AUCTION RECAP, 24th and 25th OF FEBRUARY 2016

Feb 26 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 24th and 25th of February

Auction Quick Recap

Shane mentioned a name that would be good on below so I thought I’d talk about my experience with them. Also a few weeks ago someone commented on a post asking it their 5L pronounceable domain was worth anything because they hadn’t sold it in the 5 days they owned it. So it seems like a good time to talk about my experience with these things. It’s a dynamic topic and will take us longer than this article to wrap our heads around the whole thing.

I started listing names on Brand Bucket about a year and a half ago. I owned some 4L’s that were brandable and keyword domains but I didn’t have any made up short domains. Since then I’m coming close to or over 1000 domains listed and have sold about 23 domains with them. The types of domains range from two word com’s, to made up short names, and even some one word .ly domains.  I think the first time I heard of Brand Bucket was on the Mike Cyger interviewed the founder of BB Margot Bushnaq.

One of the first thing to discuss if we want to better understand selling brandable domains is to identify the different types of brandable domains. Keep in mind this is just what I think and what I’ve worked out, there’s no textbook or regulation on these things.

You can break brandables down into two basic groups, made up words and real words.  I won’t say keywords because that usually connotes a word with some metric that we use to determine value, be it search volume, CPC or ad competition. While keywords are included in the “real words” group they’re a sub category.

When you’re looking at made up names you have to determine some sort of benefit or think “why would this name work” as a brand. The principles here are the same ones that apply to our Chinese domain principles to a certain degree, Short, Memorable, and instead of meaning we’re replacing that with pronouncability (and other linguistic nuances). Can you say it easily.  The last one is a grey area sometimes, there are alot of brandable’s in use today that are prounouncable but don’t pass the radio test.

Within the category of made up words we can break the names into two groups:

Completely made up names like CVCV or CVCVC names that have no root word, and

Root word names that are modified to be catchy usually with a suffix or some other modification.

some popular suffixes are “ster, eo, io, illo, there’s hundreds of them and you can make your own if you want. These are usually popular or trendy words, or words in highly competitive niches, where a new company or startup needs to stand out.

auction recap dsad Feb 24-25We’ll get to the other types tomorrow, but now that we’ve identified some brandable name types, How do we sell them and why don’t people just make up their own?

The first thing is exposure and presentation. You can have the best made up, easy to say, memorable domains, that would make awesome brands, but if they’re locked away, odds are  no one is going to find them.

You can’t expect the average person who has a great idea or product to always come up with the right name. Making and finding awesome names is your job as a domainer. That’s what you specialize in. Sure people will think up names and check to see it they’re available, maybe it’s a nickname or a name they use as their twitter handle or x-box live name, but most of the time they’re going to seek out  naming experts.  Successful people know they’re not good at everything, if there’s a simple, quick way to find a great name and brand they’ll take that, saving time and money in the long run.

This is where Brand Bucket has come in for me. Not only did their platform allow me to list and sell names that I already owned, it opened my eyes to the possibility of finding good made up names very cheaply and selling them for hundreds or thousands of times profit. To consistently sell these name you need a platform that is marketed and has a reputation as the place to come for brandable business names.

You want to engage as many Senses as possible with  the potential customers. This name is something that they are going to put lots of blood, sweat,  tears and money into. Not the actual name that you made up, but all that the name will be and represent in the future.  If the buyer can see the name highlighted and surrounded by a cool looking logo, they can immediately begin to identify with the name. They’ll picture company letter head, business cards, pens, mugs, whatever, with this name and logo.  Some made up short names look great without having a complicated logo, they can have a certain symmetry to them.  The customer will say the name and listen to it roll off the tongue. They will say it in sentences and pretend to answer the phone with it. If there’s a way for them to smell and taste the name that would work great too.

So this is sort of an overview, I’d like to go more in depth with my BrandBucket experience, but I’ll spread it out so those that are already asleep won’t have so much scrolling to do to get to the auction recap.  One point to end with, on what I think is a major false narratives in the domain industry. I’ve heard time and time again about names that aren’t currently registered being worthless, “If they haven’t been registered yet, they’re not worth anything, because someone would have registered it already”.  People simply don’t know what they want in a name, they don’t know where or how to find it, they don’t know how much it costs, or the value of a good name. You can still hand register names in any category that will sell.  I have sold names for thousands of dollars, that I hand registered in the same week, because of the right exposure and presentation. To Quote Rosener “With that being said” use caution, knowledge, understanding, keep learning, find acceptable risk and a dash of luck,  to buy and sell these names.

So don’t  run out and hand register a bunch of crap tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,934.22  Good way to start off the day.  Pretty special name here.

