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Auction Recap, 21th of January 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 21th of January

Auction Quick Recap

Starting tomorrow afternoon we may be in the grasp of Winter Storm Jonas. I didn’t know they started naming these things. They probably only do it in winters, like this one, where it hasn’t snowed at all yet.  The weather community is getting restless, they’ve been sitting around for 2 months doing snow chants trying to make it snow.

We’ve been getting special emails  from work talking about the potential for 2 or 3 feet. I’m leaving for work in a couple of hours, it should be fun. If I don’t report in tomorrow, fear for the worst. I’m joking ill be fine, probably without power and setting furniture on fire to stay warm, but fine.

dsad meme 1/21 Currently at $504 in auction  Some one bid one this thing it’s running out of time. still available  BIN $700 If you mention offer code Sarsaparilla

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on was $2,115.00   People forget that 48 is good luck.  They only see the 4 but when there is an 8 behind it, it becomes good

4 days  This would have sold for 5 figures years ago.  Now ?  We’ll see. 18 years old

the .co 355 USD, 2012

the net 1,000 USD 2011

Can’t find the result. We can thank the DOJ for these domain devaluations. Nice child’s toy name.  17 years old.   I love toys, kids play with them and then they forget about them.  Regardless of cost

266 USD I have lots of “cute toys all over the house that I’d like to sell.  16 years old. No bidders.  Not huge value but absolutely memorable.  Solid travel/sport name for $12.

? missed it, def better than Gold and Rain  One bidder at $12.  Obvious use. But you better sell marijuana if you buy it because they will be asking

132 USD nice. I have a few names in this niche. One of my favorites is a “ we” name. so is it We Grow Depot or We Grow De Pot.  🙂   Sold as repeating letter but I see Ray Ray

706 USD.  It makes me think of A-A-Ron. You done messed up A-A-Ron.  Return on Investment University

488 USD Ran Out In Underwear, Royal Order of Imaginary Unicorns. Acronyms are fun    107 bids  You don’t see over 100 bids very often.  Two guys/girls must have gone back and forth

630 USD There should be a 100 bid bonus for the owner. Godaddy could throw little prizes in like that if it’s a public auction.  Great letters.  Even with the A.

1009 USD  North Dakota Rodeo Association.   You know I don’t really do dot co but hard to argue against these letters.  Could hit $400

123.WTF!? I can never find these.  Not sure why this has so much value but will put this here so you can check it out.  And maybe let me know what I’m missing

1,905 USD JS city code JS HA Ring?  Just went to auction.  Great name for us

4 days left,   I feel like that’s what I’m doing right now.  So out of my normal routine

511 USD, or another Chinese domain, ID Ling. Identify Mr Ling.  These LLLL.nets keep inching up

It starts to make me nervous when I can’t find these results at places that should have the results. Not because they have to track everything all the time, but I wonder how many sales are missed that we could use when trying to trend or figure out the current market value.   The repeating number NNLL.coms are crossing $250.  Add double letters to the mix and you have four figures

No idea…   Going to hit $100.  I repeat a dot mobi is going worth $100 to some people

I will register’s before any mobi’s. Like this one and it’s available for $8.50.

TNBQ.net226 USD, 215 USD  I know its odd but I prefer NNLL to LLNN (hard to talk about when the letters in the name are actually NN).   I am slowly changing my mind and think there is probably no logic as to why one is better than the other

165 USD I don’t know either, If you go by popularity the L first always sells out first in whatever string. 

Regardless of pattern here are a few that are worth buying IMO

128 USD That’s the only one with a price I could find.  ask a farmer. He would know what this is

360 USD, The Plural sold as well for 125 USD  Has a bid at $99.  I would overlook it but …….I can’t

? It does look pretty doesn’t it?

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   Very nice educational name

No Winner   How many people think this will sell for over $2500.  See what I did there?

No winner   Nice name from the ZandiBot himself

No winner Great worldwide domain.   I think under $3K is a good buy IMO

2,051 USD YAY!!!!!!! A Sale!!! Finally! but it seems low to me.  Great drop catch name

No Fricken Winner



Recap Quick Overview

megapoker.co355 USD08/25/12GoDaddy
megapoker.net1,000 USD04/21/11Sedo
cutetoys.com266 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
wesellmarijuana.com132 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
rray.com706 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
roiu.com488 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
99128.net630 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
ndra.com1009 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
jsharing.com1,905 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
idling.com511 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
619.mobi130 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
tnbq.net226 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
gtkg.net215 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
nn63.com165 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
seeddrill.com360 USD01/20/15GoDaddy
mg93.com128 USD01/20/16GoDaddy
wbwh.com2051 USD01/21/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,875.00 1/20/2016 Ebay $2,010.00 1/20/2016 NameJet $2,700.00 1/20/2016 NameJet $1,875.00 1/20/2016 Flippa
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