Auction Recap, 27th and 28th of December

Dec 28 2015

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 27th and 28th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $3,415.60

Auction Quick Recap

I’m getting caught up today, the results from the last 2 days are below.   17 years old and if you are going to buy a that can be resold to an end user this is one is pretty good

Don’t know what happened here, but it sold for $1k in May  This one is even better.  Awesome letters and not just DN for domain investors

3,600 USD Dang it!  No thank you.  next

? Yeah can’t think of any reason to build a site just for anal exams. I guess you could do a DYI type site, But I’m not sure you’d know what you were looking for. Or maybe a site to send your friends to that you think are “anal”. They could take an exam to find out.   A site about Bill Cosby?

? Maybe this one could be sold to They make a detection system that lets you know if your drink has been tampered with.

big lebowski dsad auction recap meme  There have been a few up for auction the last few days. I think everyone should have a few in their portfolios

2,065 USD yes I should still have a few, but I don’t not Chips anyway.  This one is even nicer.  It’s also the kind you want to sell on anything but  They just aren’t getting the results of the other auction houses.  Some deals to be had there lately

2,852 USD 4cn seems complicated to fund and they never return my emails. Any 4cn advice out there?   Any 5 number dot come have to go on the list. They’re becoming a rare breed.  Rare considering there are 100,000 of them and there are only a handful up each day

754 USD And the names that show up usually have zeros and fours at this point

1,125 USD

And a few LLLL.nets for you, 235 USD


SKKG, 235 USD   20 free visits with the purchase

180 USD that’s the level of acidity of a grape fruit   Triple repeating   They continue to rise and again we all probably need to own a few in our portfolios

605 USD I think someone got a bargain on this name   Another triple 3.  Has the zero so a little less than above

254 USD and on  this one  Getting some great bids already

3700 USD Good  19 years old.  Connotation of displaying something.  Would make a great brand to do that for some subject

709 USD You could sell these, 412 million searches in google. It’s not the plural, but still…  I thought it sounded tough and sturdy but I admit it also sounds like a condom. 16 years old

129 USD or a new ED drug brand I actually actually agree that this one is pronounceable.  13 years old

1610 USD or Ohab Zedek, sometimes abbreviated as OZ, is an Orthodox Jewish synagogue in Manhattan, New York City noted for its lively, youthful congregation. Founded in 1873   I for international.   Only at $1000 at press time

1,327 USD sold for more in 2010  13 years old. Sounds like a fun buildout.  Kickstarter for scripts.  A few bids already

270 USD What would it be about?   The V ruins the party.  But still a nice name.  The further to the left the better IMO

402 USD It doesn’t ruin it for these people “Schweizerischer Verband Medizinischer Masseure”  Ummmm.   If you haven’t had a package of sweet balls you’re missing out.

510 USD Delicious, I don’t just get one package, I get a whole barrel of sweet balls. I even got some in my stocking for Christmas.  There great to share at parties, everyone seems to love them.  Should cross $4K easily based on previous sales. Especially with the age and the double 2s

3,702 USD Missed the 4k mark but not by much  Same here.  Although “easily” may be a bit overzealous based on current bids

3,053 USD  Forget the vowels aren’t good anymore. That’s changing quickly.  The price on this one shows it

2,350 USD It’s so confusing now, vowels, chips, numbers mixed in.  Every product in the world has it.  I also see a moving boxes play as well.  No bidders

4 Days Left  I always forget that still have a good market. Just don’t see them as often

1,227 USD 1,480 USD

vs  1,577 USD

Which one you think will end up higher?    I think 2 easy     Want to invest in China?  Here is a great opportunity

4,449 USD Nice, they’re starting to listen to you Shane. How did you make that Chinese love .cc?

