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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 16th and 17th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

I was looking at the post Travis made the other day about all of that wang being traded.  I don’t even know where to buy any wang. Are there restrictions on Chinese Wang? None of the big western registrars have any wang to buy. I mean no wang at all.

So despite being curious about the wang game, I have no idea how it works or if any westerners are able to play.  I mean I understand the basics, but it’s all theoretical.  My guess, is that there is some kind of wang restriction and that the Chinese are hoarding all types of wang to themselves, especially the really good wang. Just stocking piling wang for a rainy day, or maybe retirement.

If there are restrictions I wonder if it’s possible to get black market wang anywhere. I can see this becoming a problem down the road, illegal wang trading, backdoor wang deals, all could have a negative affect, causing no one to want the tarnished wang. It looks like the average price is still pretty low, but I imagine that with Chinese wang becoming so popular the price for premium wang will skyrocket.

Like I said, I’m just curious about wang. I have no real desire to get any wang, but if the right opportunity came up, I’d get my hands on some wang, just to see how long the trend  would last.

I moved this up from below  because I think it helps give some perspective on our industry and how it relates to the rest of the business world. 

It’s interesting that the .in 4L chips just sold out. I don’t know what it means exactly, but there’s like 15 extensions with all of them sold out. I made that number up, but it’s a lot. 160,000 times 15 equals- 2.4 million. 2.4 million time $10 (average reg across the extensions again made up) = $24 million. That’s only 3 minutes of super bowl commercials. 4.5 million per 30 seconds times 6 = $27 Million and 3 minutes.

DSAD TankYesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,708.87  Skating has been popular for 50 years.  Just switched where we put the wheels and from roller to board. 19 years old

620 USD Invented by Marty McFly in 1955 18 year old.  Upgrade name for a few companies.  And Essential makes it sound like you HAVE to have the product

1,236 USD How many essential solutions are there? 1999 Birthdate.   Everyone loves to play.  Wise is another story

1,267 USD This is why the numerics are down, budgets are being blown on this stuff.  Great CHiP and WHiP letters.   I think still offer some value.  Getting near the correct price vs dot com.  All my opinion

2,718 USD But is does start with a bastard Chip…  I like this one even more but the price is less

2,800 USD the DSAD bump brought it over the other one.   Everyone loves a quick joke.

2,750 USD, I thought this was about short people. And holy crap! I didn’t think there was that much money either way. No bidders at $12 .  Almost any dot com Dubai name is worth $12.  Especially with the word game in it

2,425 USD, Are these results real? is available. Lots of bars in this particular Emirate. I’ve passed through Dubai 8 times, somehow made it out without losing all my money.  I probably would be a little more likely to watch a product review here

? That is a great idea, like the Naked News. “Next up we have the batman lego set, 232 pieces”  It’s all about me in today’s selfie world.  That’s why its getting the bids

2,600 USD right at the Estibot retail price.  You better be a good hosting company with this name.  No bidders at $12   13 years old

174 USD or You could be a hosting company in the middle of lake Superior.  I’m a buyer of and this is a nice one.  And Ryan, don’t worry I realize that every year I keep a dot co it cost $22. All intelligent people know their holding cost (renewal) before they buy something.

1,350 USD,  Well not all, lol, I’ll owe $ Millions if I renew everything. Wait… Ahhh ok I’m a little slow.  I am buying these as well.  I’ve been paying $600 for them.  Looks like they are going to cross that after commissions

670 USD   I can see this on a billboard.  Because breast augmentation just doesn’t have the same memorability

? I Have I think that would look great on a Billboard. I have a logo designed and everything.   As big of a keyword as their is out there.  Good lead gen on affordable health insurance

? I thought we didn’t have to worry about this anymore? It’s provided by the IRS right?   Dot info works here. I’m always surprised how many people want to have their baby at home or without drugs. My wife went “clean” in her birthing.  No drugs or medication at all.  She said she would take them next time

? My daughter was born via emergency C-section after getting stuck and hours of her mother’s best efforts. She had Drugs. I bet would suck.   Nice CHiP.  Now under $200 as an average.

145 USD, I almost just hung myself, but then decided to buy more 6n’s

Here are a few more if you’re looking to buy a few more CHiPs, 145 USD, 151 USD 152 USD and   A few lower end names if you don’t want to spend as much

? Basically free now  Lower end  We’ll see what today’s floor is at

577 USD  Sold for $2K in 2012, sold for $692 in 2013, sold for $1200 back in February.   Now it can be yours

960 USD , I feel like this name and I are friends at this point.  So it should well for $4k in 2 months.  I thought pattern 6Ns were way down but this one is killing it. Maybe its just my patterns

7,803 USD Probably hand regged since it has the zero’s, 168 USD, 175 USD, 170 USD, 168 USD, 170 USD   170 USD

In case you wanted a few LLLL.nets for Christmas  A CHiP that is getting no early love.   I like the first three letters

1575 USD  Anyone still buying  Nice pattern here

344 USD, 281 USD, 295 USD, 281 USD  230 USD

4 number dot biz have been a good investment as of late  Cute name.  Good for anyone who specializes in Bird Law

163 USD I wonder if is available?

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

Stream.Vin   We’ll see if the keyword can overcome the tld.  No bidders

5 Days

82 Three   No reserve and at $11.  Pretty sure you can make money splitting these up at $12

5 days   Can’t go wrong with any lately.  No reserve and under $80 at press time

243 USD, I wouldn’t sell this on any platform. Reach out to the Chinese buyers and save the commission.   All the alcohol names go for a lot

No Winner  Getting absolutely no love.   This would be $10K plus easy a few months ago.

