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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 23rd of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

It’s a beautiful day so far outside in central PA, but storms are on the horizon again. I’ll cut this short and go cut the grass maybe even weed whack, just so I can do it again in two days. We have a 6 foot picket fence around the yard to keep the dog and baby girl trapped in, no one can see the grass. I might just put sand down throughout the yard or maybe mulch the whole thing with rubber mulch. Why do we need grass anyway? If I paved the whole thing it could be a pretty cool skate park.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,400.00   Anything?  That’s a pretty big word.  16 years old

?  This could be a 3d printing brand. Are we still doing 3d printing? Haven’t heard much about in lately. Yes, these are a real thing.  And you thought shocking someone after rubbing your socks not the carpet hurt

? Seems like this is  quicker than having to unholster a stun gun, but it seems a little inconvenient. Do you need two gloves for it to work or can you get away with just one?   Love this one.  Great answer website name.  Simple questions about odds and answers.  13 years old

176 USD About 1 in a million, So you’re saying there’s a chance?  The price of good English letters is starting to creep back up.  Always been good assets, that really never changed

1800 USD You see this with several categories of names. People get stuck on the low confidence level and group everything into one pot.    $3K already  Limited Liability Partnerships

3000 USD Long Loft Pumpkin Shooter  These never cease to amaze me.   Continue to do well despite recent drop

620 USD   Memorable and short so it has some value.   I think the over under is $58

910 USD You meant $580 right?  Haul videos are a big thing.  Look it up.  And of course I own haulvideos dot com

561 USD I didn’t know it was a thing.  Only a year old but perfect marketing name for a pond building company to put on their trucks and billboards.

? I might build a pond, My house is 100 years old with an unfinished, stone foundation basement. Every now and then I have a pond down there, but it’s just not the same. The damn coy die every time I put them in.     Means De Weed in Spanish.  And The Weed in Colorado and California. No bidders

? I actually think this is an awesome weed name. Out of all the thousands of crazy ass weed names this on makes sense and would be a great brand. El Weed, The Weed. It’s shorter in the Spanish and everyone knows what it means.  Most bids on the board.  Everyone knows what it stands for.  Just kidding.  Didn’t really bring anything up for me as well

1,083 USD  Flanked by the double 5s, this one is going to cross $400 IMO

285 USD That’s a good number right there.    Has one bid/backorder .   Political name all the way

Or an alternative radio station   I don’t know if its the sun but people from Arizona always seem to have nice teeth.  Might be all the dentist that retire there

? It’s better than or whatever their using now.   Nice comfortable brand.  Unless its done by your wife under the covers

? Maybe a drink or a new douche.   Either you hang out with someone that is funny or you constantly are getting hurt

? I think it’s a good comedy site brand   No bids.  Sounds like a pot domain to me.  Memorable either way

? You could sell anything out of this shed. People would remember it because it’s purple.  And this sounds like the weed they smoke

122 USD  Sounds very technical to me.  But so does Epidermis and that just means skin

112 USD some sort of bitcoin, crypto thing, I think 325 USD  405 USD   349 USD

I packed you a lunch with a couple LLLL.coms today 140 USD  ?Two good numbers, two OK tlds    They don’t get much love but they still seem to be getting decent prices

116 USD   Fails miserably the radio test but gets 700 plus visits a month and is short

2 days    Has this little cute place called DisneyWorld there.  And Epcot Center is pretty cool


  Recap Quick Overview

alternativevoice.com173 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
whataremychances.com176 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
fmsf.com1800 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
llps.com3000 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
x2g.com620 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
b7b7.com910 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
myhaul.com561 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
itog.com1,083 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
557955.com285 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
purplelavender.com122 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
stackchain.com112 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
fxvn.com325 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
svnw.com405 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
zoqd.com349 USD05/21/16GoDaddy
1830.org140 USD05/22/16GoDaddy
372818.com116 USD05/22/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,800.00 5/22/2016 GoDaddy $3,000.00 5/22/2016 GoDaddy
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