Auction Recap, 26th of December

Dec 27 2015

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 26th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,091.42

Auction Quick Recap

Shane’s comments made me think of a conversation I had today on a domain forum.  The sales thread was for “Ultra Premium” Domains of which 25% were exact trademarks in Cctld’s or Trademarks plus a variable in com. I posted that it looks like you have a few obvious trademarks here and by obvious I mean the exact trademark.   The worst part was that the seller was marketing them as “well known brands” for sale.

dsad meme for 12/26 Lol, he responded to me by saying that by owning the name he wasn’t violating any trademarks, and to his credit the domains weren’t parked. (Some went to Flippa landing pages which seems a little weird flippa…) So I’m thinking even if through some technicality no one bothers you with the trademark issue, how can you in good conscience sell them to anyone. Either the buyer is the company and doesn’t want to deal with a UDRP and lawsuit or it’s some idiot that is either going to make a quick scam project out of it, or use it for a Phishing campaign, or worse yet a new domain investor that doesn’t have a clue and blows his money.  Anyway why would you waste time and money buying and selling this bullshit when there are so many opportunities out there right now?   Really nice affiliate site name.  I guess it could be any sales related site as well.  15 years old

2,905 USD Sold for $8k in 2012 on afternic.   I know dot net is the ugly step sister but when keywords are strong like this there is still value. 15 years old

5,555 USD Did twice as good as, it’s all in who’s bidding and what they want. So riddle me this batman, there’s a lot of talk about the up and coming .Web extension as potentially being the best new TLD and registering as many names in the first day as the rest of the NGTLD’s. I don’t know how .web would be better than .net. It’s the same thing essentially and  .net is already established. I think .web is a good extension for a new TLD, it makes sense, it’s a word and it’s only 3 letters.

I have mixed feelings about nGTLD’s. I think there is something to say for the span the dot names that make sense, but their audience is extremely limited compared to a general use extension like .xyz, .web, even .online, or .site. On the other hand the above general use extensions worry me a bit because I sometimes think, “what’s the point?” There are so many names that drop everyday just in .com that would make good brands and sites. There’s lots of domainer held inventory in .com that could be bought cheaper than many of these “premium” new GTLD’s.

I forget who said it a couple years ago, but they were categorizing good names based on the number of  variables that you might need to add. The point was that each variable is one more thing for the consumer to remember. For example anything other than .com would be a variable, any added descriptive word, or a  hyphen would be variables to consider. I think if this principle is correct there’s a lot of good memorable names in .com that are available for a decent price and would work better than anything new.

There are over 250 CCTLD’s in use, many of which are open and have been reappropriated as generic TLD’s. So when I look at both sides of this, I do see the value of new GTLD’s, but what it ultimately comes down to is Popularity, Marketing and Mind Share. For now I buy anything that works in Com, short names in other established TLD’s (numbers are short) some CCTLD’s and I mainly experiment in new TLD’s that have been marketed, have mindshare and seem to be globally accepted, oh and anything the Chinese like to buy.   I for International, or intentional but I think International probably would be used more

1,625 USD   Nice Chinese premium.  Love the Xs flanking the outside.  I have a think for Xs guarding the letters in the middle.  11 years old

2,100 USD X marks the spot  What reputation defenders should be called. One bidder at $12

? Great name for an edgy law firm. Better call Saul  For some reason, this one has been ignored.  Under $700 at press time.  Zip for Riverside CA

? don’t think it made reserve sold for 4,307 USD earlier in Dec.   If you like 9s and 8s then I have just the name for you

381 USD I’m surprised this one didn’t go higher.  So far I’ve been outbid on every single one of these I’ve tried to buy.  I need to want it more

286 USD, Just buy one today no matter the price just to get it out of your system. It’ll save you time and aggravation.

If you’re looking to bolster your portfolio there are some nice ones today

These seem to be around or over 10% of the com right now., 235 USD



JQTS 230 USD   Good ring to it.  Even better ring since there are only two bidder under $25

999 USD You rang the bell loud enough to get to almost $1K   I think everyone should have a few of these in their portfolio before they get too expensive. This one is over $1K and climbing

1,790 USD I’d have hundreds of these if I had a crystal ball. I had a couple when I first started buying domains. I let them drop because everyone said .cc sucked…  I like the mantra.  Gotta throw some sleep in there though.  I like WUKAR  Wake Up Kick Ass Repeat

265 USD is availalbe Just giving you a sneak preview of the name that I’m going to own tomorrow

2,040 USD Did you get it?   A or fun version of Lager.   The seller likes the lager part

1,850 USD I like the lager part too.  A premium that also could be for lager but would remind exactly zero people of lager

unsold   Ummmmm  Chipotle

Unsold   Dot io is for startups and POLE is a great name for a start up.

unsold Obviously you’re talking about Santa and the north pole.  This is Star Wars, nothing else.  You have no reason to own this. Trademark or not this is taking someone else’s product.  Han Solo dies

Damn it Shane. Lol,  Luckily I saw the movie Christmas Eve. I enjoyed it, I don’t think you could be a Star Wars fan and not enjoy it, especially with Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher coming back, Oh and Mark Hamill too. I bet that guy is pissed. He waited decades and didn’t even get a line in the new film.

While I say I liked the movie I do have to say that I saw it the first time when it was called A New Hope. Since Shane told everyone that Han died, I guess it’s ok to expand. Come on, another death star, type thing to destroy? The main difference with the new one is that it’s bigger and instead of destroying 1 planet at a time it can take out a whole system.

Then there’s the whole father son dilemma, except this time the son goes bad and walks around like he’s Darth Vader.   So I wasn’t disappointed persay, but how hard would it have been to create a new plot?

Some NameJet Results $2,124 12/26/2015 $3,900 12/26/2015 $280 12/26/2015 $2,500 12/26/2015



Recap Quick Overview

GJI.net1,625 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
NKX.cc1,790 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
Lagr.com1,850 USD12/26/15Flippa
DZD.cc2,040 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
XTCX.com2,100 USD 12/25/15GoDaddy
Commission.net2,905 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
NXCT.net227 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
JQTS.net230 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
DTSR.net234 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
JCDT.net235 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
PlayWorkPlay.com265 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
CS89.com286 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
899598.com381 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
92516.com4,307 USD12/06/15GoDaddy
Illusion.net5,555 USD12/25/15GoDaddy
FreshBite.com999 USD12/25/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,100.00 12/25/2015 Flippa $2,100.00 12/25/2015 GoDaddy $2,101.00 12/25/2015 Sedo $2,086.85 12/25/2015 $2,086.23 12/25/2015 $2,117.14 12/25/2015 $2,117.14 12/25/2015 $2,086.08 12/25/2015 $2,028.31 12/25/2015 Sedo
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