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AUCTION RECAP of the 29th of May 2016

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend.  Personally, I love it when the market is closed for three days in a row.  Most of my investments are of the set it and forget it variety, but I do like to actively trade with a small part of my portfolio so I pay attention to some stuff nearly every day that the market is open.  It’s nice when there isn’t anything to pay attention to. I sometimes find myself wishing that domain auctions would close for the weekends too.

I originally intended to come back from my vacation and begin posting something a little different than the daily Chinese auction results.  I was going to post sales and trend info across the “liquid” categories with data I’ve been collecting for a while now from US based auction platforms. I was also working on a website to share all of this data.  And then last week, released their new site and really knocked it out of the park.  It’s a great looking site, and it has all of the data that I’ve been collecting.  I decided against a daily post about data that you can easily look up yourself now.  Luckily, Josh decided to join Shane on the daily list, and I asked if I could take over the daily recap post. The company should probably own this but its getting bid up for all the backlinks and history. 20 years old

$787 – Probably went out of business?  One yelp reviewer stated that it cost $97 to deliver 16 oranges and grapefruits 50 miles away.  That’s a tough sell for most. I still don’t think people understand how big energy storage and creation is going to be over the next decade

$1247 – I would have agreed 5 years ago.  Not sure the next decade is in the cards at this point.  My energy costs keep dropping.  Natural gas is dirt cheap, and I’m now paying something like 7.5 cents per kwh for a 100% renewable plan in Texas. The plural would be even better but still a solid name for someone in our industry

? No bidders. All plants are grown from seed or cuttings. Why not pretend like you’re the best

$319 – Will probably be a marijuana name. You probably don’t realize it but a lot of the tomatoes you are getting in the store are grown hydroponically. They are getting better at it every year

?  Yep, I buy them all the time, and they are pretty good. No bidders. Endusers are probably limited but at this price its worth looking at

$260 Cell phones are coming to Atlanta soon

? Everyone I know over 17 uses one. Although there was this one guy I know that had a disease where he had no hair on his body. I don’t he spent any money on razors

? – Another that would benefit from the plural. Only here for the typo. Just a little extra reach away from a visit

? Mushroom hunters don’t mess around. I shit you not, they will blindfold you when they drive you to their morel patch.

? – I went on a shroom hunt once but not for the varieties you can buy in stores. Speaking of mushrooms. Here’s a real tasty one

? – Probably my favorite variety that you can buy in stores. A lot of people are

$610 – I’m surprised it went for this much. Good brand and the nickname of The Mountain on Game of Thrones

? – Takata should buy this. Have a monster year in your fantasy league with League Free slogan.

? Conspiracy theorist dream name

? I’ll give it a 6

$740 – Cloud names are like vegan names.  They almost always sell for nice prices, and you never have to ask a cloud if it is a cloud.  A cloud will tell you in the first five minutes. This actually has some action. Dot us generally is a the red headed stepchild of the domain world

$420 – Nice segway for the next name. Dr. Weed is in the house

$760 – Someone had the foresight to register this 7 years ago. Its round. Gotta give it that


Here are the best of the LLLL.coms

The floor on these 4L.coms with vowels and / or a V are certainly rising a bit.  I sold two that contained a V yesterday for $450 each.










? I love no reserve auctions

$460 Nothing hotter than VR names right now in the auction market. Actually not true, one word keywords are always great

Currently at $1200 and ends in a few hours. Doctors and lawyers. All willing to help as long as you pay them

Currently at $1550 and ends in about 17 hours. Fantastic name. Because of the quality I imagine the reserve is going to be pretty high

Ended unsold @ $110K – what a great name, but the last recorded sale price for the name was $450K just a few years ago Sounds a little 2007ish but still sounds like an online tool

Ended unsold @ $458 – another good name with little traction.  The last recorded sale price was $9,400 less than two years ago. Not a four figure name at auction but worth more than the present bid IMO

Ended unsold $40 – Without the “The” it sells for much more easily, but I think it is better than a $40 name.


Maybe reserves were too high or the Namejet API was having a problem (don’t think so), but none of the Namejet names are listed as sold anywhere.

? Nice name for someone in our industry. “These domains are Hot” Free Slogan

? Everyone loves a deal. Making it fun is a bonus

? – Last reported sale is $2K on 7/28/2015. Most of the humor on the internet is now Gifs. Make some money off it by helping them be funny thought gifs

? A ton of families share this name. Worth more than the bids for email alone IMO

? I could use some of this. I come home filthy every night

? Give this one out as an email at the bars. Or porn name

? you know how I loooooooove vegan stuff

? – There are plenty of delicious vegan rolls.  One of my favorites is made with shrooms – the varieties that you can buy in stores of course. Careful.

? – Could be an interesting site. Has a few bids already. I don’t like it because I don’t like cleaning

? Even as a dot net I know there will be quite a few Chinese that will want this pattern

? – or yoga teachers

And a few great from the Namejet side Nice or a cool new bed








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  1. Would you say is worth more or less today than the sale price from a few years ago?

    1. From a wholesale price perspective, I would say that is worth about the same to a little more today than it was a few years ago, but 450K for the name sounds more like a retail sale. Namebio lists the name as sold via website properties rather than one of the typical auction platforms so maybe they found a retail buyer. I’m not sure how sales via website properties are making their way onto Namebio.

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