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AUCTION RECAP of the 30th of May 2016

Ok, these new lists are HUGE.  I’m going to automate the tracking of these prices.  I already do for the liquid stuff so that is easy to look up, but it takes a while to look up the rest of them.  There are a lot of prices missing right now, but that doesn’t mean that the name didn’t sell.  It may have sold for an amount that is too small to be tracked.  I hope to be able to fill this list in quite a bit more when I have my own tracking going.  Also, there is a pretty big bug with and the category.  shortnames is missing the three zeroes on the end of the prices for and  There is a big difference between $42 and $42,000.

Shane’s Main List Solid name for a beer, bar, or any edgy brand    I figure since I bought, I might as well buy this one

$42,000  Not quite as good but still short

$31,500    Sounds like a name for a really good looking girl.  Or a chubby one

$4505     One beautiful girl with this last name dominates Google images.  I probably spent too long researching this one

$4000  Because its not any good if its not pure

Could sell with   Wonder what they’re going to serve there?

$225    New Jersey

$2000     Easy to remember and round.  And thus all the bids

$1800   They spend million on marketing in the skin care world.  $10K for a good marketing name is nothing

$406  Human Resources

$1925   A lawyers dream name.  The pray every night before they go to bed for someone to get injured at work

$307  I’m sure others won’t like it but I like the way it rolls off the tongue

Good brandable name, I like it  Gotta leave a little room for it      Probably going to sell fire extinguishers.   The money is in the monthly safety checks

Also good for a pyromaniac’s email address  I am a fan of all energy and solar names.  OK maybe Not all…. to quell the emails trying sell their solar names

$450   As long as the Q is in the first two spots I like it.  Q is almost always for quality   We blame them but its really the hospitals and their charges that are the problem here in the US

$1007  Everyone is always pushing genuine parts

$616 – True in front of lots of things works well   You know I like rocket names because companies like rocket names

$511 – Rocket also works well in front of lots of things.  It also works after things.  True, not as much.   All pronounceable 5L.coms should have bids

$130   With all the Internet commerce there will certainly be a push to find local product.  Good name for it

$255   The kind of name that goes for $12 and then seems to sell for thousands later

You do not want to name a company this.  Well, a few companies maybe but it’s pretty niche.    Now that would be a hairy festival Sounds like a fun place to study

$1663    I would name my new startup this in a heartbeat  This stuff is dangerous as well.  Smoking salvia not the perennial plant I sell    Banking on that something, someday this will become a thing    Long name but funny.   The new World Star   Electric bike or drugs that make you better at your sport   Has a four but ends in 8.  I have no idea what its worth.  Gonna find out

$933 – and now we know

Ike’s JV list 12 years old with an earlier whois date from 2001. I know a lot of guys that teach CPR on the side to industry or laypeople. There’s actually a lot of money in teaching CPR and First Aid to industry. This is a nice short name. The Generic Pep Boys. It’s all Chain Blocks these days apparetly Lock down your chain blocks in a chain vault. Nice vape name, Come to club vape and smoke humidity

$158 Everyone loves some night action, but maybe you should mix it up with a little day action. Ride a bike or watch the day go on to the next.  This is the election center that tells you who to vote for. I saw this and thought of a business that makes and sells cool reusable grocery bags.  Big industry, everyone wants to feel safe.  I see promotions for emergency food stores all over the place. Get ready for the Zombies Traveling abroad and don’t want to stay at chain hotels? find a local, or an alternative for the personals on C-list.

$255 – hey, this one made both lists.  I can’t believe it hasn’t happened more yet.  And you can see that they each see the name a little differently. This one’s for you Game of Thrones fans, Lord Bolton’s sigil is the Flayed man. What a bastard. I think this might mean there’s too much algie in the water.

$190 It seems like it could work as a portal site for an insurance company. I know what it is, but I’m not crazy about it for a brand. Yes Hire me on this site. Internet Greek? or the new united blog for all Greek domainers?

$493 – and I’m thinking sorority or fraternity It is isn’t it?

$152 – It is I can never spell the first word in this name right, but if you have some of it this will help you track it. My dad has a laser engraver, it’s good work at home business that lets you customize almost anything with a laser. These are the best kind of friends. Or there people that just keep showing up and never go away.

