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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 24th and 25th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Godaddy  did a google hangout to talk about their new investor app. That’s great guys, lets fix the rest of the stuff before we make anything new.

Joe Styler, I’m glad the links now go to the intended auction on mobile devices, but I can’t do anything once I’m there. I can’t log in, when I try, it takes me to the default most active page.

I’ve won several auctions over the last week that were refunded  with no explanation. My account rep has no idea what’s happening with them, I never received an “auction has ended” email.

The bulk check still bogs down or gives error messages, there’s no bulk transfer button anymore.

Sometimes when I enter one single domain it will say it’s available, but when I try to add it to my cart I get an unavailable message, even though it is really available.

dsadappThis is the start of my list of problems. The investor app sometimes only has half of the domains I’m bidding on or none. So I’d be more interested in a google hangout telling me that the problems have been fixed.

Follow the instruction for the DSAD “app” that’s guaranteed to work, as long as your iPhone works.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,520.74    New York Bed and Breakfast

? New York Bumper Boats  And yet this one is doing even better

2,075 USD  Tao Dang Fen Wang, No Idea what the is, just random Pinyin  No bidders at $20.   Religion pays well.  Could make this a pay for pray site.  I won’t judge

? I guess everyone decided they could just do it themselves and didn’t need a website   Many domain investors I’ve met couldn’t buy and sell their way out of this. 18 years old

1,525 USD It reached this price due to the Real Estate angle, for homeless people.  Another great   $2K plus easily IMO

? World CRM, Customer Relationship Management   A step down but not too bad.  14 years old

360 USD  17 years old, PR5, and a hundred or so monthly visits

1,100 USD This is the companion site to   Best I’ve seen in a few weeks

? Big Black Men?   I keep one and I see lots of guys at the gym with them.  Got to have a program to make them gains

?  14 year old

176 USD Fire Dept, Guangdong  guess how much you think this one is.  Bet you’re wrong

?  Means “Play More” in Spanish

148 USD Juego Mas, Juegas Mas, Juegan Mas, Juegamos Mas, Too many conjugations.  “take you site in for an overhaul”  Free slogan.  No bidders at $12

?   I have always though were good investments.  Now they are worth more so I have been right so far

?  Even better

?  Another CHiP.  So many more names of value today compared to the early part of the week

1,575 USD Didn’t get very high and it even has a wang.   Getting bids because its short and we’re going to pretend like its a real word

?   Very nice 6N.  starts and ends with an 8 and no 4s or zeros in the middle. The best kind

? I know all the 6N’s on here sold, but the only prices I could find were on names  I bid on.   Even more 8s in a row

?   Good pattern but not getting any love.  Usually go for $200 plus.  This one is at $35 at press time

?, 411 USD  362 USD, 327 USD  Even with the 4s the pattern is loved by the Chinese and thus the price

1,725 USD   As I’ve always said.  Throw an 88 into any 4 character dot com and its worth three figures

108 USD, 206 USD,  114 USD, 130 USD, 205 USD 180 USD

Some great 6N.coms today.  I am adding but don’t follow my lead or you will lose all your money and be forced to take a job writing the transcripts from the Domain Sherpa show and have to write out the word [email protected] out 17 time  You get a lot of Vs for $10

235 USD  The crazy part of this name is I think I want to buy it.  Damn I like names that look pretty

? It does look nice, don’t know what it sold for.   First dot US that I’ve ever seen get a bid

?   Would be a fun buildout.  I think Unwatchable is better but that’s not up for auction is it

180 USD

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)

Aaron did a great job going over some of the names at the Great Sedo Auction.  Some of the best two character, short, and numerics they’ve ever had up for auction.  The kind of patterns that are doing well of late.  The kind of 6N I would like to own

?   Heck of a name.  Lots of people doing exactly this.  Going to be hard to make it a legit site but maybe you’re not looking to go legit

? maybe you could do legit download affiliates and compare prices.   All the bids coming from the 28,000 backlinks

1,033 USD   I get nervous just typing this out.  I don’t want to lose them.  Nobody does.  That’s why the price is doing so well

? $400 two years ago, Sell external hard drives or online backup service/ Continue to be extremely liquid and inching up in price.  Despite their “why would anyone build this out” look

?  18 years old.  Can’t believe nobody has bid on this one.  So many uses

?  I have no idea what it means but all the bidders tells me its something to somebody

?  Already over $1000.  Must have been a good movie

3,050 USD Some Zoo is going to pay you a lot of money for this one.  Seriously there are many languages that Z is much more commonly used.

