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Auction Recap, 31st of January 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 31st of January

Auction Quick Recap

I got carried away writing the results for this name, so I decided to move it to the top. If you don’t want to read the whole thing skip to the rest of the names. It just looked crazy in the middle and I didn’t want to confuse anyone. Not that I guarantee you won’t be confused after reading it, but I think it’s important.  This might just be simpler

1,375 USD Great name, you know what it is, it’s short and to the point. Now for my weekly medical rant.

Let’s talk about Heroin, it’s prevalent cycle of death and how Modern Medical Trends have supported the expansion of Heroin use.

NO one wants to feel pain. We have all been in pain from one thing or another. Shane was gimping around all through namescon. He kept dropping things on the floor and couldn’t pick them up, so I had to get him one of those grabber claws that your grandma uses to reach things from her recliner.

In a continued effort to wussify the world, the medical community decided a few years ago that any patient complaining of anything should be given pain medication. Standard pain medication is fine for most things, but a lot of Doctors went down the Opiate route too soon and too often. PreHospital protocols changed giving Advanced Life Support providers free reign to give morphine and fentanyl out to anyone with a stubbed toe. (there may be some hyperbole in here but not much)

Opiates are very addictive, Heroin is an opiate. Heroin is often easier to get than controlled  prescription pain medications. The user develops a chemical, physical and psychological dependence on the drug. Over prescribing opiate based drugs has turned normal everyday people, that you would never suspect, into hardcore heroin users.

I used to judge drug addicts harshly, even if it was only subconsciously in the back of my head. We’d get there find them blue, not breathing, diaphoretic, about to be dead, ventilate them, give them narcan and wake them up. I would always think, what a piece of shit, look at what you’re doing to your loved ones. Maybe it was a teenage kid that overdosed and their parents had to find them. Maybe it was just someone on the street, shooting up a new batch.  

What I’ve found since, is that anyone is susceptible to this live changing and devastating addiction and over prescription of legal pain medications doesn’t help. I had two friends that used work in EMS and were great providers. I watched them both go from productive members of society, to injured and off work, addicted to pain meds, depressed, one stealing pain meds when he came back to work, using street heroin, breaking into houses, and finally in jail.

When you couple an addictive substance freely given to help fight pain, with depression caused by any number of things, it’s a recipe for disaster. Heroin is easier to get after a while, eventually insurance companies or the Dr, will cut back on your medication. If you lose your job because on an injury you might not even have insurance.

Try not to judge the heroin addict to harshly, remember that it could happen to anyone under the right or wrong, circumstances. Just because you hurt a little bit doesn’t mean that taking opiates is a good idea. Just because your  Dr wants to give you opiate based pain medication doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. Last year I can’t even count the number of dead overdoses we rolled up on, in just the county that I work. Kids in their teens, 20’s and up, dead because they became addicted to heroin for whatever reason, stopped breathing and died.

There’s a big rage about Narcan, the drug that inhibits opiates and allows your central nervous system to start working right again. Narcan is now being carried by Police, you can get it at the drugstore and other places. I think this is a bad idea, simply because it gives a false sense of security to someone that’s overdosed. They stop breathing, a friend gives them the narcan, they wake up and keep partying. A pocket mask would do the same thing without waking them up, allow them to be transported to the hospital and maybe get some help. If you have a friend or loved one that overdoses on heroin or any RX pain medication, you simply need to do mouth to mouth to keep them alive or buy a pocket mask and use that. Opiates knock out the respiratory drive, so someone that overdoses is not breathing effectively or at all. If you can breath for them and call 911 they will more than likely survive.  

This post is meant to be informational and should not be misconstrued as medical advice, as with any medical condition or emergency, call 911 or contact a physician.  

I’ve added a fun video for your education and entertainment. It could be useful information in a negotiation for any kind of business.  A fancy way of naming a company that makes gadgets for old people.  20 years old

204 USD, I can see self propelled walkers, Phones and tablets with giant letters. Hearing aides and so on.    18 year CHiP, no WHiP here

2000 USD  Whizzlm almost pronounceable  We just did a big one and a database cleanup last weekend.  By removing the auto saves that have been made over the last 6 years I got rid of 42,000 article saves.  After Travis optimized the database we reduced it from 250 Megs to 50 megs.  DSAD should be a little faster now.  Oh….. and nice name

10,099 USD, Wow Nice, Already seems like a lot of good solutions out there for this, but it’s a good name either way.    Most Americans are size XXL

