Auction Recap, 23rd of December

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 23rd of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,641.80

Auction Quick Recap

It’s now Christmas Eve on the East Coast, it’s currently 63 degrees F outside, which is crazy high for this time of year. I just finished some last minute shopping at Walmart. I shopped with all the people that normally shop there at 1 AM with their kids. I assume these parents are preparing these kids for shift work or night shift. Some people just aren’t cut out for it.  I bet the kids that are trained to stay up all night shopping, during the middle of the week, will be great at it someday. It’s always nice to see parents take the initiative and teach something to their Children.

Instead of a meme or info-graphic, I’ve chosen some quasi Christmas music, performed by a Japanese dude dressed up like the Joker in front of a home made green screen. I think it’s awesome. Merry Christmas and have a great day.  20 years old.  And you should.  You had a good year in domain investing…..hopefully

1,481 USD I like it, I’m not sure what the best application of the name is, maybe an type of site, Be proud of your heritage. Maybe a sports fan site, or a site where you post pictures of your kid’s accomplishments. It seems kind of pompous if you were to post your own stuff.  We all want to make sure we sell when we do.  And everyone likes to call it.  No bidders. 16 years old

Didn’t catch the price. I think it’s an obvious mountain climbing site or an indoor climbing gym brand.  N for Network. 14 years old

895 USD Network Scan, it kinda works  Safe for Work something.  Also 14 years old.  Over under $2488

2,550 USD San Francisco Waste Disposal   Cool looking name.  Will be interesting to see the final price on this one.  Not a Chinese name but they love patterns.  Something will have to buck the trend

3,050 USD Screw you chips! OOO’s coming through   All these bidders are on it because its a nice short alternative version of Sing.

3,000 USD It sold for about the same price a couple of years ago, only because of the “Sing” angle. I’m assuming  Solid  Around $2K at press time but I expect it to be at least double that at the finish

2,951 USD

1,455 USD


1,580 USD

I think the 606 beats out the 601 even though its at a lower price now

And it pulled ahead, good call.

Don’t see many times where you can buy 7 sequential 5N.coms.  And they are 10 years old

95401, 973 USD

95402, 787 USD

95403, 865 USD

95404, 1,156 USD

95405, 865 USD

95406, 833 USD

95407,  833 USD

What did we learn from this? That you get an extra $300 if you add a 4…

And one more group of 0 and 4 5N.coms

94953, 787 USD

94954, 833 USD

95448, 1,112 USD

94975, 898 USD

37301, 1,125 USD

phew…now that these are over lets get back to the real money, long tail keywords

They’ll be back… When the Chinese or possibly the Indonesians start buying them up.  The bids have reached four figures because of the PR6 and all the backlinks

1,025 USD Does google still update PR? I’m not sure if they do or not.  I don’t like dot co but I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t acknowledge that the CHiPs are all over $100 now

330 USD Coming in strong over $300  One more

306 USD Seems like these are up 200% from a month ago.  I am a buyer on these.  Yet I haven’t bought one yet.  Looking for the best letters and numbers.  Just haven’t pulled the trigger

175 USD These have also shot up rapidly. Still lots of 4C com’s to spin if you’re feeling prophetic   Only one bidder.  I like it as a WP theme

204 USD There’s a decent amount of potential end users for this. Someone’s already making Flex themes, now they need the name.   One bidder at $10

No Idea what it sold for  Selling a website, only like the name.  Only thing that scares me is the username of the seller

Unsold  Love the description “receives inquiries daily”.  No shit.  I get more inquiries than I do regular emails now. Can’t imagine how Ken O’Brien can even get through all the emails

Unsold Only one bidder so far. Should get another after this posting


NameJet Results $3,050 12/23/2015 RNM 12/23/2015 RNM 12/23/2015 $710 12/23/2015 RNM 12/23/2015 $3,433 12/23/2015 $58,100 12/23/2015 $4,400 12/23/2015 $2,301 12/23/2015 $1,100 12/23/2015 $180 12/23/2015 $110 12/23/2015 $889 12/23/2015 $350 12/23/2015 $210 12/23/2015 $69 12/23/2015

NameJet Action Time Left:12h 38m High Bid:$1,500 Time Left:12h 39m High Bid:$69 Time Left:12h 55m High Bid:$1,400 Time Left:12h 58m High Bid:$69 Time Left:13h 21m High Bid:$1,710 Time Left:13h 23m High Bid:$121 Time Left:13h 26m High Bid:$840 Time Left:13h 49m High Bid:$4,000 Time Left:13h 50m High Bid:$3,001 Time Left:13h 54m High Bid:$721 Time Left:13h 56m High Bid:$721 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$252 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$80 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$320 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$454

Recap Quick Overview

Dowser.org1,025 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95448.com1,112 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
37301.com1,125 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95404.com1,156 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
23601.com1,455 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
BeProud.com1,481 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
23606.com1,580 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
77RT.com175 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
SFWD.com2,550 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
23185.com2,951 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
FlexThemes.com204 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
Syng.com3,000 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
OOOI.com3,050 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
YZS.co306 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
JMG.co330 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95402.com787 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
94953.com787 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95406.com833 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95407.com833 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
94954.com833 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95403.com865 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95405.com865 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
SGAN.com895 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
94975.com898 USD12/22/15GoDaddy
95401.com973 USD12/22/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,180.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $2,528.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $2,700.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $2,800.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $2,160.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $2,600.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $2,700.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $3,200.00 12/22/2015 NameJet $3,000.00 12/22/2015 GoDaddy $2,550.00 12/22/2015 GoDaddy
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