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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 1st of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

My main domaining style has been to find value as inexpensively as possible, usually domains that are hidden or overlooked. There are certain metrics that I look at, but like I said yesterday, I like to envision them as a business or website. I also look for domains that resonate with me, names that don’t have metrics of any kind but have the right feel. This is learned through trial and error and sometimes I get it wrong or buy names that will never be bought, but at the low price I pay  I can afford to make mistakes. With that said I am still surprised every month by names that sell that I thought were mistakes and would more than likely drop.

I’ve talked before about exposure and price and I think these are key concepts to understand with these names. I’m generally going to sell them from $900 to $3000 sometimes more sometimes less. There are many people looking for a decent domain name for their business that aren’t going to pay above $5K. If we only look for names to sell above this price point we’re missing the vast majority of people that are buying names at retail prices.

shanebaseballThis is why exposure and price are so important, if they’re searching through godaddy, for example, and one of my names comes across their path with a reasonable BIN price they are a lot more likely to buy it. They don’t want or might not even know how to inquire or negotiate the price. If i’m looking for more premium names I don’t even bother with those that are unpriced. I don’t have time to make inquires or negotiate back and forth. I’m looking for value that I can compare to the value of another prospective name.

When a name sells, I take the majority of the money and buy more through the same process.  Every month I sell more names on average than the previous month. Because I’m buying them at or around reg fee, I can drop them without a second thought and buy something better, but I’ve had a year to evaluate them. There are names in my portfolio that will never sell, but for some reason they still hold their own with parking revenue.

 The main thing to take away from this is the vast number of ways to make money domaining. I don’t stick exclusively with this model, but it’s my bread and butter approach. Having it be somewhat consistent allows me to branch out and explore other avenues within domaining, but I should never deviate fully from the process that I know works and continues to work.

If you have a style of domaining that is working, stick with it, refine it and duplicate it. If you want to explore other options, take some of the rewards from your successful process  and experiment with other things. Never sacrifice the thing that is working for the unknown, use them together in a controlled and deliberate way.  

note: below are just the results for the most part, I already tried to be funny with these, any more and I’ll spoil it.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,362.80 These days you can add hemp to anything and make it better, that’s what it seems like anyway

Still available in closeout. I like to add hemp to my soup, for flavor. Brand anything, or Brandany as in a made up brandable for brandables

? I like phrases or parts of phrases that we use everyday. This isn’t a name that an immediate use comes clearly to mind, but right away I can think of industries that it would work well in like delivery. I know what it means and can remember it easily.

125 USD  A site for homework or project collaboration, reunions, online school bulletin board.

346 USD Tired of coughing all over the place? Get Cough Defense today. Could be a new cough drop, or a bag you put over your head when you cough, better yet a bag you put over someone else’s head when they cough all over you.

Still available, Maybe a name that you’d have trouble selling, but it’s still one that I can see a product for as soon as I see it., 363 USD, 102 USD 304 USD

I like these names, vape/vaping was the word of the year 2 years ago. Still a growing industry with a hardcore fan base. Lots of customization and modes being built. While I don’t always like the ing in a domain name, sometimes it helps paint a better picture of what might me happening with the brand or site. Dancing fun seems more active to me, right away I picture people dancing, while dance fun makes me think it might be a game or a music or whatever else.

? Everyone complains about the cable company, mainly because there are limited choices readily availble. The easiest thing to do is to have your cable provider hook up the cable. They have a monopoly on your area you can’t just pick another cable company. There are so many other options like satellite and streaming but there’s usually other steps involved or certain limitations like lack of local programs. I can see this name being used as a leadgen or affiliate site for all the other non cable options.

? Gather feels like a warm cuddly word, do it sooner rather than later.  

Still availalbe This is a great call to action name, but I’m not sure what happens on day 2. The headline would read, it didn’t happen yesterday let’s try and end it today. Day 3 Damn it people! It was supposed to end 2 days ago!

? A little glimpse, just a taste of something awesome.

? Shane says that any Vegan domain will sell. Can we move this one?

? This was a joke, but it still sold. Who doesn’t want a live in assistant? This would be a great service, I give you a room to stay in and you assist me.

Still available The first thing I think of is bone marrow donors, but it could be something to do with eating veggies, organic foods rather than processed crap.

104 USD An app where you highlight all the things you might watch.

? I think it sounds cool, as in I am mighty like hear me roar, or that was so cool I give it a big mighty like.

Still available  A group of nerds huddled around computers just finding names all day. Wait, I know these people.

Still available If you install fences you might not have the money to buy Why not New Fence? Or  it could be some new tech, maybe a new virtual fence.

185 USD  a good name for night vision or any product that helps you see better at night.

? Maybe redundant, but you get the idea.

?  Strong is good, pretty strong is good too, I mean it’s better than weak.

620 USD a last name.

140 USD no idea what it is, but it’s short and I can say it.

? Guide to resorts, Resort the Smart way Or where you buy and sell resorts.

? This one is interesting, I saw it and immediately imagined the dude standing on the sidewalk preaching to anyone that would listen. I think it could be a good opinion blog.

Still available. Another name that probably wouldn’t sell, but I immediately conjure a vision of its use when I see it. We know what these things do.

127 USD  an online store for doll house furniture.

112 USD If you’re selling these Top is a positive word to have in there.

761 USD You rub the bottle the genie comes out and teaches you whatever you want to know.

125 USD Personalized tours of whatever it is you want to tour.

306 USD A name that works for numerous things these days.

565 USD 5 Letters

?, 1,410 USD, 227 USD, 2,755 USD, 215 USD, 281 USD, 1,276 USD 255 USD’s for today, ?, 185 USD, 502 USD, 161 USD, 1,009 USD, 1,009 USD, 622 USD, 510 USD 185 USD

6n’s going today. Look at some of the recent sales on patterns with 4’s and 0’s getting good prices as well as sequence. 543, 123, 126 USD 113 USD

A couple of double numbers, 2,003 USD ?,  ?

A few other numbers that I like.

There’s a decent list of .biz names today, that make sense with the .biz ? ? 800 USD ? ? 205 USD ?


  Recap Quick Overview

bringhere.com125 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
classhub.com346 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
customvapes.com363 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
customvaporizer.com102 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
customvaporizers.com304 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
livingcure.com104 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
newfence.com185 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
prettystrong.com620 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
puello.com140 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
slimsupplement.com127 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
tinydepot.com112 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
topvaporizers.com761 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
tutorgenie.com125 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
utours.com306 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
youdigital.com565 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
beaz.com1,410 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
idxr.com227 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
klir.com2,755 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
olvf.com215 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
ophx.com281 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
pwdx.com1,276 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
vzec.com255 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
112765.com185 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
123765.com502 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
626566.com161 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
832988.com1,009 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
837988.com1,009 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
973988.com622 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
976388.com510 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
992618.com185 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
gr77.com126 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
gw22.com113 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
01119.com2,003 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
now.biz800 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
tours.biz205 USD04/30/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,333.00 4/30/2016 NameJet $1,433.00 4/30/2016 NameJet $1,312.00 4/30/2016 NameJet $1,460.00 4/30/2016 NameJet $1,276.00 4/30/2016 GoDaddy
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