AUCTION RECAP, 29th and 30th of March 2016

Mar 30 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 29th and 30th of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

I had a chance to play around with the new uniregistry market today and I can say without hesitation that it’s frickin awesome. I’m sure there are little things that can be tweaked and will be, but I thought it was smooth all around. I can access all kinds of data easily and effortlessly move or edit names in bulk. If I want to change from ad parking to a straight landing page I can do so instantly.

I’m not reporting this with any motive, there’s no payback because Frank gave me a domain at Namescon 🙂  They aren’t paying me, but they’re more dsaduniregthan welcome to if they want and I’ll talk about it everyday.

With that in mind, if anyone wants to be a sponsor for the recap, send me or anyone at DSAD a message and we’ll talk.

One more thing before we get to the auction results, I talked to Marco from the other day. He’s a very nice guy and will respond to you very quickly if you’re having any problems, have any suggestions or just want to reach out to him. He had changed some things with the mobile view of the site, which was great, but I wasn’t seeing the additional filter tabs.30 minutes after I emailed him that he responded, thanking me for bringing it to his attention and he had already fixed the issue.  


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,021.34  Fantastic name if you like 6N.coms. Doing well and going to go much much higher IMO

2,750 USD Flanked by double 8’s, nice name. 17 years old.  A lot of money in “treating” hair loss

170 USD I envision Therapist’s in therapy gyms or pools retraining hair to grow back, or hair sitting on the couch talking to the therapist about why it can’t grow anymore.   Half of the sites provide exactly this…or at least try to

? Not a bad name, just lots of other options when you add my with two more words.  One bidder at $12.   Because nobody wants that skank shit

110 USD is available, is taken.  I forget some times that RX stands for medicine

1,810 USD Prescription for Lima Beans  Was a Netflix type service that didn’t quite make it.  The bids are buying the backlinks

5,100 USD Domain Authority of 55 with 173 linking root domains, moderate spam score. Seems like a high price.  Solid Brand.  One bidder. 15 years old.   Can be for anything.  Don’t have to sell horses

204 USD is available if you missed this one.  It’s what cows listen to

255 USD Singing cows are awesome   Has 16 bids at press time.  Southern for moron

900 USD I thought it was Mo Run, like Run More  The only western letter premium I found today.  I don’t like O at the end but often “organizations” buy the dot com

457 USD Private Message F Off, it’s a messenger add on for spam.  Ironically FX people use CG

1925 USD, 1,165 USD 255 USD   332 USD

One very nice which I think is a good asset moving forward.  My opinion only. If you listen to me you will lose all your money and you’ll be forced to take a job writing at a blog covering women’s division two basketball.

The 54 really isn’t bad  And the only lower quality on the board today.  Not bad but the X in the middle is tough to use.

320 USD Ch + Xe, it’s pinyin  I want to but I just have the feeling he doesn’t have a puppy

? He looks like a puppy which makes it worse   I think these go up from here but again, my opinion.  And every time I say stuff like this I get a ton of emails asking if I’d like to buy their whatever I said I like.  Good and bad.  Good in that I’ve been able to buy some names at a fair price. Bad because 90% of the emails are offering absolutely terrible versions of the tld.

? What terrible versions? Hyphens?   Not too shabby of a 6N.  Obviously not as good as the name that started off the list

189 USD These are hit and miss, similar patterns were a lot more a few days ago  Gets 22 visitors a month for some reason.  Nobody wants to hire pandas anymore, they are just a fat version of a raccoon.  My X6 looks like a Panda

? These are the little bastards that worked for google messing with rankings a few years back. Google has since fired them for other animals.  These used to go for $100, now they barely sell.  I overpaid for these early.  I’ve only lost money on 2 domains I’ve ever sold.  I will have several more with the AABCC.coms I’ve purchased.  I got enough right I will Ok just in case you were worried about my financial health

? I think these will come around at some point but I could be wrong and you could end up standing in the unemployment line with the Pandas.  This is one coming up tomorrow and everyone is loving the 88

2,025 USD I like to see this, nice LL88 for $2K, nice.   A little long but millions love to be adventurous.  Like taking a 3 hour hike. Or riding their bike once a year for 30 miles.  You know, crazy types

? With this name they don’t even need to go outside. You can have all your adventures online.    Obvious great name here.  All comes down to reserve price

Reserve not met   Some times you can get a good deal on Flippa on LLLL.coms because most people come for the good keywords.

No Winner  One bidder at $15.  The ultimate Bernie Sanders domain

Unsold Getting all the bids because its no reserve

1450 USD  1999 birthday.  Sounds a little desperate but getting some bids

No Winner  

17.PE   Pretty much all the NN of all tlds are getting lots of action.

