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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 2nd of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Busy day at work today, sometimes it sucks getting up in the middle of the night to go on calls and sometimes the calls just suck, but most of the time it’s awesome and the best job in the world. I was reminded my last shift why I have the best job in the world. It’s nice to have reminders that refocus your perspective. Sometimes you find yourself complaining about stupid things, stuff that doesn’t matter, then you get that refocus and you realize how ridiculous your complaining sounds.

While we do both fire suppression and Emergency Medical Services, EMS is by far the most frequent call type that we see. Most of the time the calls are run of the mill, no one’s gonna die. On my last shift we were dispatched with a another fire dept and an Advanced life support transport unit for a cardiac arrest. The location was out in the middle of nowhere, on a well used trail along the Potomac river. There is a high volume of traffic on the trail especially on weekends and during the summer with people running, walking and riding bikes.

The dispatchers advised us that the patient was in cardiac arrest (heart was not operating) and was lying on the trail with bystanders doing CPR. The first fire dept unit to arrive took over chest compression’s and attached their AED or Automated External Defibrillator. They were able to shock the Patient and continued CPR. (Note: the AED only shocks certain heart Rhythms, If it says “no shock advised” there’s nothing wrong with it, the patient just isn’t in a Shockable Rhythm)

I arrived and started ALS interventions while  the first responders and bystanders continued CPR. When the transport unit arrived we were able to successfully get ROSC or return of spontaneous circulation, that simply means the heart had started again. We transported the pt to the closest hospital alive and with promising signs. Later that day I was contacted and told that the patient was doing well and expected to make a full recovery. 

There’s a couple of points to take away here. First, there is no better story of medical success, as when all the parts fall into place and everyone does their job. From the bystanders that witnessed the patient collapse and fall off his bike. They called 911 and started CPR and continued it until first responders arrived, this is significant and probably the most important part of the puzzle. If those bystanders hadn’t stopped what they were doing to help the rider he would be dead. There is no doubt in my mind. Those people are hero’s, not only did they care enough to call 911, they learned CPR before hand, hoping to never have to use it, but knowing that if they did they could potentially do something amazing for a complete stranger.  If they had waited the 10 minutes it took for responders to arrive he would now be dead.

Next the dispatchers were able to process the information and successfully alert fire and EMS units. Without the dispatchers taking and relying the location and information, the responders would never find the emergency or wouldn’t be prepared for what they found.

The Fire dept first responders didn’t have specialized advanced life support equipment or training, but they didn’t need it. Their job was to get to the patient as quickly as possible, continue CPR and attempt defibrillation and they did it well.  When we arrived we were able to continue basic care and add advance care to the mix. We transported the pt to the hospital and the emergency department staff continued to treat the patient allowing for positive definitive care.

If any of these pieces were missing from the puzzle, the outcome would have been different. But the most important part like I said, was the people who cared enough about another human being to give him another chance at life.

The amazing thing is the length of time that the rider was in cardiac arrest yet still  able to survive without deficit.  We’re talking about around 15 min of the heart not pumping blood through the body. Without immediate, uninterrupted CPR, brain death and total death would have occurred within minutes. (See how important hands only CPR is?)

Old school medical providers might tell you that CPR doesn’t work, or the percent of success is very low. This is because we did crap CPR 15 years ago. I am really amazed that anyone ever survived back then.

What’s the difference? understanding how the body works, changing protocols as needed, study and research and application of that knowledge. While a cardiac arrest save doesn’t happen everyday, it happens exponentially more than when I first started in emergency services. Back then if someone in cardiac arrest survived in was an anomaly. We did so many things wrong, compared to our current knowledge and understanding.

So What’s the point of this long ass post? There are so many points to take away that I’ll let you figure them out, but ill give summary highlights

-Learn CPR and apply the golden rule once you learn it. Make sure you learn to do it right.

-Sometimes we think we know the right way to do something, until we find that it’s been total crap.

-Study, research and knowledge can open our eyes to a better way to do things that can benefit everyone.

-Team work is key to any concept that’s bigger than just you. Not just a “BS” Lets be a happy team, but knowing what your role in the team is and executing it.


Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,043.00  Start the day off with a blue CHiP  20 years old

?   We use OCR to scrape everybody who doesn’t want to be scraped.   I mean when people scrape.  19 years old

?  An old movie and an old term for a prostitute. Nobody under 18 knows about either

2,778 USD Ahh working girls, bless their hearts  No bidders.  Solid celebrity site name for the price

? kinda like it, I have JuicyRumor listed on BrandBucket   CHiP with a K, J, or L.  Those two letters confuse me.  I can never decide if those two are good or not.  K is not great in either China or Western IMO.   But is good

1,975 USD King Kong Thinks K is great   Lion King Quarterback

1926 USD Love Kansas Quality Bacon  There’s that confusing J again

?  I think this one may actually be in the WHiP category

1725 USD Too many Scrabble points? I thought K didn’t make the cut?  These domains used to bring big dollars.  (teeth whitener names) Now it only has one bidder at $12

300 USD I still think it has value.  Has only one bid.  But its a pretty good one

?  This one is much cheaper

311 USD Take Your Cash biz  13 years old.  No bidders.  I thought this makes a nice site name. Memorable

223 USD I thought it was Chick at first , ?  ,  321 USD It’s Pinnish,  400 USD I have a couple of friends that go by RJ, Rj Du what?, 311 USD, 306 USD, 396 USD, 327 USD , 338 USD

