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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 18th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Looks like .VIP is off to a good start over 100k registrations in the first hour and a half. That’s a lot of very important people. I quickly checked numeric’s, I have to go out to, to find the first available all 4 domain. That’s 12 4’s.

The Auction results.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,004.92  We’ll start the name off with a nice marketing name for a coffee business.

105 USD Not just coffee, human fuel  20 years old.   Short enough that the hyphen actually works.

?  Used to receive exceptional traffic. Still receives a lot.

?   Well searched 4L dictionary dot-com with good traffic. sold for slightly more.

11111 USD Ales are delicious. I’ve brewed a couple batches of beer myself. The most recent and last one was an IPA. The reason it was the last batch to be made was the explosion that occurred in the kitchen. The ale was off gassing faster than my water valve would allow. There is still beer in places it shouldn’t be.  I’m thinking more exercise than choo choo

228 USD Or exercising on a train.  Sounds like another expensive insurance provider

2,225 USD Or a herbal tea that builds the immune system.   Great name.  If only people could spell architecture

1,026 USD Houses built out of shrubbery.   One of the better dot biz that’s been up for auction yet

?   My favorite name this month.  Means cat in Spanish

11750 USD  Oh Senor Don Gato was a cat, he was fluffy white and nice and fat. Getting some good bids.  Although we know yoga is for the pants

dsadyogapants610 USD I’ve never done Yoga, but unhealthy yoga seems like a bad idea.   China still paying big money for their cities. Even dot nets

1,525 USD Never been there.  Opening bid is $1500 and that’s right in the value range

? Good descriptive name, you know what it is.   Because CowA is already taken

1325 USD  Short for cowboy  I like it better than the name UpWork

? All the skilled ships depart from here.    413,000 backlinks have it over $2K

2,550 USD Speaking of Forums, Dnforum is still down. Why are the server upgrades taking so long?  Hairpiece or flooring

946 USD  Sounds like an old band, The Rugs greatest hits.   VR anything now worth $100 or more evidently

315 USD lol ok I looked for some VR names that were available,,,,,,  320 USD Would Valium Cure Wheezing   338 USD  262 USD   255 USD

Some to put away in your closet for safekeeping.  Will go over $100 IMO because of the three 7s.  OK MIGHT go over $100

256 USD

A great portfolio of Brandbucket names for sale.   Already approved, set up and ready to sell

Nice List of published brandbucket names from my friend Andrew Rice, still lots of value here, the current bid is only around $28/name. 1 sale would pay for this whole portfolio.

  Recap Quick Overview

notjustcoffee.com105 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
itrain.org228 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
healthshield.com2,225 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
livingarchitecture.com1,026 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
gato.com11750 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
ales.com11111 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
yogaforhealth.com610 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
shangdao.net1,525 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
cowb.com1325 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
createforum.com2,550 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
therugs.com946 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
vrboom.com315 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
wvcw.com320 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
uncv.com338 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
afjm.com262 USD05/17/16GoDaddy
eqpp.com255 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
127773.com256 USD05/17/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,221.00 5/17/2016 NameJet $2,788.84 5/17/2016
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