Auction Recap, 24th of December

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 24th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,268.05

Auction Quick Recap

Merry Christmas! I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday and takes time to pause and remember why we have holidays. Too often the stress of planning events or the thought of spending the holiday alone interferes with the whole purpose of the holiday. Whether you believe Christmas is a time of celebration for God’s ultimate gift to us or you see it as a time to share with friends and family, the point is the same.

Try an remember not to lose sight of this. Be thankful for what you have, spend time with friends and Family, celebrate whatever it is you celebrate.  Don’t stress if the food sucks, if you’re running late, If they’ll think your presents are thoughtful or stupid, because in the end no one actually remembers or gives a crap.

If you’re alone for some reason, reflect on why  people perceive  you as such an  A-hole and come up with a plan to be perceived differently. Then go find a bar that’s open and make some new friends.

I’ve added another Christmas song, it’s a fun song that I think you’ll enjoy. I want to thank everyone for reading this for that last month. It’s been a lot of fun and I think we can all learn some things and help each other become better people and domain investors. Have a great day.  18 years old.  Can easily see this in the marketing campaign of TILE or anything that tracks

809 USD Or a GPS locator or Private Detective company. Maybe Bloodhounds  A term most English speakers have heard but yet no bidders. 17 years old

203 USD We’ve heard it, but haven’t used it in 50 years.  I thought it was a misspelling but actually is the correct spelling for a person that goes and gets you something.

3,200 USD Ohh, I thought there must be some real value in raising Gofers. Maybe as pets or they could be a delicacy that I don’t know about. Gofer Pelt Coats might be hot this year.  A brand for a service that gets you things you need, works better.  The K takes it out of the western premium but still a Chinese so still plenty of value. 14 years old

2050 USD Here’s  a chart from Words with friends.  I’d like to make a sub premium category, for any letter 5 points and under that didn’t make the premium cut. We’ll call it “Alternative Premium” for branding purposes, so we can extract more money out of the sales. ” That name is a Double Premium, Double “Alternative Premium” and is worth a lot more than your offer.” 

A 1
B 4
C 4
D 2
E 1
F 4
G 3
H 3
I 1
J 10
K 5
L 2
M 4
N 2
O 1
P 4
Q 10
R 1
S 1
T 1
U 2
V 5
W 4
X 8
Y 3
Z 10  In my opinion, you have a better chance of selling this to an enduser than a type of name

2,025 USD Unless it’s a Chinese end user.  Name of the day.  Nice to see CVCVs across the board do well.

13,530 USD This Year, 20,010 USD Last year. I doubt the sale completes.  Passed five figures.  Just buy it, its Chinese

Missed the end price, But it was very high. From Trad.

qiáo bāo

countryman living abroad.

So it’s an expatriot.  Zip for Escondido but pretty sure the fact its five numbers will draw the bid  Because the Chinese really don’t care about Escondido

1,126 USD I bet they care a great deal about it and would buy the whole area if possible. If they haven’t already  Condoms are all I got here

Or the Washington RedSkins commonly referred to as the Washington Red Condoms so as to be less offensive.  Like this one.  May hit $1K

676 USD Next time it will  Another example of the every other letter repeater pattern that always hits a top price

2,051 USD Not today, that’s a bargain

There’s a list of great 6N.coms up today if you like those types of things.  Lots for double and triple numbers

398788 953 USD

552655  656 USD

226388 1,060 USD

388829 770 USD

777312 710 USD

666731 720 USD

889313 401 USD

386566 271 USD

And I don’t really do dot co it IS selling well.  Here are my favorites in the at auction today

TGZ  235 USD

WZD, 285 USD

CJT, 160 USD


I don’t usually Drink .co’s, But when I do I prefer TGZ, stay thirsty my friends”  Double F.  Over under $2580

2026 USD, I Could have made an instant $500.

Anyone else having trouble with Godaddy auctions on a mobile device? On my phone I haven’t been able to bid for that last 3 or 4 days, either through the App or the browser. I get a bid save error. I wonder if anyone else has this problem and how many bids were losts. I called them and the issue was passed along to the right people. Hopefully it’ll get fixed soon. I was gonna say that they disabled any mobile bidding to stop Driving and Bidding, but I didn’t want to be lynched.  I like X at the front or at the end yet this one does make me tingle.  But I’d have it in my portfolio without losing sleep

