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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 19th and 20th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

It’s really easy to take something that you’re good at, something you enjoy and destroy it by not having balance and perspective.

Think of the “moth to the flame” concept. The Moth is flying around doing fine. He’s enjoying himself, has minimal problems. He has plenty of moth food and a nice moth home and family. Things are going great for the moth.

Suddenly the moth hears a rumor about something amazing and wonderful. The moth learns of  a Flame that is fricken beautiful, and in fact the Flame is very close to his house. The moth leaves his house to check out this amazing Flame he’s heard about.  He travels to the Flame and cannot believe his eyes. It’s the most spectacular thing he’s ever seen.  The Flame is warm and provides the best food he’s ever tasted. The moth is so consumed by the radiance of the Flame he forgets all else. He forgets to eat the regular moth food that has always sustained him. He forgets about his moth house and is moth family and all the fun moth things he used to do.

He sees the flame and knows nothing else. Eventually the flame goes out and the moth now feels a void in his life. He spent so much time and energy enjoying the flame that he doesn’t care about anything else. He doesn’t even want to be a moth anymore, he has no interest in moth food or moth activities. Just like the flame that is no longer there, the moth is burned out.

Don’t get burned out. Balance your life emotionally and physically, ride the waves with enough perspective and understanding to know that all things ebb and flow, wax and wain, increase and decrease. Don’t destroy or give up because you are so emotionally vested in something that you can’t handle the waves. Keep one hand on your bread and butter strategy, the one that’s always worked, but be open to new opportunity. The moth could have enjoyed the Flame without it consuming him. When the flame went  out the moth could have  said, hmmm that flame is gone, but it’s ok, I have my regular old moth shit that I’ve been doing for years, and there will always be other flames that come along.

dsadkeepcalmKeep Calm and Domain like you always have.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,614.58  Has a real nice first bid.  We all know how much went for. Well searched 4L dictionary dot-com with good traffic.  19 years old

? A site that sells rifles  The only thing better than a vegan is a happy vegan

? Do Vegans eat animal crackers? Ending in 2 days. Description – Well searched 5L dictionary dot-com.  It’s that punching bag shaped thing in the back of your throat

? Maybe you turn this into a snoring brand.   18 years old.  With neatness and control

525 USD The stores with more salespeople than customers. There always folding things.  You know I’m a big running fan.  But unfortunately for me so are a lot of other bidders

1,175 USD Seems dangerous, besides all the cars that might hit you, people will think you stole something. Actually that’s a great idea, If you rob banks, dress like a runner. No one will question why you’re running away. Loses it’s effect if the dye pack goes off. And the exact opposite.  A long run on the trails

172 USD The ultra hike has better scenery than the city run.   Has one bid that is about the current price of these lately

?  I like NNL and LNN better but still a four figure name easily

1,275 USD Cuz I’m 5-N-T I’m dynamite. I had nothing else.   14 years old.   No bidders.  I see several companies, even in our town, that pick up dog shit and clean litter boxes for a living.  Good marketing name

? Aka pet shit Not huge value but a good name for a workout place

409 USD ? This is a farming or gardening site. Information on the best shit. Or maybe a “is my shit supposed to be this color” site.  ?  Seems a bit broad.

$50 each if you want them   I have been buying up one word .cc. I figured since the renewal is now cheap, the risk return is looking good.

331 USD Did you buy this one Shane? Tips on the cc market all at one memorable site. The only kind of college scholarship you don’t want your daughter to get

?  A few brokers in Orange County.  One bid at $10

? Or a Broker that sells OC Spray , oleoresin capsicum,  255 USD On My Monkey Quilt  320 USD Lazy Zebra Won’t obey,   710 USD OverWeight and Really Sore  If any of you are still doing  I am but paying much much less and being very picky

?  114 USD  105 USD  143 USD

$100 bills for the plain.  3X that or more for patterns.  6N.coms are still holding some good value   Getting a good price already.  Obvious use.  More value now that the law has passed that people can buy a piece of anything legally.  Can sell shares of anything you own

3,050 USD   Already has a nice price.  17 year old marketing company name

No Winner  Trying to decide how much I thought it was worth and then visited the auction.  Question answered

30,000 USD   Plenty of places share the name.   16 years old and no bids

400 USD   With TV in the name I would think it would go for a little more.  But it has the Z which only the Chinese like

700 USD Nice Flip! Someone bought this for around $300 last week on Flippa.   I’m thinking in the don’t meet expectations realm but could mean train the brain as well

105 USD I had a little more in mind.   A lot can happen in 30 seconds

3,050 USD What the deuce? That’s a hundred bucks for every second.  Memorable name but I don’t want my stuff engineered quickly.  I prefer they take their time

630 USD  Yeah Speed Engineered Bridges seem like a bad idea    Good name for a exactly that.  A rehabilitation center.  Although not the easiest to spell

317 USD Org works, don’t a fan of the “S” but it still gets the point across.   It’s a dot us but the stem cell will be the center of all medicine of the future IMO

?  Getting lots of bids.  Can’t believe they’re all because of Marcel

2,502 USD Had to look it up, French writer. That’ll help me on Jeopardy at some point in the future.  Decent brand IMO.  one bidder at $12

? Sounds like the place we’ll all live when the robots take over, or the zombies.   Sounds like a something that is going to make something faster.  One bid at $12

?, 661 USD   255 USD

Only two lower boats for you today, 111 USD  121 USD  101 USD    104 USD 104 USD

One of these has one bid at $12 at press time    I think of domain names when I see this but can be pretty much anything I guess.  I wanted to buy it but already above where I need to be

No Winner  Water.  I figure a few of you would like this one

No Winner   Already has a nice price.  17 year old marketing company name

No Winner  Everyone has ideas.  Very few can code

No winner

  Recap Quick Overview

orderlyfashion.com525 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
cityrunners.com1,175 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
ultrahike.com172 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
5nt.com1,275 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
burstfitness.com409 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
tips.cc331 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
onmq.com255 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
lzwo.com320 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
owrs.com710 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
598655.com114 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
598355.com105 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
565255.com143 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
lend.io3,050 USD05/19/16Flippa
rematch.com30,000 USD05/19/16Flippa
stoneyhill.com400 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
tvzr.com700 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
moreinmind.com105 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
30seconds.com3,050 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
speedengineering.com630 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
rehabilitations.org317 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
proust.com2,502 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
ugpu.com661 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
oxva.com255 USD05/18/16GoDaddy
938522.com111 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
986799.com121 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
182811.com101 USD05/19/16GoDaddy
931522.com104 USD05/19/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,400.00 5/18/2016 NameJet $1,260.00 5/18/2016 NameJet $2,500.00 5/18/2016 NameJet $1,610.00 5/19/2016 NameJet $1,750.00 5/19/2016 NameJet $1,528.62 5/19/2016 $1,253.47 5/19/2016
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