? Alaskan Seal Zoo, Always Shaka Zulu   Ugly letters, secondary tld and naturally its a four figure name.   Got to love domaining

1,575 USD  Live For Kansas  Only 100 of these in existence

?   Not a bad brand for under $100

422 USD. This is the kind of name that gets traded around forever. It’s a decent name, but how many ticket companies are there? Can the market sustain more? Maybe it’s a site to get out of buzz driving tickets.  Ask Lowes, Menards, and Home Depot if there’s any money here

1,325 USD, Not sure what a Menards is.   I was a little hungry and thought I saw currant.   This is probably a better news name

3,551 USD or Ocean waves   Generation Y covers people born from 1980 to 2000.  I’m a nope.

680 USD As a person in agriculture I love this one.   Good country store name. We have Rural King and Farm and Fleet

155 USD, ?, 181 USD, 171 USD, 182 USD, 181 USD

And a handfull of LLLL.nets.  Same thing, lacking quantity this week   The V makes this one dirt cheap. I guess everyone has a different idea of dirt cheap

231 USD   Chinese don’t like the A, Westerners don’t like the X.  Poor little guy, nobody likes him

160 USD  I love the 123.   Makes it super memorable and that’s a real driver in price IMO

317 USD  I know its dirty but man, 450,000 backlinks.  Most I have seen on a name in a long time.  And I looked at all of them

?  If there’s not one yet there will be one eventually.   D…….Jayyyyyyyy…………..SChoooooooLLLLLLLAAAAARRRRR

115 USD

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Nice CHiP with no reserve.  No reserve can be a good deal at Flippa

885 USD Seems like a good deal.   19 years old. Great letters for an acronym.  I think the price is justified and probably worth more.

2,500 USD   Selling as a website but it’s not doing the name justice in my opinion

5100 USD   I have to admit it, I didn’t even know .to existed but I love the number 50 and may bid

Unsold  Great name for one of you

Unsold around $800. It’s there a company named this already?



  Recap Quick Overview

tdfw.com2,075 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
cardboardbox.com1,525 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
wmif.com360 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
forgiving.org1,100 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
fdgd.net176 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
juegamas.com148 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
ybrw.com1,575 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
sdxi.com411 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
ohyz.com362 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
gijg.com327 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
445511.com1,725 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
p88w.com108 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
999704.com114 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
822112.com206 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
999641.com130 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
999487.com205 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
988854.com180 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
nvvvv.com235 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
unviewable.com180 USD03/24/16GoDaddy
wsusa.org1,033 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
unchainedmovie.com3,050 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
lfk.cc1,575 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
ticketbuzz.com422 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
diyhomerepair.com1,325 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
current.net3,551 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
ygen.com680 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
agcity.com155 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
nshr.net181 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
npmd.net171 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
sjtg.net182 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
lxlg.net181 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
fvh.cc231 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
rxa.co160 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
508123.com317 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
djscholar.com115 USD03/23/16GoDaddy
zxx.org885 USD03/23/16Flippa
ffc.org2,500 USD03/23/16Flippa
ProxySites.com5100 USD03/23/16Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,538.00 3/24/2016 Sedo $1,575.00 3/24/2016 GoDaddy $6,900.00 3/24/2016 NameJet $1,751.00 3/24/2016 NameJet $1,734.94 3/24/2016 $2,401.00 3/23/2016 NameJet $2,366.00 3/23/2016 NameJet $1,900.00 3/23/2016 NameJet
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  1. Interesting what you say about Go Daddy.

    I have been experiencing major issues at Go Daddy, including a push that took over two months to complete. Fortunately, the recipient was someone who is managing a relative’s business, so trust wasn’t an issue. But just think what would have happened if this were a buyer… I would have lost a sale, I’m sure.

    I have had serious issues with my account, including disappearing buttons and faded out options on drop-down menus. Pretty much, I have been unable to do searches having to do with looking for past orders, something that I need to do from time to time.

    And just a lot of annoying small glitches that don’t exactly disable my account but waste a lot of time, such as having to sign in twice to get to my auction account or being kicked off after 10 minutes.

    My excellent rep was promoted back in January, and I’m still waiting for a new rep. Okay, so having a dedicated rep is a privilege, so, perhaps, that’s not a real issue…

    But being told that my account seems to be “cursed” is not really a solution.

    If I were to ask one thing of Go Daddy: PLEASE stop trying to create cyber bells and whistles and streamline its bloated existing domain management panel so that its manageable and FAST.

    Bells and whistles are useless if they get in the way of doing business.

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