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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 15th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I was going to comment on the politics, but I think I’ll wait for another time. Then I’ll type 5 pages of craziness. Shane has not endorsed this photo. 🙂


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,995.50   This one got some fantastic bids at the original auction.  The reserve has been moved to under six figures and if I remember the name came pretty close to that at the NamesCon auction

At around $1k   I like this name a lot as well.  I guess I just like patterns.   A few billion other people do as well

1,080 USD Nice name, it’s over 5k with the 333 on the other side, maybe  One of the biggest cities in Canada.  And you save a few hundred thousand by adding Canada at the end. 19 years old

? It’s good to be clear on which one you’re talking about I guess   The kind of old school that sells to endusers.  A for association

393 USD WLBA-AM Gainesville, I think they’re out of business.  18 year old dot not.  Nice letters.  And SMS doesn’t hurt

176 USD Global System for mobile Communications.  A bit long but very memorable and great for a truck or billboard.  No bidders at $12

? I think names like this work with mobile too, Siri,  open “Build Your New Home dot com”   A last name and has 108 million Google results.  The two make it worth watching

1,234 USD That’s an unfortunate last name, the first result in on the SERP is   Not my style of name but it sells.   As liquid as any type of name.  I don’t like the zero Oh confusion.  I like NNL.coms

?  710 USD 710 USD

A few more liquid   14 years old.  Two owners.  Billion dollar industry

? As far as exact match goes I think this one is pretty good, I think the name would pay for itself with parking, but I could be wrong.  Not Literally.  At $12

410 USD Everyone always confuses this, or are they being figurative by using literal wrong?   Oakland looks to be in the process of being built out.   This could follow suit

?  910 USD   UniQlo  already dominates the market.  #1 clothing brand in the world and its Japanese. Might as well while you’re at it

165 USD  Beads that were used as currency by many Native American tribes

4,251 USD, New York was bought with fake Wampum, but I think it was New Amsterdam at that point.  Nice Chinese CHiP.  16 years old

3,050 USD    I picked this one out a week ago.  I thought I would get it cheap. Not gonna happen.  I think Ludacris will buy it

606 USD It’s an alzheimer’s support site  “Oh Jack, draw me like one of your French Girls”  No bidders at $12

No idea what it’s worth, it’s not my normal niche.   A collectible not an acronym but we’re still doing collectibles aka memorable,  right now

? It’s a milk brand, short for Udder, nope it’s the same length.   Great CPC for car donation.  In the $25 range.  No bidders at $12.  Gets a few visits each month

?  They say vowels are bad so why not have all of them

?  Most people are doing it

? Sometimes I overthink what to write, next thing I know it’s 4 am.  Interesting name.  No bidders at $12 .  Not sure how you would make this a site but for $12 you don’t have much wrapped up in it

150 USD I had a plan to build a site like this, but I sold the rights to it.   I like zero at the end.  It doesn’t bother the Chinese as much as you think.  Look at the prices

?   Then again a is never a bad thing

?  These were going for $4500 earlier in the year.  Although this isn’t a high end triple repeater it still is in high demand. We’ll have to see what high demand is paying right now

?  I’ve bid it up over $100. It’s yours now

898 USD and it kept going.  That’s a hell of a phone case

425 USD Pharoah has this phone case, 10K year warrenty  I think either one of these would work for the same thing

338 USD, Not bad, lots of devices that need secured.  I won’t even comment on this one. Will only get me in trouble

?  Great backlinks and a PR5.  Themes pay well if you can get some traction aka sales

265 USD   I am not a numeric info buyer but they have been increasing in value so I understand why people buy them.  And if you do this pattern is very nice

117 USD, 181 USD, 135 USD,170 USD,  193 USD  103 USD

A few more similar    A lot of games with the name “faction” in it

?  The 3600 monthly visitors doesn’t hurt

272 USD, Are the looking for light bright? Do they still make that game?, These are still selling just down a little.  And I bought a lot so I may be a bag holder.  Or I may wait and move on to other things while my food cooks

116 USD Double 00 are good, only if the right bidders show up., 172 USD, 175 USD, 170 USD,   171 USD

Today’s selection of LLLL.nets  Another name I like the feel and sound of it.   Under $30 at press time

180 USD, It’s a power bar for soccer players.  People like these types of names. Under $50 at press time. Easy sell for a few hundred.  Possible sale for a few thousand

135 USD  Has one bid at $10.  Surprised how many backlinks it says it has.  I was thinking just a Chinese

? have been doing very very well.  And this one has two 8s

?   Another hot tld.  LLL and NNN are doing well


Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   No bidders at $1.  18 years old.  Home of 86,000 people and Grandma’s Marathon.  One of my favorite

17 days to go   No bidders at $1.  Much better than

No winner     Ends early this morning.   At $250

No winner



  Recap Quick Overview

333998.com1,080 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
wlba.com393 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
gsms.net176 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
guter.com1,234 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
y9n.com710 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
y7n.com710 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
figuratively.com410 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
japaneseclothing.com910 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
japaneseclothes.com165 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
wampum.com4,251 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
txn.net3,050 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
whatsmyname.com606 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
buymyidea.com150 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
purpleweed.com898 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
deathproof.com425 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
securedevice.com338 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
xpthemes.com265 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
5225.info117 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
3553.info181 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
2662.info135 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
3113.info170 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
2882.info193 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
7667.info103 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
likebright.com272 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
662100.com116 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
wqdc.net172 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
zzft.net175 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
pkmj.net170 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
hmrn.net171 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
kickfeed.com180 USD03/14/16GoDaddy
goona.com135 USD03/14/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Private Sale $1,910.00 3/14/2016 NameJet $2,000.00 3/14/2016 NameJet $2,000.00 3/14/2016 Sedo
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