Auction Recap, 1st of January 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 1st of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,468.67

Auction Quick Recap

Happy New years day. I still have to buy a plane ticket to Vegas. I looked around the other day and they were less that $200 out of Philly.  Thank you $36 Barrel O Oil. 

dsad domain predictions meme   20 years olds and a nice help site name.  Unless Charlie Sheen sleeps with it and it becomes TechAids

? Don’t know what it sold for, but I like it too  19 years old.  Fails the radio test but passes the pretty good name test

2,278 USD I had a Satellite radio when they first came out. I dropped the subscription when I got a smart phone and could stream with iheartradio and pandora. Do the satellite receiver’s display text for ads? I know HD radio’s and Satellite radios are probably capable of this. A short name like this would be easy for anyone to remember if they saw it flash across the radio. I know the “radio” test is more of a figure of speech to gauge if someone hearing the name can figure out the actual letters when it’s pronounced, but it made me think of digital text displaying on the radio.  A name this short always overcomes the TLD.  17 years old

Listed as offer counter offer.  Not worth a ton of money but no bidders and 17 years old.  Worth $25 easy

150 USD, Could be for songs, fishing spots, treasure maps. I like the fishing spot idea, a Hot Chart where people report where the hottest fishing spots are.  14 years old.  Surprised its this old considering its not a zip code.

Can’t find the price, but it does seem to be the zip code for Busy Kentucky   Wow.  This one is a lot higher than I thought it would be.  And yet I still want to own it

2,902 USD Wang Jr, Sounds like a Chinese burger joint.  Only at $1000 at press time

6 DAYS LEFT  I thought I was going to get this for a steal.  Nope

810 USD There’s a lot of these for sale anywhere from $19-$60 and higher I’m sure. There’s lot’s of apps that’ll do the same thing. Not the perfect form of the words but we get the point and its under $150 at press time

830 USD I need to learn more about bitcoin in general and bitcoin mining. I haven’t really paid attention to it, mining makes me think of office space. The fractions of a penny rounded off and went into an account they set up. are on the chart for fastest rising of the LLLs right now.  If not the highest percentage its certainly up there

425 USD Sqad biz. I like this name. It reminds me of squad, it could be anything where a crew comes and takes care of a job.   No 4s or zeros.   These average at $138 according to Travis’ Domain Shane Short Domain Averages Price Guide

515 USD It’s a difficult task to average these out and get a feel for what they’re trading at. There’s so many variables. All the 6n’s below are over this average and have a 4, but the 88 at the end brings them up.  This one has the nice 99 and ends in 8, so it’s way over the average. It still helps to know the key data points like the average and build off of that. I think Travis is doing us a valuable service by translating and crunching the numbers.  Here’s one more

204 USD

And if with 4s but double 8s is your thing, here is a list of 10 of my favorite up at auction today.

496388, 163 USD

349588, 221 USD

425388, 134 USD

459688, 157 USD

459388, 145 USD

437988, 210 USD

196488, 104 USD

413988, 158 USD

341988, 177 USD

451388 172 USD

I’ll take Double 8’s all day long, even if you made up new numbers and put them in the string.  Getting bid up to $50 already.  Hard to argue with buying Virtual Reality domains right now

325 USD or could be Virtual Real Estate Domain, but I bet you’re right and they’re thinking Reality. We’ll be living in the Matrix soon, or fighting SkyNet soon.  Every product in the world has it.  I also see a moving boxes play as well.  Under $100 at press time

Ends Tomorrow

Another big batch of 6N.coms that end in 88.  I’ll list 8 more I like and that will be it

413288, 304 USD

326488, 172 USD

324388, 216 USD

247988, 190 USD

347588, 220 USD

483988, 203 USD  Fun name, especially for this time of year.  Only two bidders

? I should have bought this. I could put my daughter’s name on it when she’s bad and say “Listen young lady, you’d better go check, your names on there. You better change your attitude, Santa says you’re acting like a 6 year old dramatic Teenager.”  

8888.Christmas   Post Christmas sale.  Was $200, now just $150 BIN  (just raising some beer money say MINE in comments) Best numeric in the ENTIRE dot Christmas tld  I am surprised how many of these get some traffic.  Not much but 10 to 15 visits a month.

? Didn’t get the price, But my LLNN and NNLL domains are getting traffic and so are other names that I registered within the last couple of months. I don’t know if it’s real traffic or people doing mass whois searches or something else. For a while I was getting 10K-15K uniques a day on shorts and numerics. No clicks with these so I’m guessing it wasn’t real traffic. I do look at it and trend it now. It might give me some insight into what’s getting hot, or at least what has interest.  The dot me tld has really fallen behind over the last year

110 USD

And a few LLLL.nets for today, 211 USD






Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Website for sale that uses traffic arbitrage to make money.  Interesting sale

Unsold  No reserve and closes today.  At $100 and  16 years old. have started to do very well but you can still get ahead of the market as they are dragging behind.  This is one of the better CVCV.nets out there

195 USD  Another similar name but getting more bids because of the martial arts thing

Unsold  Awwwww skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet skeet awww skeet

unsold  I don’t like the dot io renewal but I’d make an exception when buying this one

unsold at 1550  Will sell.  Met reserve and getting a well deserved price

2650 USD

NameJet Action Time Left:15h 47m High Bid:$580 Time Left:16h 13m High Bid:$3,399 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$81 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$70 Time Left:1d 16h High Bid:$1,121 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$360 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$70 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$71 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$81 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$1,800


Recap Quick Overview

orre.com2,278 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
hotchart.com150 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
wjr.cc2,902 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
whitenoisemachine.com810 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
bitcoinmine.com830 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
sqd.biz425 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
365998.com515 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
227831.com204 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
496388.com163 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
349588.com221 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
425388.com134 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
459388.com145 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
459688.com157 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
437988.com210 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
196488.com104 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
413988.com158 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
341988.com177 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
451388.com172 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
vrdomain.com325 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
413288.com304 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
326488.com172 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
324388.com216 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
247988.com190 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
347588.com220 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
483988.com203 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
gdz.me110 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
lszj.net211 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
zblh.net201 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
lhxl.net202 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
kktw.net231 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
ltwz.net206 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
dlfr.net201 USD12/31/15GoDaddy
dono.net195 USD12/31/15Flippa
pddf.com2650 USD12/31/15Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,650.00 12/31/2015 Flippa $2,671.00 12/31/2015 NameJet $2,085.00 12/31/2015 NameJet
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  1. fizz

    LOL @ the Bryan Williams vid: “…I had to fly the helicopter myself, while buying domains on GoDaddy auctions. I predict that in 2016 the floor price of 20 digit numerics will one thousand dollars a piece, with four and zero…”

  2. Travis M.

    Man, that is an awesome use for If I had thought of it, I would have bought it. Basically an online elf on the shelf. Your kid could have their own URL that would show how happy or angry Santa was with them.

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