Here’s your bottom boats for the day.  All are worth $10o or more

310 USD Rol Tide Rol   Dog tracking with be a 8 billion dollar business soon.  Just kidding.  But pet tracking is definitely in the present and future

457 USD They don’t even have to get lost. Go Pro for animals, you can sit at work and watch your dog sleep all day.  I am putting together a little portfolio of  A little late but I think there is still room to run

106 USD   It’s almost a with the zero and all

906 USD, 207 USD, 221 USD, 212 USD, 211 USD, 212 USD, 195 USD  These have been in the $250 range of late.  These aren’t anywhere near that yet but there is plenty of time

202 USD  Double 8  I’m going to try and own this one

753 USD   I can put a that ends in 888 on the list.  That’s the rules

455 USD  Under $1100 at press time

1877 USD 110 USD  Nice to see dot me getting a little action

106 USD  360 USD  ?

two CHiPs for me to add to my collection. I mean your collection  These are starting to heat up

147 USD Yzss they are   Sounds like a newsletter I signed up for in 2008

281 USD Isn’t this Zig?  I will say over under is $115

104 USD I still like it  One bidder at $12.  These types sell on Flippa all the time

176 USD  Great name for an ADD medication

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)   This one is doing very well. Not great for real estate although my house would be considered this in San Fran

Unsold  These 7Ns with the 4 eights have crossed the $100 mark.  This one hasn’t yet

3 days left

Travel.Agency   Just saw this one up for sale.  Probably the best .agency you can buy, one of the best travel names in general

27 Days to go at $4K. Ali calls himself a Wild Man.dsad Shanes auction picks recap  These CCC.coms are hitting new highs. Especially names like this with No V or vowels or zeros or 4s

Unsold at $2200



  Recap Quick Overview

workinggirl.com2,778 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
hlpk.com1,975 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
lkqb.com1926 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
knsf.com1725 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
whitened.com300 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
tyc.biz311 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
geekychic.com223 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
xjcu.com321 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
rjdu.com400 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
hvqp.com311 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
hvlj.com306 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
rbuj.com396 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
isgz.com327 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
jihw.com338 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
rol.cc310 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
trackmydog.com457 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
wbn.biz106 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
06381.com906 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
cdqw.net207 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
gzgn.net221 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
skqq.net212 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
sdxj.net211 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
bxzb.net212 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
thzt.net195 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
zhdm.net202 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
588399.com753 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
5983888.com455 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
nxbn.com1877 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
ckd.me110 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
wkp.me106 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
212336.com360 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
yzsss.com147 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
themarketingguy.com281 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
886544.com104 USD03/01/16GoDaddy
undistracted.com176 USD03/01/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,900.00 3/1/2016 NameJet $2,118.00 3/1/2016 NameJet $2,280.00 3/1/2016 NameJet $1,953.96 3/1/2016 $1,893.07 3/1/2016 $1,953.65 3/1/2016 $1,892.91 3/1/2016 $1,923.59 3/1/2016 $1,892.61 3/1/2016 $2,052.54 3/1/2016 $1,892.30 3/1/2016 $2,075.73 3/1/2016 $1,862.09 3/1/2016 $1,892.61 3/1/2016 $1,923.13 3/1/2016 $1,862.09 3/1/2016 $1,923.13 3/1/2016 $1,953.35 3/1/2016 $1,923.59 3/1/2016 $1,892.61 3/1/2016 $1,923.13 3/1/2016 $1,923.28 3/1/2016 $1,923.43 3/1/2016 $1,922.82 3/1/2016 $1,923.13 3/1/2016 $1,923.28 3/1/2016 $1,923.13 3/1/2016 $1,953.96 3/1/2016 $1,923.28 3/1/2016 $1,954.57 3/1/2016 $1,923.43 3/1/2016 $1,877.00 3/1/2016 GoDaddy $1,926.00 3/1/2016 GoDaddy $1,725.00 3/1/2016 GoDaddy $1,975.00 3/1/2016 GoDaddy $1,801.00 3/1/2016 Flippa $1,926.00 3/1/2016 GoDaddy
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  1. Great incentive to get people to learn or refresh the proper CPR method. Not sure if this changed recently but I was taught: Locked elbows, 2 inch deep chest compressions to the beat of ‘Stayin Alive’ by the Bee Gees, no mouth breathing.

    1. Ian,

      Ian thanks for your comment. I wrote a response that was really long, so I’m adding it to today’s post so everyone sees it.

    1. Amazing work Josh. So easy to give the big middle finger to the people that throw shade in the comment sections when you save lives for a living. Puts everything in perspective.

      1. Thanks Shane,
        I agree, it is a good opportunity for everyone to put things into perspective like you did the other day in the auction picks. If the internet gods decide to strike down domains for some reason no one will starve. It would suck, but we would regroup and do something else. If a person feels like they would starve in this scenario, then it’s time they diversify and learn some additional life skills.

    2. That’s what the rest of my day looks like. It’s nice to get that sudden break from the computer and go do something completely different with no prior warning. It keeps things interesting.

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