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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 20th of January

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on was $2,170.50

Auction Quick Recap Currently at $504 in auction still available  BIN $700 If you mention offer code Sarsaparilla


I just got done reading a post on about the new extension .cars. The post is titled “Why so much for Registration and Renewals of .Cars” The post author cites the registration fee at $2795 a name. A few others chimed in about how stupid the .cars registry is for setting those prices and how these business won’t be able to afford these names.

According to there are 17,838 car dealership in the united states alone. If 20% of these dealership bought their names in the .car extension (3477 x $2795) the registry would make just short of 10 million dollars annually. This number is based only off of 20% of dealership in the US alone.

But what would make them want to pay so much for the name you ask? Can they afford it? Of course they can afford it, If a car dealer can’t afford $3k as part of their marketing and ad campaign then they’re probably not going to be around for much longer anyway.

So why the high Price you ask? Exclusivity, the reason the price is set at this rate is to keep all the people like us domainers from going out and diluting the brand by registering crazy things like It’s certainly a different business model than some of the other extensions that XYZ and Uniregistry run, but that doesn’t mean it’s wrong, I think it actually makes it better as a brand for the car dealers and here’s why.

Think of the different types bars in your area, maybe this example won’t work for everyone but give it a try. Bars look for a certain type of clientele and regulate it to the best of their ability by the price they charge for beer. Nicer establishments charge more, because it keeps problematic drinkers and other riff raff out.

Dive bars have a different strategy to bring drinkers into their establishments and make money. They go for quantity over quality, prices are cheaper, beer flows freer and maybe a fight or two breaks out. Neither of these business models are wrong, they’re both needed to serve the different niches of the beer drinking public. In fact most beer drinkers switch between the 2 depending on the occasion.  I love going to dive bars and drinking $1.75 drafts, who doesn’t? It’s just not for every occasion.  

There’s a very easy test to figure out which bar is which and you don’t even have to go to the bar to figure it out. You can employ this strategy just by calling them. This is it, “ Hello, Yes I was wondering if you have PBR on tap.. Oh you do!, great! let me grab some change lying around the house and we’ll be there till closing time”

So .cars is catering to the car dealers and auto industry businesses because that is their business model and that’s how they think it will work best. It’s hard to disagree with them, not that they give a crap if you disagree with them. Not all extensions are made for domainers.

I am very confident that this model will work for them. I actually talked to Daniel Negari about this a few days ago. I had the same question, what about domainers? How will we be able to afford these names? Basically Daniel outlined what I have relayed here. They are marketing the extension heavily to car dealers and the auto industry. The extension gains value in the eyes of the industry because they know that they will almost exclusively be the users. Customers will see a .car domain and know that they’re going to the real deal.

Of course you can go register them if you want, just try and stay away from the crazy ass 5 word names that some people register the first week of general availability, it could get a little pricey.

dsad auction recap 1/20  Music or time.  19 years old

505 USD Or Both?  16 years old.  No bidders.  Pretty memorable name for $12.  Sounds like an app game

493 USD Make a great email, [email protected] great for corresponding with the IRS.   You’ll be bidding against the Oscars

536 USD Is this one of those name like kidnap? Like it’s a good “domain” because it’s one word, but you wouldn’t make a brand out of it?  Millions of dollars a year spent on these on the coastline homes. 16 years

1,260 USD I really didn’t see that price coming. I realize they must sell lots of them, I just thought they called it Plywood or OSB. You can probably charge 10x’s as much calling them Storm Panels  16 years old.  Under $500 at press time

610 USD Confederate States of America Florida.  Was thinking TILE but now I’m thinking Chinese Premium. No bidders

? Either or seems like it’s worth a few bucks anyway  Gross Domestic Product.   Yes I know what GDP means

4,550 USD, Wow, if you type GDP into google the first result on the SERP is a game console on a .HK domain. They must have SEO’s the crap out of that.  Pretty funny domain name for $12