4,100 USD Nice pattern and Sales price Don’t see names this high on Godaddy very often.  Six figure name IMO so it has room to run

79,000 USD   No bidders at $100.  Certainly worth more than that

Ends Tomorrow, almost to $300   A lot shorter, and actually more rare, than a   And the price reflects it

6,000 USD  Most color + animal dot coms are worth $12.  No bidders

?  I typed in and that’s taken too lol, but is available I don’t even know if these are a thing but it sure sounds like a thing

350 USD Yeah it’s like a basketball clinic, were aspiring pot growers come to learn and share ideas. , 676 USD It’s kind or pronouncable i quess. , 320 USD, 310 USD

Here’s your daily collection of the lower boats.  We’re all hoping the float with the rising Chinese tide  Usually the LLL.nets are over at Namejet.  This one must have lost her way

1,580 USD Not sure if they use this term any more.   Saying this was the same as tapping out.  I know, sounds like I’m 80 years old

449 USD People know what it means, it’s easy to remember. I think it would make a good brand. have been money for a while

2,055 USD  Such great letters yet so little uses of it as an acronym.  CHIP

?  Somebody is going to be able to buy some pretty solid patterns today

1,302 USD   And yet another one.  Lesser quality but still a nice pattern

1,001 USD look at those beautiful double zero’s,

231 USD

Not a pattern but no zeros or fours so you got that goin’ for ya, 240 USD, 236 USD, 236 USD, 236 USD  Sounds like a big business.  Billions of app downloads

10,149 USD, Wow Bigger than I thought.  I guarantee the word cuz has zero value here.  All because of LLL

347 USD  This ugly name is worth $2K.  Don’t hate, appreciate

2103 USD  Double 5. Worth owning IMO

110 USD Seems like a good deal, I thought it would go a little higher.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  A CHiP at only $400 but probably because seller isn’t updating his bids

Not Sold

Portfolio of 50 LLL.coms.   Don’t get to buy 50 at a time very often

Unsold at 17.6K   I will say that Domain Holdings doesn’t have very high reservers on their numerics

1,054 USD  Not a bad name.  Selling it as a website and the website is just awful.  But it makes $5 a month

5100 USD No Idea on this Love the name.  Sellers account name is not good for getting a good price

Unsold Has soared past reserve. It was the most obvious gap fill in domains. LLL.nets had to move up with LLL.coms and yet very few people took advantage of it

3500 USD Had a much higher reserve and yet still met it quickly

3450 USD Very nice ending in 8. Met reserve already

2650 USD Sounds like the best lab around.  And you can be the best for under $50 right now. 17 years old

215 USD Makes me think it’s in the UK, dogs in the UK playing soccer.  17 years old.  Already the name of an electronics company and a thong.  So you know its good.  Also means “Windy” in Boston talk

1,575 USD I needed to do more research on this, obviously to confirm that it is indeed a thong brand. The first result on the google serp is… Strong work .club. But it’s some kind of multi level marketing company and it’s in Spanish, so doubt it’ll stay number 1 on SERP for long.  Great English acronym letters.  E gives you a discount , I guess the o does as well

1,670 USD  Ditto. These are the types of that I think have great enduser potential.  But still a good investment either way IMO

1,625 USD   I’m going to guess all the bids are because they think its Chinese.

1,385 USD Multiple sudden or sharp pains. No bids at $12.  I’m not saying you can sell this for profit.  Just saying its a pretty awesome keyword for $12.  But I guess you can get that in many TLDs now

?  2K backlinks.  900 visitors a month, and a PR2.  And the name is pretty memorable as well

1,000 USD has 3 times the links and the anchor text seems to be legitamate, but who know what goolgle animal could affect the traffic.  Virtual Reality .  Eventually you’re going to be walking around the DomainShane store touching these domains off the shelf

325 USD That is a great idea. I can’t wait to start virtually running marathon’s. I don’t run any now, so I feel like I’d have a chance of keeping pace with Shane and A-Aron.  19 years old.  I’ve realized lately that the word Cyber is still relevant.  I used to think it dated a site.

?  I love these names. Never sell very many but don’t have to if they’re cheap enough

120 USD, I’ll talk about this above. Names like this need love and attention to sell.  Sounds like a brand bucket type name

182 USD The one above sounds more like a Brandbucket name, this sounds like an electric wok with a short in the wiring.  No bidders.   I’ve heard this a few times and if I do I know somebody is mad in the house.   Really like this call to action name

133 USD Great name for a vending machine ad campaign. 395 USD  ? just sold for $790 in Jan and $3500 in 2014

Two 14 year old LLLL.coms.   Didn’t they know back in 2002 that vowels were bad?  Geeesh  I wouldn’t put this on here but if this were a dot com it would be $3K or more

107 USD, 317 USD, 650 USD, 380 USD, 385 USD, 393 USD, 327 USD

Can I interest anyone in a boat?  Much cheaper than most but it still floats, 200 USD, 225 USD, 205 USD, 215 USD

The LLLL.nets keep moving every day.  Inch by inch

You Jinxed them, They lost 15% compared to yesterday.,   I wish I would have bought more and by more I mean at least one

611 USD  Same here.  Although I can at least say I almost bought a portfolio of 100 of these.  For $15 each.  I’m not sure if that makes me feel better or worse

