AUCTION RECAP, the 25th and 26th of April 2016

The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 25th and 26th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,532.60    No reserve.  16 years old.  Ends today. Worth a lot more than the price just as a personalized email. Good education name as well.

103 USD I can see tutoring online learning, an app   Ends today.    People don’t realize that this is a billion dollar business with lots of brokers

116 USD lots of livestock out there, we eat it everyday.   Put the 8 anywhere in a and you have good value

?  16 years old.  28,600 backlinks.   $150 at press time

?   Millions of dollars at being made on YouTube with this

501 USD If I ever start wearing makeup i’ll have to check out this site.   No bidders at $12 for this nice

206 USD Sounds violent   No bidders.   For $12 you’re getting a memorable brand.  I feel like I drank a bottle of it last weekend

?  Great Western letters.  Under four figures.  W for worldwide.  Or Weekend

?  5 years old.   Purchased long before the Chinese invasion

300 USD nice pattern      No bidders.   Drones names have done much better than 3dprinting and bitcoin lately

?   A CHiP but a name that would have been sold on Ebay for cheap not that long ago

1361 USD  Makes me think of Firefighting freight trains.  The triple 2 is overcoming the 4

107 USD  The triple 4 is overcoming the……..wait.  Never mind

161 USD  beautiful 4’s   I think this one is getting overlooked.  The C is very good and the Q is to the left.

? Quarterback Atlantic City, Past his prime, gambled away all his money and smokes crack on the boardwalk. 151 USD, 115 USD  The Z is pretty tough but its far left as well and A is a good ending IMO

?   The J ruins it but still worth $300 IMO

226 USD  all of these are pretty low   226 USD, 220 USD, 226 USD, 220 USD, 220 USD, 226 USD   220 USD

Not quite bottom boats but all the names have one bad letter or tough acronym letter.   I think these will go up in value from these prices.  But don’t buy because I said so or you will lose all your money or you will have to take a job as a logo maker and tell everyone else their logo sucks

?   Obviously marijuana powder would be better but this looks like something people would take eventually in pill form.  One bidder at $12

? Mix it in drinks, sprinkle it on cakes, or snort it.   Getting bids because nobody understands them

256 USD  The opposite of what people wanted earlier in the year.  And that’s a good thing

Ends tomorrow   At $20.   250 viewers but no bidders yet

? lot’s of c’s  I haven’t bid on this yet but I think I just have to buy this one.   One of my favorite inside voice thoughts.

? I like it, good motivational name, or for mocking and judging people.   17 years old.  Most Moms think they know best

? Nice mom blog   Aged for only $12

160 USD By R Us, they like to bye or leave   Great name for a site with domain data.  But I guess that is pretty obvious

?   Color (kinda) Animal which is always money.   I would have a few beers and an omelet there

255 USD a color or an ass made out of gold. This is the idol of the domain gods.   Might be

1,209 USD nice phrase brand   Has one bid at $150.   half the value of Facebook

?   No bidders.  Nobody else does but I like it as a short brand

?    Millions of women work hard every day to get this.  You can have it for $12

150 USD I can see it now, an app that’s all butts  Only one bidder at $12

?   These are still getting bids

?  No bidders.  5L and LY is popular at the end, why not RY

? Job and Robbery stealing jobs   No bidders at $300.  I think it sells.  Actually got a bid by the time I finished writing this list.

? look to be going strong if you base it on this name

862 USD   Like when you are out in the middle of nowhere running and need water and out of nowhere appears a nice clean water fountain in the park.  I see it more as a marketing name than a water fountain in the park story kind of name

1,555 USD Memories, photos, a site with an app that helps you track your memories. Basically facebook but  for your own beautiful memories, no need to read anyone else’s drama.  I like it better than the name brand bucket

571 USD  Brands rising into the sky   Kind of a boring name but it has bitcoin in it so it has value.  Obviously a bitcoin related site in the making

?  Holding on to some value.  This is a nice one if are your thing

?  Interesting name.  Mostly because its only $10

?  697 monthly visits for $10

? I know keyword dot cc aren’t worth more but a heck of a name for $20

513 USD    Cannabis name if you think hard enough about it. One bidder at $10

? small bags of pot. Or a child that uses pot, like a piglet.   I’m sure a guy named Mark wouldn’t mind paying a few hundred for it

Unsold Lots of searches for this.  Many people are already taking it for exactly this

12 USD   These continue to do well.  One of the few short types of names I am still a buyer

1551 USD


  Recap Quick Overview

chemistryteacher.com103 USD04/25/16Flippa
livestockbroker.com116 USD04/25/16Flippa
makeupbasics.com501 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
thash.com206 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
968168.com300 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
cxfd.com1361 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
924222.com107 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
328444.com161 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
789919.com151 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
258176.com115 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
ojmh.com226 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
igtj.com226 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
aqij.com220 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
ojpf.com226 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
rqay.com220 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
pwiv.com220 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
gqeq.com226 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
fuxh.com220 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
theoffsiderules.com256 USD04/24/16GoDaddy
byrus.com160 USD04/25/16GoDaddy
goldendonkey.com255 USD04/25/16GoDaddy
moneywellspent.com1,209 USD04/25/16GoDaddy
amazingbutt.com150 USD04/25/15GoDaddy
6513.cc862 USD04/25/16GoDaddy
beautifulmoments.com1,555 USD04/25/16GoDaddy
brandspire.com571 USD04/25/16GoDaddy
light.cc513 USD04/25/16GoDaddy
cq9.com1551 USDSedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,400.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $2,100.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $1,600.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $1,373.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $1,554.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $2,167.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $1,344.00 4/25/2016 NameJet $1,027.00 4/24/2016 Ebay $1,361.00 4/24/2016 GoDaddy
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