AUCTION RECAP, the 2nd and 3rd of May 2016

May 04 2016

The Daily Recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 2nd and 3rd of May 2016

Auction Quick Recap

.Mom is out and only 88 cents at Uniregistry. I’m not really sure how many mom’s want there own domain name, but I did some browsing through the extension today. Most common words are at a premium price, from around $300 to $11000. It also seems like all numbers up to 4 are listed at premium prices.

The most interesting thing I found was the number of numerics that were registered already. With random checks it looked like all patterns out to 7N were taken. Either there’s still a lot of number speculation going on, or mom’s just love numbers.


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $1,410.29  I feel like this whole video on the Internet thing is going to take off.  43 bidders agree

1,665 USD In the future people will like videos I think.   With gaming parlors showing up in every state, just a matter of time until somebody names their company this

122 USD Good sports mix with gaming  No bidders, 15 years old.   Not a ton of value but much more fun to say than Uber

?  Sounds so posh……and expensive

490 USD  No bidders. 14 years old.    Solid name for a stock blog or site

? A good use of “the” if you need to add a word to stock finder, The gives it some authority   Lower boats still getting over $250

280 USD  Not sure exactly why this is getting such a high bid

1,266 USD   571,000 backlinks

470 USD That’s a lot of backlinks  A ton of affiliate money in hosting or helping others find hosting. 17 years old

? Most people get confused trying to figure out hosting.   No bidders.  Look it up.  There are companies that specialize in printing those large checks people give away.  I’m going to buy it if nobody else does.

? Happy Gilmore loves these things  Short for medicine ball. One of the best pieces of workout equipment you can own.  Can use it in so many ways. I use mine as an ottoman.  No bidders

400 USD     You see all those discount cig stores so you know the discount weed stores are coming soon

? Or something to do with getting rid of pesky weeds  An old sales term.  Maybe too old.  No bidders

104 USD, 215 USD, 288 USD, 215 USD, 210 USD    210 USD

Some non premium LLLL.coms for you to take a look at  You don’t see specific product domains getting bids much anymore but since practically every person that has a laptop has bought one of these it is getting some action

?   Media names always sell.  As long as it has some cool word in front of it

304 USD Media that tells the future  I guess lions can be social

255 USD They’re very social aren’t they? Pridefully social.   The 77 is the driver.  The X helps as well

133 USD   I was a better drive because I played so much Pole Position so I know that online driving courses are beneficial

106 USD ahh pole position, good old Atari   Good marketing name for a service that offers them.  Handymen are in HUGE demand. Hard to find someone that can do simple services right now.  Everyone is so specialized

449 USD Lots of handymen out there too, should be easy to sell this to someone.  Nice brand although I do admit it is pretty close to SitePoint

No winner  Thousands of visitors to this delicious auction but nobody wants a piece of the pie

Listed as BIN   Fantastic name.   Everything will be charged by solar IMO.   Four figure name IMO

565 USD Plug in the sun   And I thought that success came through good luck.  Now I find out that you have to work hard and put forth effort and create it.   Great name. 19 years old

1,330 USD I like it, Someone will want this for their business.   No bidders.  Good marketing I think.  Fine line between trying to sell some beer and trying to get someone drunk

? Nobody drinks just one.  Tough acronym but very collectible.   16 years old

?   A much much better repeater. Much easier to actually use

?   Much better for an acronym

515 USD   Still liquid.   You’ll probably be surprised how high this price is already

?  Sounds like a portable hospital.  It’s too bad that in the US the doctors don’t come to the patients anymore

156 USD The Dr’s would come to the Patients if we had 1000x’s more Doctors. They usually don’t have enough time to see all the patients in the hospital or their office.    Little brother to Lobsterfest.

? Like it, I can see the piles of shrimp now.  Only one bid at $20.   Will be interesting to see where it ends up

?    Great name marketing name for an insurance company.   Quick usually means targeted towards lower income

170 USD I like this one and think this was a great deal.  I don’t like it as much as all the bidders do.   Not sure exactly what you’d do with it

521 USD  Not sure what this one’s about. May be used Taxi’s  No bidders.   You know there is a DJ that already calls himself that

611 USD    If SnapChat starts a phone company

1,025 USD  I like it as quick, fast mobile too, lot’s of uses.  Sounds like nomad but its not.  Its a cool new company name

336 USD are Yo Mad?, 215 USD, 338 USD, 240 USD  Already a company but I liked it before I knew that because it sounds strong and modern

512 USD  I’m not say start jumping on 5N.coms right now but it is worth watching to see if the new value gets established this spring

431 USD   Sounds like a brand of blue jeans at Wal-Mart

?    I’m interested to see what the cord is going to be so smart about.  Maybe it will automatically plug my phone in when I forget to

510 USD   The pairs are protecting the 31 like a pair of tackles.    Their work is getting $100 plus

220 USD good pattern   Which makes me think it probably doesn’t

?  One bidder at $10.  Sounds like an easy sale if you ask me.  guarantee they remember this domain if you put it on a commercial or in print

? Sounds like a bottle of oxy  Put VR in front of pretty much any known word and it will sell for at least $12 right now

132 USD VR anything gets over a 100 bucks  Also known as a medical marijuana card

?   At $80 at press time

?  If a tweet and a vine have sex

?   Cheap but seller isn’t going to let it go for that

20,000 USD Selling a website with the name. Ditch the website and keep the name.  Organic people LOVE to brag that they are.  This name would be a prize for them.

No Winner

  Recap Quick Overview

videospace.com1,665 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
mvpgaming.com122 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
executiveluxury.com490 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
zasj.com280 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
blqd.com1,266 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
ultramegabit.com470 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
medball.com400 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
readytoown.com104 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
eqnu.com215 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
aczl.com288 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
aczl.com288 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
hogj.com215 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
gjij.com210 USD04/30/16GoDaddy
predictivemedia.com304 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
sociallion.com255 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
xw77.com133 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
onlinedrivingcourse.com106 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
needahandyman.com449 USD05/01/16GoDaddy
solarpowercharger.com565 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
createsuccess.com1,330 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
gbhe.com515 USD01/09/16GoDaddy
wellnesswagon.com156 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
quickcoverage.com170 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
taxiworld.com521 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
weddingguy.com611 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
weddingguy.com611 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
yomad.com336 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
vwki.com215 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
eaxe.com338 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
duxd.com240 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
vwki.com215 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
metalon.com512 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
24713.com431 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
smartcord.com510 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
223166.com220 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
vrmove.com132 USD05/02/16GoDaddy
ECQ.com20,000 USD Flippa

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales $1,463.00 5/2/2016 NameJet $1,425.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,325.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,100.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,300.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,500.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,251.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,301.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,525.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,526.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,500.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,326.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,800.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,400.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,691.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,276.00 5/1/2016 Ebay $1,266.00 5/1/2016 GoDaddy
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