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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 17th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,413.25

Auction Quick Recap

Quick one today. Back to work in the AM, I might have Uber drive me the 2 hours, just for fun. Have a great night.

dsad auction recap 1/17  18 years old.  Interesting name.  I can brand an exciter as someone that is even better than an influencer.

1,830 USD It’s also a Metal band out of Canada, Exciters are the groupies.   No bidders and some age.  If MooseJaw is a good brand why not this one?

I think the shark has a more impressive jaw anyway.   No bidders. 17 years old.    Bitcoin

2,025 USD If you like Coin names this one is good. Supply could be a noun My supply of coins or a verb supply me with coins.  One bidder.  I think this would be a solid name for marine navigation charts

240 USD They go well together, that’s the category for this right? They don’t call them marine maps or guides isn’t it always Charts? Could be worth a lot more.  Great name.  Worldwide awesome and 16 years old

3,549 USD St Pauls School for Girls comes up first in google.  Someone has owned this for 15 years for a reason.  Maybe auto renew

139 USD I’ll tell you why, 15 year old Chinese Porn, that’s why.. Check if you’re over 18 or 21 depending on your local jurisdictational laws.  There is a university that could use this acronym.  Its so long I don’t have time to type it out

1,525 USD I ran it through google as a hack Stoucom. It’s a last name of only 1 person that lived in 1862. I hope they weren’t on witness protection. The only person ever to have that last would throw flags up.  One of those names I thinks needs another S to look right but the prices tell me I’m wrong

918 USD Also a last name, with a lot more people using it. I think it’s Polish. 11 Million google searches.  One bidder.  Good name for under $50 IMO

460 USD It went up, good 5 letter name for anything.  These are four figure names right now

2,650 USD   Numeric dot orgs are officially doing well now.  I declare it

404 USD I look at this and think in the back of my head that this price should be higher. 4 number triple 9?  As easy to remember as any number.   But its a dot net and that’s where I might forget

263 USD  $4k plus.

3,225 USD Bargain time.  Again, very easy to remember.  That’s half the battle.  I will be a bidder

175 USD and    Another couple of them for your to peruse

I’m not finding most of these. They must be going under $100 but I’m not sure.    I love rocket names.  I think they easy to remember and spell.   Not very many bidders

260 USD and are available. Buy them and extort DSAD.  189 visits and I’m pretty I know what they are looking for.  Yup, girls that get Bs on their report card

? maybe 119x means bad little girls in Chinese.  I was paying $200 for these a month ago.  Still like them but have moved on to a new category.

?   I believe in it.  Just have no idea how to code

106 USD 

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   Bear dens, couch and tv dens.   Great name for the home deco market.  Or the bear market

Unsold  Sexy.   but not the urls for these first two.  Need to work on that

unsold   Recreational Vehicle.

unsold   A nice CHiP getting no love at all.  Like it has cooties or something


77.Asia   A big group of short dot asia have all gotten bids over $1000

2 days left about 1K


Recap Quick Overview 1,830 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 2,025 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 240 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 3,549 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 139 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 1,525 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 918 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 460 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 2,650 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 404 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 263 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 3,225 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 175 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 260 USD 1/16/2016 GoDaddy 106 USD 1/16/2013 GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,977.00 1/16/2016 GoDaddy $2,077.00 1/16/2016 GoDaddy $3,549.00 1/16/2016 GoDaddy $2,050.00 1/16/2016 Sedo
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