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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 29th of January

Auction Quick Recap

Anyone else getting 6n or 7n inquiries? I’ve been getting them through email and on After looking at Travis’s report today it looks like they’re moving up, despite that holiday. That makes me think there’s some industrious Chinese buying the names up before the holiday is over.

I hope everyone had a good Friday. I’m off to work tomorrow. Have a great weekend.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,112.08 Seriously, Look at those awesome 6’s Bid is only at $6 each   37 8s.  This type of domain comes up for auction only once in a lifetime….hopefully

40 USD, This damn thing would be easier to count if it had some zero’s in there breaking it up. like 40 characters but easier to figure out and believe it or not… It’s available.   18 years old and some darn wonderful letters

Don’t know if this one met reserve or not. I’m assuming it had a reserve because this would have been the 3rd time it sold since November. 2 weeks ago for 2500 USD and November 23rd for 2376 USD  Great for a brand.  The Castle market has really slowed down

555 USD I didn’t think it was over  $500 great.  Good acronym.  Bad Chinese name

Same thing as the other 4L sold once in Jan once in Dec   Ahh the elusive   They are starting to hit auctions starting today. This is the first.  Getting good prices

1,751 USD   The U brings it down but I do have some cords with those letters on it

501 USD  1.6K backlinks and PR4.  Decent name but the stuff to the left is probably the price driver

1,675 USD Spot Runner was a marketing company. According to 8700 backlinks for about 800 unique domains.  Approaching four figures

1,701 USD Made it there, well past the mark  Still love it.  Even with the zero

610 USD These things are picking up.   Zero and 4 but a double letter at front.  The zero and the four bring it down to a nice affordable price.  As long as your affordable price is $800 or so

962 USD  Another  Not going to reach the price of the above name

962 USD Well Shane, I think someone did that just to spite you.

Huge group of for you to peruse, 210 USD






BBPY, 210 USD 230 USD  perfect name for today’s wussy attitude.  Also good and

500 USD seems like a non wussy name. It seems like an adventurous name.  dsad auction recap Jan 29th 2016  LLNN are still moving up…unfortunately.  I haven’t gotten very many of them

?   Yes 4N.infos are over $100

121 USD Look at this, 4n’s over $100, that should make my awesome 6n’s at least $75, right?  One more

121 USD  Even non CHiP are over $100

220 USD Still thing they should be at almost $300. Reach out to the Chinese if you have any of these. Look for one that sold at auction and contact them through whois.  Ending in 9 days but a pretty awesome domain to play with.  Especially as an email address

Nice name at $7100

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  It’s hard not to see this and not think of all the publicity Caitlyn Jenner has brought to the name.   Ends today.  No reserve. At $20

55 USD, that’s about reg fee I think.  Has a bid at $100.  Nice alternating 7 pattern

Not Sold reached $399

Aaron had a good review of the names closing today at the Sedo Great Domains Auction and a whole portfolio of misc .xyz with many states

Unsold  I like the price for the domain. Don’t really care about the website

1550 USD   I get all giddy for the LLLL.coms that end in C

Reserve not met with one pending bid.


NameJet Action Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$455 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$360 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$1,644 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$460 Time Left:1d 17h High Bid:$172

NameJet Results $261 1/29/2016 $410 1/29/2016 $3,100 1/29/2016 $3,200 1/29/2016 $1,865 1/29/2016 1/29/2016 $3,200 1/29/2016 $1,908 1/29/2016 $3,800 1/28/2016 $3,910 1/28/2016 $3,300 1/28/2016 $331 1/28/2016 $79 1/28/2016 $360 1/28/2016 $79 1/28/2016 $260 1/28/2016 $865 1/28/2016 1/28/2016 1/28/2016 1/28/2016 $1,014 1/28/2016 $3,900 1/28/2016 $2,500 1/28/2016

  Recap Quick Overview

8X32.com40 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
silvercastle.com555 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
jfz.cc1,751 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
usb.cc501 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
spotrunner.com1,675 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
byg.cc1,701 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
858808.com610 USD10/05/15GoDaddy
99204.com962 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
09752.com962 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
hpcz.net210 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
lbcn.net210 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
xlpw.net210 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
snyz.net210 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
xlds.net210 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
wzjg.net210 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
bbpy.net210 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
mhyy.net230 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
ifyoucan.org500 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
1798.info121 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
8612.info121 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
osj.cc220 USD01/28/16GoDaddy
Transgender.io55 USDFlippa
VeryViral.com1550 USDFlippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,098.33 1/28/2016 $2,500.00 1/28/2016 NameJet $1,900.00 1/28/2016 Flippa $1,950.00 1/28/2016 Sedo
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