Not only is it funny but it’s the highest grossing business on the board. Can you imagine what  the CPC and search volume would be? “ Siri, I want to go to a Crack Factory near me”  No bids at $12. Guessing it will soon

? it’s a nice pattern  Nice to see keywords getting some bids

152 USD Or is it just a Pinyin 4L?  Even better.  I would be surprised if it doesn’t make it to $3K

2051 USD yeah… I am too. Stupid new year.  Good play on the words. Although not original as there are lots of people that could use this name as an upgrade

676 USD The first 3 results on google are the EMD net, and info  Yup, already over $500

510 USD  Almost there here as well.  Chinese city codes will treat you right.  Over under $4400

3,661 USD Looks like a sell off folks. Better start caching in your chips, Pun intended. The rest of it was not intended.    Nice to see crossing the $200 mark

? no idea what happened, so I’ll guess. $275  Oceanside, CA Zip

Sold in Oct, must have been a reserve   The round number is bringing the price…….I think

? not important enough to record I guess

A few LLLL.nets if you swing that way, 237 USD, 226 USD, 221 USD, 220 USD 221 USD

Everything seems down today   Double seven offset by the four.  That makes it worth……..I have no idea

1,570 USD right on par with the no 4 prices, thanks to the pattern  The no fours and zeros with the double number gets it over $200

255 USD in October not recorded for today Juicing is still popular.  “Buy and Juicer” …………..Done

372 USD I imagine there would be instruction in the juicer. Or if that fails eat the fruit’s and veggies that juice is inside. What maybe it means juice as in steroids, in that case it would be nice to have a site to guide you. Don’t need your nuts dropping off, or do you? Bulk up and shoot blank all in one well played move.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   End today and has met reserve.  I would love to get in a again. Like the good old days

24,944 USD Obviously not a Chinese buyer, they would never stop the bidding at a price that has 4’s in it. sold for $4700.  Not quite that quality but you can see the pattern’s value

Ends In 2 days  Sent to auction from an offer. Good travel name for the price.

750 USD I missed this one, luckily is availble



NameJet Action Time Left:11h 19m High Bid:$303 Time Left:11h 20m High Bid:$430 Time Left:11h 21m High Bid:$2,060 Time Left:11h 26m High Bid:$209 Time Left:11h 33m High Bid:$69 Time Left:11h 48m High Bid:$300 Time Left:12h 19m High Bid:$69 Time Left:12h 20m High Bid:$70 Time Left:12h 23m High Bid:$70 Time Left:12h 32m High Bid:$69 Time Left:12h 36m High Bid:$81 Time Left:12h 37m High Bid:$3,333 Time Left:12h 41m High Bid:$2,102 Time Left:12h 43m High Bid:$2,102 Time Left:13h 6m High Bid:$1,500 Time Left:1d 11h High Bid:$160 Time Left:1d 11h High Bid:$84 Time Left:1d 11h High Bid:$2,100 Time Left:1d 11h High Bid:$2,012 Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$471

NameJet Results $810 1/20/2016 $343 1/20/2016 $180 1/20/2016 $69 1/20/2016 $159 1/20/2016 $79 1/20/2016 -RNM 1/20/2016 -RNM 1/20/2016 $929,000 1/20/2016 $99 1/20/2016 $3,250 1/20/2016 $3,250 1/20/2016 $3,405 1/20/2016 $55,500 1/20/2016

Recap Quick Overview

bandwatch.com505 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
csaf.com610 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
bbdr.com2051 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
mobboss.com493 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
racist.org536 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
gdp.net4,550 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
stormpanels.com1,260 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
peak.cc152 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
intoxicology.com676 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
dgln.net510 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
82721.com3,661 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
pynn.net237 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
rhsn.net226 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
nlhw.net221 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
ysmm.net220 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
swkh.net221 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
7724.net1,570 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
591899.com255 USD10/05/15GoDaddy
howtojuice.com372 USD01/19/16GoDaddy
2230.com24,944 USDSEDO
seethecity.com750 USDSedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,290.00 1/19/2016 NameJet $2,051.00 1/19/2016 GoDaddy
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