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The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 29th and 30th of April 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Heading into work after I post this. A lot of times I drive down in the middle of the night and go to sleep, that way if there’s any issues like car trouble, traffic or I can’t find my keys, I have time to sort it out before driving almost 2 hours. Also I find it’s impossible to oversleep if you’re already there.

As we’re coming into spring it’s time to prepare for all the summer adventurers that will take to the Appalachian trail and the Potomac river. It’s amazing the amount of resources deployed when an individual drinks too much and can’t get off a rock in the middle of the river, or the would-be day hiker that climbs to the top of an overlook and thinks “damn this was a long way to walk, if I twist my ankle someone is bound to come take me off this dsadrushmorestupid mountain” but we have fun, so it’s not bad.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,670.39  My favorite name, or one of them, on the board today.  very very easy to sell aka liquid

?  16 years old.  Q for quality   Under $800 at press time

2,275 USD 3 letters. Hotel Zulu Quebec   There are a TON of kitchen accessories to buy.  Big big market.  But Pro Tip, don’t buy any of them for your wife as a birthday present

4,212 USD Unless she asks for them. A better surprise birthday gift is a new washing machine, vacuum cleaner or dishwasher.  A bit too generic for my taste but the present and future of payments

661 USD Sold a year ago this date for twice the price  Not at good as bb9 but another name that is liquid and flippable

?  Go

? Don’t know what it went for but I like it. I think it’s a great brand  Going to hit $2K.  I like it but not sure why its this high

? I don’t know either  At four figures.   9400 backlinks and a PR….just kidding, no such thing as PR anymore

3,600 USD PR’s been dead for about 3 years.   A CVCV that’s pronounced “ZAZY” .  Just kidding, not a CVCV and I don’t know how its pronounced

? It’s pronounced similar to the Z but with a shorter harsher sound/  9 years old.   Domain…..I got nothing.  Z is awful for an acronym in English

? DN Zoo Education, DN Zebra Elephants, Do Not Zip Eyes, Did Nothing Zero Efficiency        Chinese tourism grows every year and Beijing is one of the top destinations.

? A bit crowded for my tastes  The purpose of PEDs.  People think they make you stronger and faster. They don’t.  They help you recover quickly so you can train hard immediately which builds the strength and speed

187 USD Nice  name, you know what it should be   Sounds dirty but its not.  Its an awesome, memorable brand. 7 years old and only $17

? wow, is availalbe but goat, shark, turtle, mouse are all taken.   One bid at $12.  These have fallen off the face of a cliff.   I think they recover but not soon

?  No bidders at $12.  Has to be built out but a ton of money in Naples and everyone like the best

?  No bidders at $12. Can make that back with a few clicks

? They renamed this one google.   Becomes more valuable every year

No Winner What I think happens with this industry in the next year is a new term that describes it. Something made up, but related to VR. The initials will still work but whatever the term that gets coined will be worth a lot of money. Let’s guess. Vreal, Vality, Metaverse, the 5th dimension, Virtel.  One of the better dot io you can buy

7,300 USD  20 year old gamer name.   20 bidders think they can build out a nice site or sell it to something that thinks they can

565 USD Gamers like realms. Big name on the board today.   Could have some fun with this one. Getting half a five figure bid

?   19 year old.  The age tells you the value.  Been a good name for a long time

?  This name would have gone for $2K on Namejet a few months ago

1,505 USD Makes me think of the plywood that’s not quite plywood of all kinds still get a good bid

465 USD  Four is like cilantro.  Ruins everything

497 USD Cilantro taste like spring and happiness, 822 USD, 381 USD, 940 USD, 670 USD, 1,025 USD   1,065 USD

If you’re still buying 6N this is the kind you want to be buying

Strong work 8’s, it’s hard to generalize 6n sales. It gives us a baseline to go off of but there is as much variation in prices as there are patterns.    I use IP domain names in use that are just like this one

1,035 USD There are thousands of sites for this.   I’m the only one buying it seems.   I guess that’s not true.  This one has other bidders

?   Because some live on the ocean, some live on the Sea   One bidder at $12.   The answer is by doing it everyday until you become good at it

233 USD    Looking to buy a newborn?  This is the place for you.  No reserve, at $6.  But seriously, people spend billions of dollars on things they need and don’t need for their new babies.

$46 with 37 minutes to go is also a fun site, Newborns just bouncing here and there.  Love this one.  What I am doing every day

2041 USD


  Recap Quick Overview

hzq.net2,275 USD04/28/16GoDaddy
kitchenaccessories.com4,212 USD04/28/16GoDaddy
electronicfunds.com661 USD04/28/16GoDaddy
fiestamovement.com3,600 USD04/28/16GoDaddy
recoverquickly.com187 USD04/28/16GoDaddy
money.io7,300 USD04/29/16Flippa
gamerealm.com565 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
11tt.com1,505 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
yma.cc465 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
31164.com497 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
687588.com822 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
883325.com381 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
629388.com940 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
839588.com670 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
629588.com1,025 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
839288.com1,065 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
whereismyip.com1,035 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
howdoyoudoit.com233 USD04/29/16GoDaddy
gaining.com2041 USD04/30/16Sedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,400.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $1,350.00 4/29/2016 GoDaddy $1,400.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $1,261.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $1,402.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $1,488.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $1,410.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $1,400.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $1,433.00 4/29/2016 NameJet $5,500.00 4/28/2016 NameJet $1,311.00 4/28/2016 NameJet $1,666.00 4/28/2016 NameJet $1,500.00 4/28/2016 Sedo $1,550.00 4/28/2016 Sedo $1,251.00 4/28/2016 Sedo $1,404.21 4/28/2016
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