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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 19th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I wrote the following in the comments section in response to another comment, that is also listed below. I know that the writers theory is one of he popular opinions and i admit it can work, but I think it’s a lot riskier.

image1“The one question that newbies always ask that I see repeated again and again is what would you do if you only had $xxxx to start with today. The first thing you do is read and educate yourself on what makes a domain valuable and where to get those domains. For me the time tested answer to the first question is one word dotcom’s are your surest bet and most likely your most profitable. It’s not a coincidence that the 3 domains Elliot mentions here are short one word dotcom’s. Learn from that. The second part is where to get them. Right now, NameJet and Sedo seem to be your best bets. They usually have some good inventory and with the Chinese hype, many eyeballs are looking away from one worders. Godaddy expired auctions is another good place but that venue has a ton of bidders and getting a good deal will be harder. Same for DropCatch.

You as a domainer are probably only as good as your best domain. Just like if I bring up the Cleveland Cavaliers. Your first thought is Lebron James. We associate the team with its best player. Same with your portfolio. If you start out with $1,500, just get the best one word dotcom you can. No compromises. Don’t go registering 100 mediocre to terrible domains. That’s what we all did as newbies. Don’t bother. You will have to spend that $1,500 again the next year just to hold onto them and most likely you will already have concluded long before that that they aren’t worth holding onto. Whereas if you get a one worder, you can hang onto it for 10 years at a cost of $100. You can sit on it worry free and wait for the best offer to come along if you choose that route. If you can’t find a one worder for that amount, save up until you can. $5,000 is probably more likely to get one.

Some recent one word dotcom’s I’ve gotten for under $1,500: ($131) ($104)”



Here’s my problem with this whole way of thinking and “training” new domainers: A portfolio gets submitted that everyone agrees is total crap, it happens more often than not. We assume that these people have been watching the show for some time, right? I doubt people find, run to Godaddy register a bunch of domains and submit them for review. Somewhere in the back of their head they believe they’re on the right track, or at least close to it. They are trying to grasp the business and trying to learn, but just aren’t there yet.

They’re looking for confirmation that they are indeed on the right track, and they’re looking for redirection if they are not. So our advice to this this new person with the 20 shit domains, that they’ve just presented to the world for evaluation, is take all your money and buy 1 good domain lol.

I think this advice is the wrong approach. It sounds great in theory, but in practice it’s not realistic. We’ve just witnessed what they are capable of early on in their domain careers, and we hate it. Will it work for some people? Of course! I’m not talking about absolutes, rather the average individual that submits a shitty portfolio. This person is not magically going to wake up and find an undervalued gem.

The process you talked about, that we all go through of registering shit, is part of  learning. It can be shortened with training, mentorship and advice, but generally it’s an essential part of the process.

It also takes them out of the game. If this dude buys 1 domain for $1500 on the 10 year plan, he learns nothing. He has all of his money tied into one asset.

I also disagree that the goal should be “one” word com’s. I would rather own a made up pronounceable short dot com, than some obscure word that no knows what the hell it even is. Or own a two word domain that can be used by a business. You list which is actually kinda cool, but Geo+industry, a brandable or a name that relates to a business has a lot better chance of selling than a plural vaginal cleanse. is short, and a “word” but it’s a bone in your mouth not a business or an easy brand. “What’s your website? Oh Hyoid? You mean the bone that supports the tongue?” There’s nothing wrong with owning these and I hope you sell them for a ton of money, I just don’t think someone new should be buying these for premium prices.

Like I said not all one word domains are equal, here’s a list of over 100 one word domains that are available to hand register right now because they suck as domains. There are 10’s of thousands of these types of “one” word domains available because  they would make really bad brands.

*removed long list of names but they’re here

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,434.60  20 years old and 18 bids.   Helps you find sites.  That might be obvious

898 USD also know as Google  19 years old.  A PR4 and bids have hit four figures

3,150 USD could be used for lots of things.    Millions use them every month

? I think you could make a profitable lead gen site with this name.  Surprised it has no bidders.  17 years old.  Hunting is big in Oregon.  Don’t let the Portland granolas fool you

122 USD They hunt Whales there don’t they?   Money is flowing into LNN and NNL right now.  aka they’re hot

3,100 USD Even this type is doing well

611 USD   the triple 8s are driving the price

?   Getting some great bids.   City in Greece, also spelled with a C

7,166 USD Also usually spelled in Greek    TV and a CHiP

?  So negative but sounds fun

285 USD The new twist on facebook, you unfriend people but then add them to your hate book. Then you can still read all of their posts like the social media addict you are. 144 USD   Dot co is slowly fading.  I was a buyer but now I’m a holder  Some are calling for the end of I don’t agree.  I think it is worth more in the future.  Just my opinion.  Don’t buy on it or you will lose money

? It’s all about confidence and that can be shaken by the wind. Somebodies buying them by the thousands, fear is awesome.  Double letters or numbers are always worth more

?   take out the N and see how expensive it gets

?  I feel like someone is going to name a site or blog this

? Don’t eat the pit of the shoe, they’re poinsonous  I have not won a name in months.  I will win this one

155 USD Shanghai High School    One bidder.  I think this is a great brand name for a foodie

266 USD I’m thinking lots of cornucopia work  Ends early this morning.   Nice clean up name

2,000 USD  yeah I like it.  the kind of name that is a bargain because people don’t like dot net

1150 USD


  Recap Quick Overview

sitefinders.com898 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
prodesk.com3,150 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
oregonhunting.com122 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
q87.com3,100 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
y7m.com611 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
kefalonia.com7,166 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
hatebook.com285 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
isz.co144 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
shhs.cc155 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
foodscaping.com266 USD04/18/16GoDaddy
removers.com2,000 USD04/18/16Flippa
Cosmetology.net1150 USD04/18/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,680.00 4/18/2016 NameJet $1,402.00 4/18/2016 NameJet $1,280.00 4/18/2016 NameJet $1,500.00 4/18/2016 NameJet $1,311.00 4/18/2016 NameJet
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  1. “where to get them. Right now, NameJet and Sedo seem to be your best bets.”

    Tidbit of info.
    Someone told me the other day that he was annoyed because so many of the domains on NJ never reach reserve. He thought it was 1/3 to 1/2 do not meet reserve. I thought around 25%

    I looked at the past 5,000 auctions I followed on NJ.
    Cancelled 0.2% ,
    completed 79.3% ,
    did not meet reserve 20.6%


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