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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 26th of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

It’s almost the unofficial start of summer, happy Friday everyone. Have a safe and awesome weekend where ever you are.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $3,317   Mess with the bull and you’re gonna get the horn.  Free slogan with this great name

? Red Bull mixed with Jameson  Good name for our industry.   Good for a coupon code affiliate program site

?  19 years old.  3.6K backlinks and get a few hundred visits a month.    The worms are getting some action

1,226 USD Was this a periodical on worms or does it have to do with the GI tract after eating them?  19 year old.  And you know that people are going to have these.  They kind of do now with SIMs and their buddies they team up with on Call of Duty

1,493 USD Christmas and Birthdays are celebrated by exchanges Virtual gifts, If may be a little cheaper.   Original Apples World Wide.  18 years old

405 USD Orange Ass With Wings.   Another aged  Most results come up for Technology

745 USD   Sounds like somewhere we’re going to meet when we divide up at the amusement park.  17 years old

575 USD Because it sounds better than Nice Big Square  I don’t know my guns.  Is that big?  I’m more of a taser kind of guy

? It’s a Paintball gun caliber and it would be very large as a regular gun,  No bidders.  Its what we pretend we’re looking for when actually we want someone good looking.   Nice name for a brain builder site or a zombie site

455 USD If I were starting a preschool I’d call it Good Brains.    No bidders.   This should be a billion dollar name but the billion dollar name is Fast food

? Fast Food is what makes this a billion dollar name, it adds millions of potential clients.  Another one I can’t believe doesn’t have a bid.  Sounds like a punk rock band but very relevant in today’s social society

416 USD  A site that teaches people how to avoid being socially awkward. Remember it’s only awkward if you feel awkward.     With the millions of drones that are being sold the real money is going to be fixing them after all the newbies crash them despite the “anti crash” button

1,305 USD Or in the insurance to pay for the fixing. Who wants Drone.Insure?  No bidders.  I like this one two.  But I don’t know what you would do with it.  Just easy to remember

? Those gelatin type frogs that you put in water overnight. Do they still sell those things?    12 years old.  A ton of companies called PHD

?  A four and a vowel and yet I still think it gets to four figures pretty easily

?  204 USD geez that’s a good pattern.    In case anyone still cares about numerics.

163 USD    People really really like their RRs

?    Shows that keyword .ws aren’t worth anything right now.  And yes I am going to buy this.  I make a living piling up a bunch of shit.  Because in time I know in a few years it ages and becomes $65 a yard compost.

165 USD Is that a metaphor? Or just shit talking?  Getting some good bids.  Blockchain will be the backbone of many financial transactions in the future

675 USD Who names these things?   Try, repeat .  Sucking usually can be converted to mediocrity with consistent effort.  No bidders

? Sometimes you can get lucky and just fall right into mediocrity.    The triple repeaters are still getting some good prices

2500 USD It looks cool.   No bidders.  Probably because most people would rather have  Kidding…kidding

? I can do dinner myself, I need the dishes and laundry done.   565 USD  246 USD    One of these is over $1300. Do you know which one?

1475 USD    Las Vegas’  dirty little sister

No Winner  All I think of is Reno 911.   What everyone wants.  As long as they don’t have to wait

Unsold   At $35,000 at press time

50,000 USD

  Recap Quick Overview

wormdigest.org1,226 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
virtualfamily.com1,493 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
oaww.com405 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
ncet.com745 USD05/25/16Godaddy
grandsquare.com575 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
goodbrains.com455 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
socialmisfits.com416 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
dronefix.com1,305 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
328832.com204 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
5123.co163 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
organic.ws165 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
blockchainresearch.com675 USD05/25/16GoDaddy
yuuu.com2500 USD05/25/16Godaddy
cvoa.com565 USD05/24/16Godaddy
vhso.com246 USD05/25/16Godaddy
rpyp.com1475 USD05/25/16Godaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,450 5/25/2016 Godaddy $1,500 5/25/2016 Namejet $1,401 5/25/2016 Namejet $3,800 5/25/2016 Namejet $1,500 5/25/2016 Namejet $1,475 5/25/2016 Godaddy $15,247 5/25/2016 Ename $2,287 5/25/2016 Ename $1,189 5/25/2016
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