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The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 31st of December

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on and was $2,404.09

Auction Quick Recap

I listened to the DNW’s podcast of 2016 predictions yesterday. A lot of good information in there to sift through and apply as needed. Some of my goals next year,  are to figure out the Chinese auction platforms, Get Alipay to work right, hire a Chinese Au pair to babysit and translate for me and figure out the best way to find who owns liquid domains and email them. I intend to fine tune these goals and set realistic bench marks. I’m not the best at following through with my ideas because 1. there’s not enough time in the world to act on every crazy idea I get and 2. I’m easily sidetracked, look Squirrel!

I think it’s a good idea to come up with some realistic goals and  write them down. Then develop a plan and time frame to implement those goals. Lots of things to learn and do, and it’s a fresh year tomorrow. Happy New Year’s Eve everyone.

dsad dec31 meme   18 years old.   I was thinking of buying this for Aaron for Christmas since I didn’t get him anything

Not sure if  this was renewed or didn’t meet reserve. Listed as offer counter offer.  Its getting quite a few bids.  Not my kind of name.  Tough verbally, although works fine in print.  17 years old

565 USD But it has a “4”… My first thought was a country way to say “Decifer” but its actually a first and last name. A few bidders

355 USD, A first and last name? Any Cyfer Cyfer’s out there?  Very nice letters for enduser sales.  People say its hard to put a price on these but I disagree.  The final auction price is pretty much the price.  An enduser price is just made up.

1,675 USD   One capital letters takes it from psychotherapy forum to a forum for Jared

LOL, Reminds me of Celebrity Jeopardy “I’ll take The Rapist for $400”

dsadjeopardy 12 years old.  One of the first Organic names I’ve seen with no bids

651 USD Nice brand for growing organic things.   986 backlinks and a PR3.  Two bidders, under $30

Probably Spammed out, didn’t get the price  Only one bidder.  I think we have quite a few of these in the near future.  Yeah I know, a bit long but everything can’t be short

338 USD That’s a good point, Sometimes you need enough words to describe what it is. I’m not sure how this one plays out in the end. At the point where they have Stations for free sun energy you would think the car would be able to absorb it’s own rays. Oh well yeah I guess it could be a thing at home where you plug all your battery powered gadgets in to charge them. I was thinking cars.   No bidders.  These don’t have much value but worth a look at $12.  Fairly low risk to reward. Although right now China could care less about St. Louis.

Didn’t catch the price, St Louis Community College maybe Most bids on the Godaddy board today. Not the highest price but a lot of bids for this

565 USD   Not getting a lot of bids early because of the zero but they always come around at the end

963 USD  Has a few thousand more dollars to run based on the average price yesterday of non 4, zero 5N.coms

3,176 USD Has the 8, but I think the buyer of 27065 got a deal.  5 years old.  Under $500 at press time

692 USD

812 USD


692 USD

A few more with 4s.   That’s pretty much what you get with 5N.coms.  All the rest are being held pretty tight to the chest

While I think these are going up in value in 2016, I am buying Chinese premiums that also have popular English letters.  Others are doing the same and its the reason those types are going for a higher price than an “ordinary”  The brings them in and the double Ks take it it home.

2,214 USD  

1,926 USD   

2,530 USD  This one obviously got more because it means Your Zero’s Can Pissoff

Here’s a few for the players 265 USD 305 USD    255 USD

These have been going relatively cheap without the 8 at the end.  The 8 brings them up closer to $100 but we’ll see if that stays true today.  Every day is different  371 USD 201 USD  206 USD

Now up over $200, at least for today anyway. Still lots of combinations that make just as much sense as these out there. Just saying   Is up to $200 which is better than I thought it would do

200 USD and it stays there. Not bad I quess, what with the dreaded Zero’s

If you can’t pick out which one of these LLLL.nets will end up the highest you need to go back to “Picking out Chinese Patterns and Letters 101”  210 USD  195 USD  186 USD  Can’t find this one. These are always lower when I’m not trying to get them. Every time I try they’re $240 at least.  Every product in the world has it.  I also see a moving boxes play as well.  Under $50 at press time

2 days left  I know its got 8 numbers but six of them are 8 so what the hell, lets buy it

Didn’t get the price. Look at all of those 8’s! that number is Lucky as Shit. I know I keep saying it, but I think pattern and meaning win out in the end with 6 through 9 numerics. It’s just like words. Sure a random is great and has value, but a that spells something or means something in a high demand or expensive industry is still worth more. So if the numbers have meaning then… alright, alright you get what I’m saying I’ll stop.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 – Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  Not quite at reserve but getting close.  Actually I’m making that up. I have no idea what the reserve is

Ends today and is at $55,555 and hasn’t met reserve with 4 hours to go.  No reserve. At $50 16 years old. have started to do very well but you can still get ahead of the market as they are dragging behind.  This is one of the better CVCV.  Don’t let vowels scare you.

Ending today and At $155. So is is generally worth more than a good should be at least $300-400 IMO. Gets 463 visits a month.  Virtual reality is going to be (is already)  awesome.   Already tried it with Google cardboard.

Says Make offer on Sedo.  Officially a CHiP but letters only a Chinese person can love

Unsold  I’m not going to lie, I’ve never heard of dot cx.  Funny thing is the name is getting bids and the seller’s reserve hasn’t been met.

Unsold   I think you’ll do well buying an 88 with any consonants.

920 USD. Nice! almost to $1k


Recap Quick Overview

ABR.net1,675 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
ZKNG.com1,926 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
qlrs.net186 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
mlwn.net195 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
YRKK.com2,214 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
yzcp.com2,530 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
0660.co200 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
YF78.com201 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
XD28.com206 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
XHSW.net210 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
xhsw.net210 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
cyl.co255 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
RPR.co265 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
85392.com3,176 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
mmy.co305 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
SolarChargingStation.com338 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
Cyfer.com355 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
MG58.com371 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
iFour.com565 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
17878.net565 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
OrganicTouch.com651 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
24827.com692 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
29410.com692 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
33473.com812 USD12/30/15GoDaddy
88LN.com920 USD12/30/15Sedo
27065.com963 USD12/30/15GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $2,151.00 12/30/2015 Sedo $2,035.80 12/30/2015 $3,300.00 12/30/2015 NameJet $1,801.00 12/30/2015 NameJet $1,900.00 12/30/2015 NameJet $2,530.00 12/30/2015 GoDaddy $2,120.00 12/30/2015 DropCatch $2,214.00 12/30/2015 GoDaddy
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