Auction Recap, 25th of December

Dec 26 2015

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 25th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,610.07

Auction Quick Recap at Auction  Currently at $610

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I worked Christmas day so today will be a modified Christmas celebration.

domain shane meme 12/25   Three ohs.  Only 26 of these in the world.  Price is reflecting the rarity.  But 8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8-88-8- is pretty rare too

No Idea what the price was this time, it sold for 10K earlier this month on Flippa  Love this one as a brand for any product.   17 years old.  Easy

3,850 USD, wow a lot of people loved it. That’s a whole barrel full of happy monkeys  June is such a good month I think its worthy of its own organization

1,570 USD Could be a first name organization. What would this June organization do? There was a Armenian terrorist group named the 9th of June organization but they went out of business in the 80’s.  I think NY is more than OK

1,825 USD Seems like a good price for a good brand. NY OK or N YOK the new cholesterol free egg  These types of names are growing in price.  Could hit 4 figures soon if not on this one

1,009 USD Quad premiums are going up indeed. It’s pronounceable too.  We all have them, some just use a little less than others

6,300 USD if the singular is better for a brand, then the plural is more suited for selling brains correct?  It doesn’t resolve maybe the owner will sell it.   Another one with a vowel but makes a great English acronym so worth more.  Although I see Bimbo right off the bat.  But I’m a little off

565 USD What’s wrong with that? Bimbo’s need websites too.    If you’re going to do a then ending with triple 8s is as good as you can do

Is it info as in information? or perhaps In Fo as in Fo the pinyin for Buddha. I’m going with that from now on.  New York Quality Products.  The NY doesn’t hurt but not sure if the Chinese bidders even care that NY can stand for New York

2050 USD I bet they care or soon will care, especially if they’re buying names like Banana.  The starting bid is high but its not that far off of value IMO

I missed the prices for all of the following 4L’s or maybe they didn’t reach reserve. I tried looking up the prices with no success.  At $210 at press time.  Pretty sure its worth more than that  Another Chinese premium.  They didn’t do very well and we’ll see if its the season, a fluke, or a big drop   F isn’t quite English premium but still a great Western name and fits the China requirements as well   Another Chinese Premium.  There are quite a few of them today.   Not bad for a Christmas Eve but not Christmas Eve to a few billion people   One last one.  99 problems.  I know that’s Jay Z

“If you’re having domain problems I feel bad for you son

I got 99 problems but a aint one.”


Yes that was bad and ridiculous I know.   When these cross in to five figures I think you’ll see them slow down a bit but until then I see a climb

3,416 USD   Has a 4 and a zero but that just keeps it affordable for you. It rises with the rest

1,227 USD   This one is going to do better just because of the 88.  Enough 8s will make the longest numeric look pretty

1,150 USD and if the numbers do indeed have meaning, apparently they do, then it would seem that 7, 8, 9, 10 numbers would be ok, right? sold for $5 million 16 years ago. 4 words with meaning, 10 letters with meaning to make those words. If numbers can essentially do the same thing in a culture that has 1.X billion people that are just starting to realize the potential of the internet, then I don’t think length is necessarily a prohibitive factor.  

How many Chinese people live outside of China? It has to be a huge number, if you tally all the Chinese restaurants in the world and their employees it seems like a staggering number. 436 USD  and 401 USD Two more that start with 88. Not as good as ending but that’s like saying the girl that didn’t make it past the second round of Miss America isn’t as pretty as the winner

True and she had just as good a chance as any of the others to make it to the ends and wear the crown and sash for a couple of minutes.  Under $100 at press time but obviously won’t stay there

234 USD  It’s hard to argue against someone that wants to get something like this under $100 and give it a try. It’s worked out pretty well up to this point

No price found: This one’s different. It seems to me that you could use this one as an adult domain play especially with the .me. Just sayin.  Don’t see very many 4N.coms any more.  I’m curious to see what this finishes at with the zero but the 8 at the end. Has met reserve

32,500 USD, seems like a bargain compared to other NNNN prices sold for 57K last year.   One of 26, and biz has been doing pretty well.  Looks like someone is sleeping, good sleep help or bed domain

Ends in 2 days  Gets 16,700 monthly visits

Ends in 2 days, 16,700 monthly visits! that’s a lot of interest in owning You. Fantastic domain name but the worst Flippa auction writeup I’ve seen yet (maybe not the worst but not good).  Buyers have no idea what they are buying.  A domain?  A website? Both?  Needs a little more clarification and less talking about how great it is. Sorry to the sellers for being so blunt.  The baby shows my reaction to the name and then the writeup

See what happens seller? It goes unsold




Recap Quick Overview

TIFR.com1,009 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
663188.com1,150 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
49066.com1,227 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
June.org1,570 USD12/24/13GoDaddy
NYOK.com1,825 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
NYQP.com2050 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
663182.com234 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
26568.com3,416 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
HappyMonkey.com3,850 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
9208.com32,500 USD SEDO
882179.com401 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
889685.com436 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
BMBO.com565 USD12/24/15GoDaddy
HumanBrain.com6,300 USD12/24/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,463.72 12/24/2015 $2,599.00 12/24/2015 NameJet $3,100.00 12/24/2015 NameJet $3,100.00 12/24/2015 NameJet $2,050.00 12/24/2015 GoDaddy $2,356.74 12/24/2015 Sedo $2,601.00 12/24/2015 Sedo
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