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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 27th and 28th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

So I get this whois lookup inquiry the other day. This dude is interested in buying a name, he says “because I’m not using it”.

It’s one of those names that I saw and instantly had an idea for a company that I’m never going to develop. It’s specific and the perfect name for this idea but probably not worth much to anyone else. Since we are all in the business of selling our names, I put a price on it.   I really don’t want to sell the name  in case someone shows up on my doorstep and offers to build my idea for me.  The price I list the name at is very high, maybe ridiculously high for this name, the point being I don’t really want to sell it but if I must here’s your price. Everything has some kind of price.

-side note: everytime I think I price something too high, a DNS broker will quadruple my “high” price and say “this is what I would set the price at if it were Frank’s name” lol.

Well this guy tells me how ridiculous it is, I agree with him, and tell him that I buy and sell domains. He says that he has never met anyone that does what I do, and then quotes something out of icann text. He basically threatened a UDRP because I wasn’t using the name, he said that he should have a right to it, that if I didn’t want to sell it at a reasonable price he could still get it through other means.  This went back and forth for several emails, the guy was a dick, condescending, and overall seemed like a miserable uninformed human being.

IMG_2287Well I laughed, corrected him the best I could, dismissed his threats, mocked him a little, then I went and registered his name in the .com out of spite. Luckily it was available, so now if he wants to sue me for my legitimately owned name, he’ll have to sue me first to get a hold of that will be a racy yet classy donkey porn site.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,006.06   20 years old.  Price is at four figures.  If I owned I would want to own this

3,050 USD X marks the spot, X can be anything.   I think this is a five figure name down the road.   Perfect a company that does FSBO

4,050 USD It’s a good name but I never understood the whole FSBO thing. I understand the concept, but you’re only saving  about 3% in sellers agent commission. The buyer is probably bringing an agent to the table, why wouldn’t they, it doesn’t cost them anything.  Then you have to market it on your own, find comps, get some kind of contract paperwork, have knowledge of disclosures and all sorts of other things. I think selling a house is something that is beyond the average homeowner.  Didn’t expect this one to go so high.

600 USD Cool way to say Walk?  Really nice brand here.    Because DeadRoad just doesn’t have the same appeal

155 USD, I’m thinking a hiking brand. The trail is the living road. Or maybe volcanic roads?  I think this could hit four figures.  Just because of its visual appeal.  And yes visual is important

1,825 USD nickname for the male Wookiee.   Not sure why this one is so high

3,770 USD Big Gym.   People are still buying triple repeaters.  even with a zero

310 USD   I have always liked these because they are memorable.  Used to be a lot cheaper but they’re coming down to my price level again

208 USD   I actually like this one a little better

155 USD    With all business comes marketing.  Pot is a legit and growing business

165 USD so many pot names out there, it’s like speculating on’s, well maybe not.    Yes, energy drinks with cannabis.  Seems kind of contradictory.   Getting some good bids

820 USD The feds don’t like mixing stuff. Remember the 4 loco? That was a tastey beverage with lots of alcohol, caffeine and b vitamins. They pulled it pretty quick.  Great pattern.  Nobody cares

390 USD a couple people  People care about this one ABAB is the 2nd best pattern there is AABB being the best

156 USD or AAAA  One more with the repeating number

?   I think all NNN top 10 tlds are worth investing in. My opinion only.  Don’t follow based on these thoughts or you could lose all your money.

?, 150 USD, 267 USD  123   160 USD

a few of the old CHiPs  I am still putting these on because its one of the few I am buying.  Cheaply buying

?   Getting a $30 bid


8.PE  The Chines are all over One and two number country codes.   Their newest target.  This one is getting a HUGE bid

1 day left   A four letter dot com and what kids in the hood will do if they want your Yeezys

1 day left  20 years old and a very known word yet I’m surprised its getting all the bids

307 USD Isn’t this a game or something?  19 years old.  Pretty good dot cc if you believe in the tld

?   Good name for people like us

130 USD All the factory’s even the domain factories have been outsources to China and India   My actions usually contain neither.  An old saying about how people like to do things

490 USD   Getting all the bids just because of the sequence

2,275 USD it is a lot of sequence   Evidently tarot cards and their readings have some value

565 USD Can anyone just sell these? I feel like they should go through a ceremony of some sort to give them the right mojo or whatever it is that powers them. I wouldn’t feel comfortable just selling the decks unless they were blessed by a witch, or cursed as it were. I have no idea what I’m talking about here.     88 and 55 are bringing them in.   Patterns still dictate price. Even if that price is now lower

211 USD that’s a pretty good pattern confidence is low, all kinds of good deals out there. Or really horrible deals, but I’m a pattern is half full kinda guy.,  250 USD, 310 USD, 470 USD    250 USD

Some bottom boats to add. One of these looks like its going to cross $500   Met reserve.  A cctv is a security camera.  You may not know what it is but if you Google it you’ll realize they are everywhere you go

360 USD A small Pa city close to me has these on every street corner. The feeds are monitored by a group of volunteers that report crimes in progress and pull up feed in close proximity to reported in progess events. There are a lot of regulations on what they can and can’t look at, and they’ve certainly helped in numerous convictions both as evidence and helping to capture criminals. This issue is always the heart of liberty and security.   I know I put a lot of dot cc on here but I do think they offer value.  My opinion only.  Don’t buy anything based on that or you will be forced to blog every day to pay the bills

Unsold If you weren’t one going in you will be once you own this domain

Unsold  Common surname in Asia.  Dirty word in some parts of America

Unsold  Not sure if it has a ton of value but fun name

Unsold  Balanced name. Getting a few good bids



  Recap Quick Overview

xonline.com3,050 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
buymyhome.com4,050 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
walq.com600 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
livingroad.com155 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
wooq.com1,825 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
bgym.com3,770 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
333031.com310 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
dn66.com208 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
jr55.com155 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
potmarketing.com165 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
cannabisenergy.com820 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
728872.com390 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
7676.info156 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
368665.com150 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
212338.com267 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
368663.com160 USD04/26/16GoDaddy
brainiac.net307 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
dnsfactory.com130 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
styleandgrace.com490 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
845678.com2,275 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
tarotdeck.com565 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
838855.com211 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
vdyi.com250 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
ufuz.com310 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
pfue.com470 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
zwvu.com250 USD04/27/16GoDaddy
cctvcameras.co360 USD04/28/16Sedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,318.00 4/27/2016 NameJet $1,326.00 4/27/2016 NameJet $1,275.00 4/27/2016 NameJet $1,323.00 4/27/2016 NameJet $1,412.00 4/27/2016 NameJet $8,988.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,600.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,450.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,381.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,380.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,487.00 4/26/2016 NameJet $1,387.00 4/26/2016 DropCatch $1,200.00 4/26/2016 Sedo $3,770.00 4/26/2016 GoDaddy
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4 Replies to “AUCTION RECAP, the 27th and 28th of April 2016”

    1. MoveCon, you’re probably right. He said he was a developer so initially I wanted to reach out and see if maybe our ideas were similar. I was thinking a co-op might be an option.

  1. Josh,
    When you get a inquiry at DNS, do you ask their brokers how they would price it or just give the brokers your price an let them negotiate it?

    I’ve never really asked the DNS brokers for their view on pricing, I wonder if I maybe should in future.


    1. Ronnie,
      I usually say something like, “I would put the name in $XXXX-XXXX range, but do whatever you think best” sometimes I say do whatever you want. There are some names that I might have a specific price in my head, but usually it’s a lot of guessing. Most of the names that I sell don’t have obvious prices that jump out at you, so I think it works well this way.

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