Big group of nice 6N.coms today. Here are a few of my favorite. 230 USD, 244 USD 1,126 USD, 255 USD 219 USD, 517 USD ,210 USD 200 USD  It makes sense that these would increase in value.  Just haven’t see many up at auction

206 USD. I still have some, I had a bunch a couple of years ago because they made sense to me. They’re short had 3 numbers and a letter. Numbers were starting to take off so I figured why wouldn’t they be valuable. I let most of them drop because I didn’t have confidence in my reasoning. It doesn’t matter, that’s how we learn, luckily when they started selling at $100 with BIN prices, I pulled the rest of them off the shelf to see where they go.   We all know  Here’s the girly version

227 USD It’s like Vickey without the K  Triple repeating dot net.  A nice little addition to the portfolio

156 USD AYYY!!!!

There are 50 plus more 6N.coms.  I’ll list 10 more that I like and you’ll have to find the rest

Oh I found them all right. Actually before I looked at this list. Probably why I got behind, bidding on so many 6n’s. I think they’re way undervalued. 220 USD 201 USD 205 USD 231 USD 211 USD 448 USD 203 USD 211 USD 301 USD  Another CCC.CC  that is worth having in your portfolio IMO

210 USD, These are interesting, the price isn’t that far off the non chip price, but way behind the chip price. Come on vowels catch up here too.   OK, one more.  Under $25 at press time

282 USD

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   A very nice  These have been doing very well this fall.  Starting to bet close to $5K for some of them

5555 USD via BIN. Wow another opportunity missed. A couple hundred bucks not long ago got you one of these.  We all have seen the TV and screen technology.  Big name.  I knew a guy that almost bought this.  Probably wishing he had

56,100 USD This is why I by any random 4L I can at a good price. In case the tech guys make something that fits one of them. I’m joking but that would be pretty sweet balls is it happened.  I like the name but a bit apprehensive about buying it.  Sorry, too easy

Unsold  The $25,000 Buy it now price is scaring everyone off

Unsold  This BIN is much more reasonable.  And is actually a realistic price.  A little high but not by much



NameJet Results 12/27/2015 $2,124 12/26/2015 $3,900 12/26/2015 $280 12/26/2015 $2,500 12/26/2015

NameJet Action Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$3,000 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$210 Time Left:1d 20h High Bid:$3,300 Time Left:1d 21h High Bid:$15,300 Time Left:1d 21h High Bid:$1,009 Time Left:1d 21h High Bid:$23,000 Time Left:1d 21h High Bid:$160 Time Left:1d 21h High Bid:$3,301 Time Left:1d 21h High Bid:$999 Time Left:1d 22h High Bid:$730


Recap Quick Overview

773338.com1,126 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
38333.net1,227 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
SLI.net1,327 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
98501.com1,480 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
98502.com1,577 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
Endurex.com129 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
AYYY.net156 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
OZNY.com1610 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
MDAI.com2,350 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
166891.com200 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
551628.com201 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
938875.com203 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
659522.com205 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
599x.com206 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
637668.com210 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
16z.cc210 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
131755.com211 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
659511.com211 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
537866.com219 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
663987.com220 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
Vicey.com227 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
331663.com230 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
389566.com231 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
189983.com244 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
899268.com255 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
MakeMyMovie.com270 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
7TT.cc282 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
98513.com3,053 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
13822.com3,702 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
636883.com301 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
C1.cc4,449 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
SVMM.com402 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
185855.com448 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
SweetBalls.com510 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
732221.com517 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
12C.com5555 USD12/27/15Flippa
OLED.com56,100 USD 12/27/15Flippa
GlassCase.com709 USD12/27/15GoDaddy
02791.com754 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
333619.com605 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
GJ.biz3700 USD12/26/15Sedo
DNG.net3,600 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
333509.com254 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
HZTG.net240 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
PTLN.net235 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
SKKG.net235 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
DSDR.com2,852 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
MBT.cc2,065 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
55PH.com180 USD12/26/15GoDaddy
16056.com1,125 USD12/26/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,401.00 12/27/2015 Sedo $7,201.00 12/26/2015 GoDaddy $2,500.00 12/26/2015 NameJet $2,124.00 12/26/2015 NameJet $2,852.00 12/26/2015 GoDaddy
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