people that buy domains for websites. Since the Chinese didn’t even care about the .Org at that point, it seemed better to shoot for western demand. After that I bought some Chips with repeating letters.   I’m sure someone will like this pattern.  Sell it to them

104 USD. I was talking to Ran from DNS at dinner one night about patterns and that’s a good pattern, but It does become a problem selling if you have to convince people that it’s good.

If you like I will leave you these

Struck out with these, can’t find any results  That 4 isn’t holding back this one.  Ends in a few days

Ends in the morning.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Built out website.  Drop ship business all ready to go

11 days left    Amazing this went from nothing to this price

Unsold at $400 That was a good price, right after the 6n’s sold out I sold 4 names like this and without the 0 for around $300. I think $400-500 is about right for now. The seller lists some 7n recent sales in the 3-4K range but they’re not in the same class as his. 4 8’s or 888 on the right adds the multiplyer.  Nice letters.  High end of the non pattern CHiPs

3000 USD with the BIN




Recap Quick Overview

bestself.com1,680 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
045.net5,001 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
uui.net1,500 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
jebba.com765 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
33221.net582 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
8882999.com450 USD11/19/15Flippa
clampdown.com318 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
mnmn.co214 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
909091.com104 USD01/15/16GoDaddy
CDNH.com3000 USD01/15/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,100.00 1/15/2016 NameJet $2,261.00 1/15/2016 DropCatch $2,211.00 1/15/2016 DropCatch $3,000.00 1/15/2016 Flippa
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