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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 16th of February

Auction Quick Recap


The other day we learned that Dn Forum was down for server upgrades. It’s still not up, It looks like the server’s based in Texas and is run by a regular hosting company. I assume they’ll be out of business soon if upgrades routinely take this long.

Maybe the forum is now self hosted, and they’re building it old school.

I watched the latest interview today from Great interview and lots of information, but I walked away with more questions than I started with. I started writing the questions out on in the comments section, but maybe I’ll do a future post here and see if anyone has the info.

To touch on it quickly now, I’m having trouble figuring out the 30 day RGP. Looking at ICann’s website, it seems that it’s the fail safe for several erroneous deletion errors, either an error by the Registrant, the Registrar or the Registry. In the interview Chris wasn’t sure if the expired names are required to go the full 30 days. I don’t see how they can. Take NameJet or Snap exclusive auctions for example, If I’m the only one placing the back order, it’s in my account as soon as I pay, if there’s more than 1 bidder we go to the auction. So where do the extra 3 days come from? Is it possible for the original registrant to claim the name even if it’s in another account? They have 30 days of RGP right?

I also don’t understand the fee,  Icann’s website states that max a registrar can charge to RESTORE a name in RGP is $80 plus the reg fee. There was talk of there being a fee that’s charged the registry that is then passed on to the registrant. They speculated that the registrar might pay the fee for names at auction with bids. If this is the case, Godaddy closeout  auctions would lose money. also does a similar Progressive Diminishing price,  BIN sale for expiring domains. The names will go all the way down to the reg fee before going to I assume pending delete. A buyer can purchase them at anytime during that process and the names are in their account.

Godaddy and Namepal, who has a process similar to Godaddy, allow the original registrant to reclaim the name all the way to just before pending delete even post auction. It would seem they are the only two systems that allow the full 30 day RGP to take place. What am I missing? This happens at Godaddy more than people might think. I’ve had it happen with closeout Names, the original registrant wasn’t doing it because he was testing the auction process, because I only paid $11 +reg.

Also the whole Netsol thing has me confused. In the past I’ve had maybe 300 names at Netsol, only about 20 now. I certainly didn’t register them there on purpose. All of my names at NetSol came from SnapNames exlusives, Drop catches or daily deals. Did this change at some point, and now they use NameJet?

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,176.00  19 years old.  Directions, location and transportation.  But that’s pretty obvious

Reserve? I like this one, makes me think of Delivery, I need this now, Ok we’re enroute  19 years old.  Yet again a nice 5L that will make a great brand.

1500 BIN, You Tool., 800 USD Tisk, ? , ? 323 USD, ? 510 USD   Not a bad name for $12.  No bidders.  17 years old

?  No bidders.  17 years old.  I see a mental floss or education site

751 USD Good brand for a collaboration platform.  People don’t realize how often this is the case. Matter of fact this is Shane’s daughter writing this

3,383 USD  Don’t kid yourself, we’ve known for the past couple of weeks. The grammar started to improve, around that time. 🙂   Acronym or short email for a guy named Sidney

1,875 USD Sold for a little bit more last time.  I’m going to put this in the pronounceable category. 16 years old

2550 USD Drup Drup Drup, it’s a plumbing brand, it’s the past tense of “drip”… Get it?  No bidders at $12 for this  Maybe a guy named Verk is going to start something special

309 USD Isn’t this work auf Deutsch?  At $40 at press time.  Don’t have to tell you its worth more

660 USD   A WHiP made better with New York in the name.  Over under $2800

2176 USD  Its a double V but still nice balance on this one

513 USD, They think it’s one W Sshhh  Again, “bad” vowels but perfectly balanced name

765 USD  It’s a brand for a hipster Lion. a soft feminine roar There is a reserve but its still a nice name.  I understand the need for reserves as a seller, hate them as a buyer

RNM  I see people that work in the trades and a service that lets people barter their services. 12 years old

675 USD This one took a hit, almost 4K on afternic in 2012. I was thinking I’ll trade work and go to the beach.  May not look pretty to you but could hit $700.  You think $700 is pretty, I do.  Not as pretty as $7000 though

604 USD , then sell 10 of them.  Four figure name……..and climbing

2,015 USD, 1,097 USD, ?, 683 USD  683 USD

They’re all 5N and that’s never a bad thing.  I would say the first one ends up the highest of the group simply because it doesn’t have a 4.  Or as Josh calls it “the good number”

I’ve figured out he does this so I go on an unchecked diatribe, and it sounds something like, “These were basically free 16 months ago, now they’re pushing 1k”… Buy I’m not taking the bait this time.  Love the flow of this one.  I may take a ponder at this come a little later in the morning