351 USD   Let’s welcome dot tv aboard the Chinese train

277 USD   Letters I used to avoid like the plague.  Now I hunt them……..and dot cc.  Times change quickly

128 USD  I can’t believe I am starting to list 7Ns but these great patterns are fetching more than lesser quality 6Ns

295 USD,

$300.00 I quess this is why you add reserves. Sold for over $500 in Dec. Or Don’t try and flip something when it’s just not there. Maybe the auction was cancelled and it’s the same owner. Paying $500 for this and expecting to flip it for a profit puts your break even price at $630ish. To even make a 10% return you’d have to get over $700- $140 =$560., $330.00 Here’s another negative flip from commission. Sold for $300 in Dec. $330 -$66= $264, 347 USD,  and Another… If you’re going to set your money on fire, email me, I’ll buy them without commission., 325 USD Every single one of these damn things… $320 in Dec. 325 USD Yay! Only a $5 loss on this one. Sold for $265  300 USD

I didn’t think I could find a cheaper boat for you but these are ….or were when I posted them. Entry level LLLL.coms   the next logical movement from

?  And the scary thing is I think it goes for more than $25

?   thought this was a pretty good price under $25.  IMO

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  One of my favorite names on the board today.  It’s been up for sale a few times …and Ive liked it each time

Unsold  If you like dot co you have to love this one

625 USD  I don’t think anyone expected it to get this high

41,300 USD Yikes! Does this name come with a station wagon full or nerds?   Flippa truly is the king of .io.   It does 75% or more of all the aftermarket sales for these

3400 USD

NY.VC   I really like this one and I don’t even like .vc   Renewal is a bit high ($63) so probably the reason most people are passing.  Not really a big deal if you are a venture capitalist

Unsold, Renewals are $39 at I have 3’s. 1 is Chinese Premium letters andhas been getting $1500 offers the last couple of months. There are several the sold at Sedo for around $2500. And Yes all the Inquiries were from China.   A nice little with a double 8

Unsold  Somebody has made a nice bid for this dot org

20,0000 USD from 1 bidder.  Fantastic up and reserve is already hit

1 day to go at $20K  Met reserve under $1600

1900 USD


NameJet Action Time Left:15h 21m High Bid:$2,250 Time Left:15h 23m High Bid:$11,000 Time Left:15h 26m High Bid:$1,210 Time Left:15h 36m High Bid:$3,077 Time Left:15h 37m High Bid:$500 Time Left:15h 38m High Bid:$2,000 Time Left:15h 39m High Bid:$3,900 Time Left:15h 40m High Bid:$2,920 Time Left:15h 58m High Bid:$2,101 Time Left:16h 15m High Bid:$69 Time Left:16h 17m High Bid:$74 Time Left:16h 26m High Bid:$4,000 Time Left:16h 27m High Bid:$550 Time Left:16h 28m High Bid:$2,410 Time Left:16h 30m High Bid:$776


  Recap Quick Overview

388288.com4,100 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
tvq.com79,000 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
y9.net6,000 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
potclinics.com350 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
uepo.com676 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
uzkd.com320 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
zoyv.com310 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
kde.net1,580 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
sayuncle.com449 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
dfc.cc2,055 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
997887.com1,302 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
007722.com1,001 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
138233.com231 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
rsrx.net240 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
nzdl.net236 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
zbsx.net236 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
xtpb.net236 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
appmetrics.com10,149 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
cuz.cc347 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
dqry.com2103 USD02/22/16GoDaddy
55lx.com110 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
87934.com1,054 USD02/24/16Flippa
ShoeGuide.org5100 USD02/24/16Flippa
WKT.net3500 USD02/25/16Sedo
HFB.net3450 USD02/25/16Sedo
di8.com2650 USD02/25/16Sedo
premierelabs.com215 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
winday.com1,575 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
ose.net1,670 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
aaw.net1,625 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
pangs.com1,385 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
findajobalready.com1,000 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
vrshowcase.com325 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
kinby.com120 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
buzzwok.com182 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
getityourself.com133 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
numx.com395 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
ff88.net107 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
otvp.com317 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
rcvp.com650 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
vlyy.com380 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
vvjg.com385 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
sxla.com393 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
jcuo.com327 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
138532.com200 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
nhsb.net225 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
xrmt.net205 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
ymcf.net215 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
khr.co611 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
fwp.biz351 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
jxx.tv277 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
dzyx.cc128 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
8855333.com295 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
qivt.com300 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
excq.com330 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
xkuz.com347 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
fyvb.com325 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
hwvj.com325 USD02/24/16GoDaddy
ouqw.com300 USD02/23/16GoDaddy
fnf.co625 USD02/24/16Flippa
Firewall.io3400 USD02/25/16Flippa
Nerdy.com41,300 USD02/25/16Flippa
xhpy.com1900 USD02/25/16Sedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,250.00 2/24/2016 NameJet $2,609.00 2/24/2016 NameJet $2,083.47 2/24/2016 Sedo $2,196.07 2/23/2016 $2,300.00 2/23/2016 NameJet $2,101.00 2/23/2016 Sedo $7,000.00 2/23/2016 Sedo
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