I’m thinking dogs on this one.  They truly are lifelong friends – their lives anyway.  Reminds me of one of my favorite quotes from the book The Dog Stars. “He’s getting old. I don’t count the years. I don’t multiply by seven. They bred dogs for everything else, even diving for fish, why didn’t they breed them to live longer, to live as long as a man?”  Great book if you like the apocalyptic genre by the way.  It must be a tree of some sort that grows money. Or the US government apparently. It appears this is true Another name to get all your locally grown produce The all night store for all your cannabis needs. Sounds like a gambling namet The guy that just says everything he’s thinking another emergency food supply name. A service that sends you food every month so you can bury it in strategic places for later use during the zombie invasion. Comes before Two financial solution

Add an s to the end and you have the name of a company in the UK.  Encourage your parents Fast mail order medications

$134 med rare steak dipped in butter. The app that manipulates pics Sounds like a sales book

No one was persuaded, or it sold for less than $100. Not sure what it is, maybe text manipulations or logo brand

$160 Get your protein and Fiber all in one I think this is another good CPR name Go there again  Uber clone site, instead of thousands of cars on the street it’s just you and your car

$125 The site that monitors and predicts on the stock maket

$113 A huge Fricken Rocket Beast

$128 – rocket strikes again A Spy name, copy data without anyone knowing a site that teaches you to program, or you can ask Travis to do it

or you can ask pay Travis to do it These are the hardcore people that fight each other to get the missing piece for their collection Make cartoons Not sure what it is or does, maybe a fish made out of peanut butter

$148 Get multiple social profiles A service that does all your social media dirty work I don’t know if the Sign Spinners guild has a website but if they don’t they can use this one. Stack is a hot word stack booster seems like an awesome stack of something Make sure your buzz is where it’s supposed to be  Nice Geek brand

$194 Hand too much to drink or a site that tells you the best places to go and see

$338 The best donuts in the store Software

$119 Probalby an app for this already

$120 What! Shane didn’t add this? This is where you store all your vegan things.

Yea, this one does not make much sense.  Maybe we have one that didn’t sell. Once you reach VIP status what are the benefits? Find out here. This is a pretty good name, weed and vape all in one name. is probably a billion $ name, well something high.

$1225 Why pay retail? , A trio of sports betting names   Keep yourself on track with accountability.

$119 CVCV .us that’s close to canna Seems like it works with the extension

? but it last sold for $850 on 4/9/08  If delivering food is your business

$910 Is this a Span the dot name? Health Snacks for Us  AAABC  Tell everyone about it here.

Your LLLL.coms of The Day – $450 – $450  – $405 – $460 – $450

And a Few Numerics  – $108 – $102 – $285 – $103 – $122 – $102 – $103   – $155

And a few more just for fun – $17 – $17 – $103 – $17 – $27 – $27 – $114 – $22 – $102 – $17 – $12 – $27 – $27 – $32 – $32 – $235 – $105 – $100 – $102 – $12 –$12 – $66 –$17

55 Names Already Listed at BrandBucket    Get an instant portfolio for one low price

$1270 – I think…  Very surprised by the bid

Ended unsold at $5,500 – there is already a company that lives on the .net and there is a trademark too   Wide is a popular size in the US

Ended unsold at $2,150

NameJet   A with no 4s.  $2500?

$2030   I like to see my Hos in HD   You can get a lot of money for your eggs. Sorry guys, you don’t have any

? but last sold for $5,200 on 2/23/2016  People of Texas are proud of living in Texas    Long name, great CPC  Worth $69 as an email  I think they’ll be a good price for this measly name    A subscriber is worth 10 times that of a regular visitor   A lot of Ls for the price

$2010  Best on the list IMO  Area Network

$601  99% chance this becomes a condom domain

? but last sold for $1,136 on 12/23/2015  The triple 8s make it worth watching

$371  I think I’d rather mess with an angry bull than a bad monkey

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday

CCCY.ORG – $37
CYGY.ORG – $12
DCSN.ORG – $17
DFFN.ORG – $30
DNVS.NET – $60
ELEN.ORG – $17
FSJS.NET – $110
IMDN.ORG – $36
JXXS.ORG – $17
KLSA.ORG – $12
KULO.ORG – $12
MYNY.CC – $22
NHUY.ORG – $12
QYXK.ORG – $12
RSCV.ORG – $10
SNZI.NET – $17
SPLT.NET – $230
VNBT.NET – $17
WTYC.ORG – $17
YZFF.NET – $107

LLL .US – $103

Brandables – $207 – $130

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  1. Nice work Travis. I’ve been deleting the ones from my list that duplicate Shane’s, unless I miss them. If I have some completely different take on a name I might leave it up.

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