Not Sold, Bidding reached over $20K  Met reserve.  Don’t get very many chances to own a  Ends early this AM

21,722 USD This is a span the dot name. A bid net to catch MFer’s    No reserve so you may get a good deal

1719.31 USD Landing Zone New Zealand   No fours or zeros.  Used to be $4500 average.  May be less now

3100 USD It’s less, freeing up money to buy co and in.

FOR OTHER GREAT NAMES FOR SALE MAKE SURE TO VISIT CAX.COM  19 years old.  26,000 backlinks.   My favorite of the 3 boats. Mayflower is soooo overrated

2,001 USD While the Mayflower is indeed overrated, The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria get a higher old boat domain price because they’re 130 years older.  No bidders.  I don’t know that it will sell for a ton but a very nice thought. 17 years old

911 USD This sells for a ton at some point. There is a lot of money in rehab programs, both private and government subsidized.   Great Western Letters.    The kind of name I am still adding to my portfolio

610 USD Air Force Crab Bash  I add fresh ginger to my drinks to give it a nice flavor.  A nice name or brand for $20

356 USD Gingers have no souls  Much better price because it doesn’t have a reserve

541 USD   At $1500.  We’ll see how close it gets to $2000.  The closer it gets the more the Chinese haters cringe

1575 USD  It’s interesting that the .in 4L chips just sold out. I don’t know what it means exactly, but there’s like 15 extensions with all of them sold out. I made that number up, but it’s a lot. 160,000 times 15 equals- 2.4 million. 2.4 million time $10 (average reg across the extensions) = $24 million. That’s only 3 minutes of super bowl commercials lol.   Says it has 26,000 backlinks.  Regardless, its still a

317 USD  Maybe not.  They are still in the $285 to $350 range.  The last few that sold were an anomaly

285 USD 126 USD, ? really GVR I thought this would have been on par with the Chips.  102 USD

Two lower end if you’re looking for a little .co exposure, 162 USD, 162 USD, 177 USD, 165 USD,166 USD  156 USD

There is never a shortage of LLLL.nets for sale each day.  My favorite is LSBD

It’s like the actual letters mean nothing in They’re like sheep that follow each other.  Somebody told me that my that start with 8 and end with a zero that I paid $60 are under water. I don’t think they are based on this price

?  One bidder at $12.  Somebody is about to officially become Mrs Weed.   And not the kind you pull

118 USD I saw this on Showtime, weeds. Good show. 314 USD   314 USD

I saw these two I liked and then realized there were quite a few more bottom boats to buy, 304 USD, 293 USD, 304 USD, 310 USD,  304 USD   

Here are the rest

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)    These geo type names are doing very well. I expect a big city like this to continue the trend.  No bidders at $1 but it just started

21 Days left  France is a hell of a big city. Biggest city in the world and they’re not that nice. Oh “Nice” on the Riviera, Beautiful.  One of the only cities that is better known than Nice.  Will set a nice comp for Nice.

Unsold at $25000  I like triple X.  In my domains.  Not on my screen……..when others are around

Unsold  8888 everything has some value.  Except for which I bought and has zero value

Unsold at Almost $2k, I have That’s gotta be worth at least $1500 right?  Love this one.  Even as a dot org

Unsold Over $10k


  Recap Quick Overview

skatetown.com620 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
essentialsolutions.com1,236 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
playwise.com1,267 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
pdm.net2,718 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
rbn.net2,800 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
shortjokes.com2,750 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
dubaigames.com2,425 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
youmovie.com2,600 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
superiorservers.com174 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
9788.co1,350 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
dhx.co670 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
811689.com145 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
626189.com145 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
811289.com151 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
811589.com152 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
53724.com577 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
fraq.com960 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
660088.com7,803 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
sfhf.net168 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
mbzz.net175 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
gslb.net170 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
qpzs.net168 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
zhdn.net170 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
jqdc.net170 USD03/15/16GoDaddy$1,575.0003/15/16GoDaddy
65577.net344 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
8258.biz281 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
5561.biz295 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
8389.biz281 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
2687.biz230 USD03/15/16GoDaddy
cutebird.com163 USD03/16/15GoDaddy
jav.cc243 USD03/16/16Flippa
mf.net21,722 USDsedo
lznz.com1719.31 USD03/16/16Sedo
91377.com3100 USDsedo
santamaria.org2,001 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
staysober.com911 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
afcb.com610 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
freshginger.com356 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
03314.com541 USD03/16/16GoDaddy$1,575.0003/16/16GoDaddy
ajj.cc317 USD03/16/16GoDaddy$285.0003/16/16GoDaddy
gvr.co126 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
fiv.co102 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
ljwt.net162 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
bshj.net162 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
wttz.net177 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
lsbd.net165 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
zftl.net166 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
zlnj.net156 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
mrsweed.com118 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
xdlo.com314 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
rzte.com314 USD03/16/16GoDaddy
hwnv.com304 USD03/16/16GoDaddy$293.0003/16/16GoDaddy$304.0003/16/16GoDaddy$310.0003/16/16GoDaddy$304.0003/16/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,700.00 3/16/2016 NameJet $1,989.00 3/16/2016 NameJet $2,000.00 3/16/2016 NameJet $1,575.00 3/16/2016 GoDaddy $1,719.31 3/16/2016 Sedo $1,700.00 3/15/2016 NameJet $1,575.00 3/15/2016 GoDaddy $1,600.00 3/15/2016 Ebay $1,643.24 3/15/2016 $1,637.25 3/15/2016 $1,658.76 3/15/2016
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