265 USD I’m thinking it’s a Big and tall type brand the plays the X as a variable. You get the idea of bigger without actually saying they’re Extra Large.  LLL.nets are killing it lately.  This is no different

4,900 USD Look at that price there. About $550 in 2010, Nice return  That’s what she said. 14 years old. No bidders.  No value other than humor

14 Years at $10 a year (Don’t know what the price was $14 years ago) $140 spent on this hoping that men would someday walk into to a store and buy a box of Smaller Condoms. Pretty much anything works better. could work, Ooooo sizex condoms! X for variable.  Getting some bids.  Like Cabbage with a K. Its cooker with a K

710 USD Isn’t this actually Kook, “a crazy or eccentric person”? So Kooker would be used like “that guys a real Kooker!” or you might like this use per


“Getting ones ball sack caught in a bicycle chain while riding”

That was one bad ass kooker.  It’s long but sounds very official. No bidders

I can see it, If I was buying the one below I’d buy this one too.  This might just be simpler

1,375 USD See the beginning of the page for a long rant  Sounds like a low end strip club

172 USD Yeah, I’m not buying any dirty tacos…  Not sure why this one is so high.  Can someone splain me?   Is it just because the city code GZ

915 USD According to Google translate, the one stop authority in pinyin, JY means.


    推荐, 建议, 荐, 提倡, 荐举, 引进
suggest 建议, 暗示, 提议, 意味着, 意, 促成
propose 提出, 建议, 提议, 求婚, 倡议, 倡导
recommendation 建议, 推荐, 议案, 拟议, 谘
proposal 提案, 建议, 提议, 议案, 方案, 拟议
suggestion 建议, 意见, 提议, 暗示, 意, 方案
steer 建议, 暗示, 暗语, 主意


So Maybe it’s something like recommendations in GZ Guangzhou?   This one isn’t as high.  K is for killing the price

285 USD it’s back up to what it was 2 weeks ago.  These Chinese names/words have been getting incredible prices

3,983 USD, That’s it, I’m learning Chinese.  Nice to see these getting near $100.  Has to start somewhere

156 USD C’s and Bj’s a great combination. Because it’s a city code and a pattern.   I’m guessing $400ish

216 USD I would have too, great deal  If you’re looking to build an portfolio.  Anyone doing that?  Didn’t think so

I have a small portfolio, but it doesn’t have many chips in it. I tried to get some pinyin, the chips have been sold out for a long time.  Another 6N with no zeros or 4s.

215 USD Another good price  Gets 750 visits a month if you believe Godaddy

611 USD I’m really skeptical of that traffic. There’s not much on the old site, a couple pages about dreams from 2008 and then no indexing at all for a couple of years, finally ending up at a redirect to some kind of tablet. I bet it has the crap spammed out of it.

Special Domain Shane ONLY Coupon…….. CODE IS DDCDS2015 Good 30% off Discount Domain Club to get the lowest renewal prices Godaddy offers (DDC)  I like to have domain that are things that everyone has.  Most people have at least 8 of these things

Unsold  A lot of 1s for the price

Unsold at $305  A very big name.  People spend millions on protein powders to make protein shakes.

Unsold at $3K  Reserve met at $650.  Seems like a good price for this one

2,873 USD Great name.   Reserve is met and it just crossed four figures.

2 days left   Reserve met. Will be interesting to see how this finishes out for all the

1 Day left at $365


NameJet Action Time Left:1d 13h High Bid:$75 Time Left:1d 13h High Bid:$410 Time Left:1d 14h High Bid:$3,333 Time Left:1d 14h High Bid:$430 Time Left:1d 14h High Bid:$5,200 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$1,200 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$9,900 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$170 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$71 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$71 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$69 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$1,200 Time Left:1d 15h High Bid:$27,200 Time Left:2d 13h High Bid:$223 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$501 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$86 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$2,100 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$33,500 Time Left:2d 14h High Bid:$30,000 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$100 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$72 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$70 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$69 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$700 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$19,000 Time Left:2d 15h High Bid:$215


  Recap Quick Overview

geritech.com204 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
wzlm.com2000 USD01/29/16GoDaddy
websitebackup.com10,099 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
sizex.com265 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
jww.net4,900 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
kooker.com710 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
heroinhelp.com1,375 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
dirtytaco.com172 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
gzjy.net915 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
dkgm.net285 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
yaoben.com3,983 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
cccbj.com156 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
822712.com216 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
611683.com215 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
dreamtab.com611 USD01/30/16GoDaddy
legaltender.com2,873 USD01/30/16Sedo
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