Has a BIN. That is a good 6n.  Hottest thing since dot me

735 USD I undersold a couple of these bastards last week. Like not quite $400… But there wasn’t any commission. Ok I’m still $300 under.  This one is killing it.  These may catch .cc, I doubt it but you never know

795 USD, 210 USD The Black Sheep, 243 USD, 245 USD, 242 USD, 243 USD, 242 USD   241 USD

Every day when I type these most of the are at $200 to $225.  At least its consistent

They’re like lemmings, they all go for around the same price everyday. I have no idea what the price will be tomorrow. There’s usually a 20-30% swing back and forth.  If this one doesn’t have value then none of the LLLL.orgs will

wow if this didn’t reach $100 I will go in and delete all the .orgs I have. All of them.  Should be a lot more valuable than most

? Has a BIN,, and  Funny thing is 6 years ago I loved this type but the holding cost would have made these break even at $60.

? I was selling them on Afternic for $250 a couple months ago… Who knows.  We’ll find out if has any value

? I typed it into and I don’t think their software recognizes it as a legitamate extension.,,, and  For all of you adding the zero and 4 6Ns.  I have been adding some because I think the zeros offer value.  But I could be wrong and you could lose all your money and half to take a job pouring sand in all the divots at the smallest golf course in North Dakota

? Look at all those 4’s! Nice! These are the type I’ve been buying for $50 or $60.  Although most of mine start with 8 now that I think of it

? Ends in 8 not too bad.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  No reserve.   3D may not be as hot as it was but this isn’t limited to just that.  This is all printers past and future

1,383 USD But you can’t make any money with it, it will only give you information.  Love the thought but love the irony more

400 USD It’s cute, but I wouldn’t pay $400, simply to own an ironic name.   The seller has done a lot of business so he may have a reasonable reserve to get this sold

1,400 USD Mr Ji  19 years old. A lot of guys still call each other bro so big value. Or maybe just an acronym

1350 USD 4 Flippa Auctions and all of them sold! I don’t freakin believe it!!  It’s funny that are in the $30 range and a NNN is only $600. Something is out of whack

2151 USD  Seems to have caught up. Over 2K ends tomorrow  Same as above.

These are even better but the price isn’t even at $600 yet.



  Recap Quick Overview

tisq.com800 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
jkak.com323 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
dvye.com510 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
mindwealth.com751 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
ghostwriting.com3,383 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
sid.net1,875 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
drup.com2550 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
verks.com309 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
rrur.com660 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
bsny.com2176 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
33vv.com513 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
ruur.com765 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
tradework.com675 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
1l7.com604 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
cwz.cc2,015 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
67530.com1,097 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
74256.com698 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
46150.com683 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
zhm.co735 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
swk.co795 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
tdfw.net210 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
hzgl.net243 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
txwj.net245 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
dxkz.net242 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
ngmc.net243 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
jxqy.net242 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
ynfy.net241 USD02/15/16GoDaddy
printers.info1,383 USD02/16/16Flippa
dotcom.org400 USD02/16/16Flippa
mrji.com1,400 USD02/16/16Flippa
jbro.com1350 USD02/16/16Flippa
673.org2151 USDSedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,176.00 2/15/2016 GoDaddy
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3 Replies to “Auction Recap, 16th of February 2016”

  1. Josh, your confusion stems from registrar specific modifications of the auto-renew grace period (ARGP). The registry, Verisign, allows 45 days after expiration for a domain to be renewed without additional fees being paid to the registry – the redemption fee. This is the ARGP. The confusion occurs because many registrars like Godaddy and the examples you cited have a self-imposed shortened ARGP. The numbers I will use in my example are for explanation and may or may not be accurate but do not take away from the idea. So Godaddy might use 32 days for its ARGP and thereby force its registrants to pay a redemption fee after 32 days past expiration. At this point, you pay the redemption fee to Godaddy but Godaddy only needs to pay the renewal fee to Verisign because Verisign allows 45 post expiration. Apparently they can do this as long as they explicitly state it in their TOS. They start auctioning expired names off 25 days past expiration. It gives them 10 days of auction and an additional 3 (or 5?) days of closeouts if needed before the true 45 day ARGP is up. Notice the auctions start a few days before their self imposed RGP period begins. This is why you can still get your auth code and transfer out even though the name is at expired auction without paying redemption fee.

    The point is Godaddy, Namejet, Snapnames are all doing their auctions well within the true 45 day ARGP. Of course, some Namejet and Snapnames auctions are for true pending deletes so those do not come with redemption fees. Auctions are either during the ARGP or post pending delete.

    1. Tony,
      So you’re saying that at every auction platform, the names that get bids, never go into RGP? So the 30 day RGP is a BS concept for any good name at a registrar that has an expiring Sales process. The only benefit then, with RGP, is found at Registrars with no auction process, because it gives you an extra 30 days to get the name back before going into the 5 day pending delete.

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