410 EUR  17 Peru right? I think that’s the country.  Don’t know if there is any money in WhoIs sites

339 USD   13 years old.  I wouldn’t know these even existed except I have an employee that has terrible allergies and he keeps a bag with all kinds of pills and a nebulizer.   Sounds like a kit to me

? It’s a good name if you’re selling allergy kits, I could use one right now.  I thought this one was pretty funny.  Nobody else does.  No bidders.

? Use this name for email and respond to cease and desist emails.  This is a huge name.  Surprised by the lack of action at first but the reserve probably scares everyone off

? Don’t know what happened but it is a good name.  New York something something

2600 USD New York, Boston Yankees  I only see cow.  Never seen an S Cow

Listed as BIN for $5500   Famous porn star when I was a kid.  Not that I watched porn but we liked to say the name. No bidders.

? I really like their deep fried fish and hush puppies… Oh Dong, that’s a chocolate covered dessert.  One of the better you can buy

?  No bidders. Good marketing name for a bed company

? I should buy this name and research how to get incredible sleep  CVCV have been getting some decent prices.  This one is getting quite the attention

?  This is purely a collectible.  These are the kind of names you rely on the Chinese.  I’m more on the sell side of something like this.  But I have been wrong about collectibles.  I sold many of mine way too early.  Good profit but left a lot on the table

?  It could be Ur Yellow Urine Urinalysis   Sounds like a fair request

279 USD Sounds like an album  This is a group of nice Western letters. Vowels are just fine in English

561 USD  485 USD 315 USD 316 USD   360 USD

Not sure if this group is all bottom boats but not CHiPs and a few tougher letters to use in English   321 USD 316 USD  192 USD 332 USD 230 USD 196 USD 125 USD

A few nice to add to your numeric portfolio   The value is coming from the Wayback Machine which uses not

1,825 USD What’s the play here then? Does have some kind of affiliate program?  I am on the buy side of these

?, 176 USD, 171 USD,   161 USD

I don’t think any of you are buying these but somebody is so I keep putting them up here  One bidder at $12.  I like it as a cute kids brand.

108 USD Yep, I see a toy or kids cake making set.,   Names that are at $60-80 range right now

?   One bidder at $20.  I thought it was a good SEO name because essentially when you hire an SEO guy you asking for exactly that

No Winner  Cars are catching on.  And more people are using the Internet to buy them.  At $12.  Just kidding

No Winner at $81000   Solid name for selling domains.  But I guess that’s pretty obvious.  A bit long but I bet Google likes it

Unsold at $6000 seems like it reached a decent price for all those words.  Should cross $2K.  Don’t know if it does that here


Travel.Agency   One of the most talked about auctions this month.  Ali has done a great job promoting it.  And the price shows it

9999 USD,  Strong work Ali 


  Recap Quick Overview

882688.com2,750 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
hairlosstherapy.com170 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
trueweed.com110 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
rxlb.com1,810 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
greencine.com5,100 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
prettyhorse.com204 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
moozik.com255 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
morun.com900 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
pmfo.com457 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
796.biz1,165 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
354.biz255 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
154.biz332 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
chxe.com320 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
718716.com189 USD03/28/16GoDaddy
bt88.com2,025 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
pbld.com1450 USD03/29/16Sedo
17.pe410 EURSedo
kwho.com339 USD03/28/16Flippa
nyby.com2600 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
iwanttobefree.com279 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
iptp.com561 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
bxed.com485 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
nifj.com315 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
xigl.com316 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
qipd.com360 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
lwvm.com321 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
rfwv.com316 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
995229.com192 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
971717.com332 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
922655.com230 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
986536.com196 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
973191.com125 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
wayback.org1,825 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
jxkh.net176 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
ctbk.net171 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
mtyh.net161 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
cuddlecake.com108 USD03/29/16GoDaddy
Travel.Agency9999 USDFlippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,642.74 3/29/2016 $1,567.21 3/29/2016 $1,354.81 3/28/2016 Sedo $2,255.00 3/28/2016 NameJet $1,499.00 3/28/2016 NameJet $1,810.00 3/28/2016 GoDaddy $1,600.00 3/28/2016 NameJet $1,851.00 3/28/2016 DropCatch $1,925.00 3/28/2016 GoDaddy $1,550.00 3/29/2016 NameJet $1,725.00 3/29/2016 NameJet $1,650.00 3/29/2016 NameJet $1,600.00 3/29/2016 NameJet $2,600.00 3/29/2016 GoDaddy $1,450.00 3/29/2016 Sedo $2,429.48 3/29/2016 $3,149.78 3/29/2016 $2,596.64 3/29/2016 $3,149.78 3/29/2016
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    USD9999 for was a steal. I am not sure that Ali was over the moon with this result

    1. Post author
      Josh E

      The renewal’s really high isn’t it? I can’t remember the number, but you’re up against the registry with high annual renewal fees. I think it might be $3600.

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