2030 USD, Wow lots of below average chip sales. Damn you Iphone app for throwing app the numbers.  Have to admit this is a cool looking name.  But not many other people agree

370 USD I think the Zero may be the second best number after 8. It’s completely symmetrical and represents the circle of life. Look how Symmetrical that Zero is!  Look at this lopsided bullshit, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9. The only numbers that encompass that full power of the Ying and Yang are the 8 and 0.  🙂  These are going up each day.  I keep missing them because I’m too cheap.  Starting to chase and I don’t like to chase

239 USD The only way to stay ahead of them is to get ahead of the game. Maybe hand reg and wait. The funny thing is, I’m obviously joking, but watch that happen for some reason, LLNN co’s get hot in 8 months.  Because you know they are going to have drone fights as a sport soon. One bidder

They’re going to have Drone Duels, because that would be fricken awesome. I’d pay to watch drones fly around and try and shoot each other out of the sky. That’s why I bought Drone.Insure.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Selling a website that already makes almost $3K a month in profit

122,500 USD, The great name had a major part in this price, more than the normal 15X revenue multiplier. We’ve all had them. I think there is some money to made on development here.  Get rid of acne sites sell pretty well

Went unsold  Everyone has some.  Some is just more hidden than others.  Hasn’t met reserve yet

Didn’t meet reserve. Sometimes flippa can be a little frustrating. What’s the point of bidding on a name if you get to the end and the owner wants 10 times the highest bid. If I wanted to pay that  much for the name, I would have tracked him down through whois and made an offer.  The owner and myself both see “jerking” at first glance.  Not sure that’s a good thing. Name is still doing well

Unsold  It’s one of those good things no one likes to talk about.   Sedo has come from nowhere last year to this year having dozens of great names every day come up for sale.  And even better for the sellers is the final prices have been good.  This is already doing well and doesn’t end until tomorrow morning

2601 USD AAFES must have bought this one for the PX as in Post Exchange.  One more.  This is a pretty good western name as well so I expect it to do even better

2150 EUR


NameJet Action Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$762 Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$90 Time Left:1d 12h High Bid:$1,277 Time Left:1d 13h High Bid:$824 Time Left:2d 12h High Bid:$6,350

NameJet Results RNM 12/24/2015 RNM 12/24/2015 $3,100 12/24/2015 RNM 12/24/2015 $840 12/24/2015 $121 12/24/2015 $2,599 12/24/2015 $69 12/24/2015 $3,500 12/24/2015 $69 12/24/2015 $1,900 12/24/2015


Recap Quick Overview

226388.com1,060 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
92026.com1,126 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
GraduatePrograms.com122,500 USD Flippa
TUWA.com13,530 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
TUWA.com20,010 USD12/23/14GoDaddy
CJT.co160 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
AGI.net2,025 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
SRQR.com2,051 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
KFFH.com2026 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
HolyMoses.com203 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
XPLD.com2030 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
SKMT.com2050 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
RFPN.com2150 EURSedo
WZK.co231 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
TGZ.co235 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
GS33.com239 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
HCPX.com2601 USDSedo
386566.com271 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
WZD.co285 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
Gofers.com3,200 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
0001.co370 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
889313.com401 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
552655.com656 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
ZJHJ.net676 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
777312.com710 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
666731.com720 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
388829.com770 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
TrackThat.com809 USD12/23/15GoDaddy
398788.com953 USD12/23/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,051.00 12/23/2015 GoDaddy $2,301.00 12/23/2015 NameJet $2,520.00 12/23/2015 NameJet $2,302.00 12/23/2015 Sedo $2,301.00 12/23/2015 Sedo $2,069.95 12/23/2015 $2,317.85 12/23/2015 $2,100.51 12/23/2015 $2,255.49 12/23/2015 $3,209.00 12/23/2015 NameJet $2,085.00 12/23/2015 GoDaddy $2,050.00 12/23/2015 GoDaddy $2,030.00 12/23/2015 GoDaddy $2,026.00 12/23/2015 GoDaddy $2,402.00 12/23/2015 Sedo
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