Auction Recap, 29th of December

Dec 29 2015

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 29th of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,300.50

Auction Quick Recap

I’m getting emails from China for any old now. Well maybe there’s a particular reason that they’re choosing to inquire on the ones they are. Whatever the case is, I certainly look closer at these names to see what about it might be causing the increased interest. This has been happening with both V’s and Vowels.  I’m hoping that they’ve discovered another syllable in pinyin that uses a V.

My dad who knows less than very little about the domain industry commented on the article I posted the other day from Tech Crunch. It talked about the Chinese and the domain market explosion.  He asked me why people don’t buy their phone number and redirect it to their website. I thought, wow dad that’s a pretty good idea.

domain shane auction recap meme for 12/29 Why not? Most random 10 digit phone numbers are available. If you’re running a business you could buy the phone number .com and redirect it to your site. Maybe in the future your phone’s list of  contacts would be able to navigate to the website by clicking on the phone number. The number’s already in your phone, why not link it to your website. Most people don’t want to talk to you to see what hours you’re open, they just want to see it quickly online. If they’re regular customers they probably have your phone number in their contact list.

It’s just an idea, but I thought it was a pretty good one, and a cheap idea at that.   Yes this is getting some great bids over at  This shows how much we have to learn about the Chinese market

Ends in 3 days at 524 USD, Hao means “Good” in Chinese and “Flower” in Vietnamese  vs   I think the RP name will do better.  See if you can pick the winner. Both 17 years old 2550 USD Can’t find the results of, it’s listed as offer counter offer right now.

Another comparable that would seem to be an easy choice.  But I think 54 does better.  I just have no data to say why.  Just like the flanking 4s 592 USD

vs    545 USD

I would have thought so too, because 54 means “ No Death” I should have bid on both of these.  Over under $500 on this one.  These have been selling for several years despite not having a ton of end user potential.  Nobody really ever said much about it as they quietly sold.

700 USD I found one end user

2Z7 Makopu Point Coast Guard Lifesaving Station / Weather Observation Station, Makopu Point, Hawaii USA from  Opening bid was $1600 and someone hit it.  Pretty much all CVCV are worth that IMO

1600 USD Should get more than almost any other Take a look at which sells shorts and numerics to the Chinese Market. They value CVCV more than Chips.   Most bids on the board today.  Not the highest price but two guys got into a $10 bid increment war.

1,057 USD  This sounds crazy but can’t believe this isn’t higher

3,250 USD Beautiful 8’s… 6 numbers 7 numbers who cares if the pattern is good or the numbers have meaning.  I’ll just leave one more here as well

404 USD  Coming up for auction in a few days since we’re talking triple 8s

4 days left over $3k  Every product in the world has it.  I also see a moving boxes play as well.  No bidders

4 days left  Already over $2K.   Everyone loves the old fashion field goals ( H) *American joke only

2,101 USD I think this was a good deal.  I think all LLLL.coms that don’t have Vs are are a good investment right now

406 USD I’m starting to get Chinese emails for 4L’s with vowels and V’s  Can’t have a list without a few LLLL.nets

231 USD Most of these are right around 10% of the com average.  I was buying these types before the Chinese invasion and I still am. A is still my favorite vowel at the end

560 USD I like the A at the end, the Chinese like the A too as far as vowels go. I found this out by running thousands and thousands of searches on different patterns. O is my second favorite vowel at the end.   Can never go wrong with 88 at the end of a

1,210 USD  Kind of getting lost in the shuffle but still a Chinese premium and worth $2K ish right now

2051 USD  All 6Ns without 4s and zeros are being swallowed up quickly

404 USD They spiked after the sellout, then dropped a bit after that, but I see them going up and up from here, but that’s just my opinion.   Great letters and the .cc is no longer a liability.  Its been crushing it lately

105 USD. Shane haven’t you been preaching CC for years now? Are you a Prophet that will Profit?

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  16 years old. have started to do very well but you can still get ahead of the market as they are dragging behind.  This is one of the better CVCV.  Don’t let vowels scare you

2 days left  I dono what price this will end at.  Going to sell. Reserve is met

40,100 USD  Finally Flippa, getting some sales done, Ive been tired of finding “Not Sold”   Website for sale.  Successful drop ship business.  Although not successful enough to keep evidently

28,100 USD If they’ve got the formula down, they’ll just rebuild on and sell again.  Another nice Chinese premium for sale.

Ends Today  Met reserve at $1.  Worth at least $1 IMO.  Makes a cute brand

At $6 with 38 minutes to go. Not a bad name, sounds like a low fat dessert  One of 26. Ends this morning

1652 USD Has Mattress seller written all over it.   Another short dot biz.  Met reserve and will sell.

Ends in 7 hours, price is $3700 as of 11:20 EST

NameJet Action Time Left:1d 2h High Bid:$3,100 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$210 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$3,400 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$15,600 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$1,009 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$23,000 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$160 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$3,301 Time Left:1d 3h High Bid:$999 Time Left:1d 4h High Bid:$750


Recap Quick Overview

Hao123456.com3 days 4.CN
CCMK.com2550 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
48035.com592 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
48054.com545 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
2Z7.com700 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
COZU.com1600 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
30580.com1,057 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
8888088.com3,250 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
8088188.com404 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
315888.com4 days leftGoDaddy
Packaging.io4 days leftGoDaddy
KJHH.com2,101 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
NJQA.com406 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
HBBJ.net231 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
LCNO.com560 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
298288.com1,210 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
TRJN.com2051 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
755513.com404 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
DCSC.cc105 USD12/28/15GoDaddy
DONO.net2 Days LeftFlippa
JUP.com40,100 USDFlippa
Fabrics.net28,100 USDFlippa
FXRL.comEnds TodayFlippa
ApplePuff.comEnds TodayFlippa
ZZZZ.biz1652 USD12/29/15Sedo
GJ.bizEnds TodaySedo

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,900.00 12/28/2015 Flippa $2,202.00 12/28/2015 Sedo $2,700.00 12/28/2015 NameJet $2,450.00 12/28/2015 NameJet $2,450.00 12/28/2015 NameJet $2,051.00 12/28/2015 GoDaddy $2,101.00 12/28/2015 GoDaddy $2,550.00 12/28/2015 GoDaddy
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