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AUCTION RECAP, 31st of March 2016

The Daily recap of Shane’s Auction Picks, the 31st of March 2016

Auction Quick Recap

Good evening, or morning at this point. In the comments section yesterday Yoyoyo, common spelling, said that he didn’t think Ali was too excited about the sale price of Travel.Agency for $9999. I haven’t asked Ali about it, but it was going to be a harder sell with the $3500 renewal fee.  You have to factor that in to the end price, extrapolated  over numerous years.

It’s still to be determined is this play will work for the NTLD Registry’s, they’re basically ensuring that they get a residual cut of end user sales and essentially circumventing domainers. There’s all kinds of different plays here, you have the Premium extensions were all names are at a high price, the one time domain specific premium price, and the domain specific recurring premium price.

So let’s compare these models using Travel.Agency in a made up non scientific study, using a 10 year time frame.

If Ali sells the name for $9999 and it has a $10 renewal fee the 10 year cost of the name to the user is $10099. That seems like a really low price for such a good name.

Now  to the $3500 recurring premium renewal. $9999 + $35000 = $44,999. The actual sales price for this name using this model is almost $50K for our 10 year time frame. That’s what the buyer or end user is paying.

Ali gets his $9999 minus whatever he paid, lets assume $3500, for a Gross profit of $6499 (assuming marketing costs), Ali is now out of the Travel Business. The Registry makes $38,500 over the 10 +1 years in our scenario.

I almost think it would be better to market these names to companies for the affiliate commission, rather than buying and selling them.

Yesterday’s Average 4L Chip Sales as listed on $2,841.38   18 years old.  No bidders at $12.  Upgrade name for several places according to the google results

338 USD Resort I bet, sounds like a resort name anyway.  Those little add on charms seem to be hot.  Thousands of add on charms to buy.   Old ladies love them

538 USD “add on charms” I don’t know what that is. Are we talking “bling”   No bids at $25.  The reason?  It has a reserve.  Reserved numerics don’t get much action

?  I’ve said it a hundred times.  People will pay thousands to get rid of pain and they go straight to the Internet to try and find help

202 USD Hmmm I thought this would have more exact match search volume than it does, only 34/month  Love this brand.  One bidder at $12

370 USD Good Brand and Cheaper than  Great to see a keyword .cc getting a great price

2,153 USD wtf? What Happened? Cheap means Monkey in pinyin.   A perfect example of a Chinese CHiP.  13 years ago.   Was China even around 13 years ago

2,025 USD I believe they were building the Great Wall at that point. See, Trump’s on to something, 1.3 Billion people can’t be wrong. Speaking of which, I’m am not opposed to building a wall on our borders. I’m actually confused a bit, because I thought there was a wall on the border. Why they hell do they dig tunnels, if there’s no wall. Ever watch the Great Escape? Awesome book and movie, they built tunnels to get under a wall/fence.

Here’s the thing, whatever political persuasion you might subscribe to, you have to admit that not securing our borders can have dire consequences. Forget the labor issues or drugs or citizenship crap for a second, there are lots of people out there that want to blow us all up or enslave us. Not securing the borders is irresponsible and dangerous. If even 1 terrorist comes through our unsecured borders it’s one too many. Gitmo, is surrounded by Razor wire, watch towers, and a mine field. All of those things were there before it was a detention center, so the point was to keep people out not in. That place seems pretty secure and the only terrorists crossing the border there are handcuffed. Would a minefield be cheaper than a wall? Probably. I’m confident that the vast majority of people willing to cross a minefield with machinegun nests scattered about, are people that are coming here with one intention. To Kill us.

It’s not inhumanitarian, sorry migrant workers, get a visa, the sign says “minefield”. People don’t do things that will kill them unless they want to die, thus I think we should install minefields and not a wall.    The symmetry is going to give it an above average price

?  A word AND a 4L.  Thus the price

1,025 USD Been there. It smells.  No bidders.  Probably because of the smell

401 USD, I thought this was a salmon fishing technique. Imagine standing waist deep in an Alaskan river as the salmon make their spawning run. You have no pole, no bait, just a bat. Happy Club fishing.

Youtube Video of Redneck Club Fishing., 305 USD, 354 USD, 315 USD, 300 USD,  315 USD

Nice to finally see some bottom boat LLLL.coms up for auction These have been going for $100 to $125 lately.  I bought 100 or so since the renewal cost reduction.  I am paying $100 in bulk of western letter CHiPs

?   Worst spelling of “New” I’ve seen all days

406 USD, 186 USD, 186 USD, 171 USD, 161 USD, 164 USD  186 USD

Not going for what they used to but still selling every day   Tells you exactly what you’re going to get when you visit the site.  That’s a good thing

?  I haven’t let BullS comment here in years so I guess officially this is.  A few bidders

?  No Bulls HIt Zone? Its a safe zone for Matador’s  Remember what I said about reserve.  The price on this one is VERY low compared to value

?  Not worth a ton of money but I do like the sentiment here.  One bidder at $10

?    One of the biggest challenges the world faces about the world’s different faces

Unsold   All comes down to the reserve

Unsold     Solid name for an expert in Lead Generation.  At $20 at press time

19 days left. The description talks about lead generation, I think you could use this name for lead abatement, as in Flint Michigan or paint. I actually thought Flint was a barren wasteland that had been abandoned years ago. I saw the M Moore Film about it when I was a kid. Of course there’s lead in the water, that place has been a shit hole for decades. There should be a sign at the borders that says, “no jobs, lots of vacant houses, old factories, and lead, enter at your own risk”   Great letters.  I expect it to meet reserve

Has a BIN, I thought these were crappy letters? This is a triple bastard chip isn’t it?  Interesting name.  No bidders

Reserve met at $200 5 hours left


  Recap Quick Overview

sevenpalms.com338 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
charmshop.com538 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
nobackpain.com202 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
yellowseed.com370 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
cheap.cc2,153 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
kfxb.com2,025 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
mass.co1,025 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
clubfish.com401 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
uxuh.com305 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
svwr.com354 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
ugzu.com315 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
uyuj.com300 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
ugzn.com315 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
nuuw.com406 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
wjst.net186 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
dmck.net186 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
mhnc.net171 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
kjfh.net161 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
sqbl.net164 USD03/30/16GoDaddy
ptmn.net186 USD03/30/16GoDaddy

Yesterday’s Reported 4L Chip sales. $1,700.00 3/30/2016 NameJet $1,701.00 3/30/2016 NameJet $1,877.00 3/30/2016 NameJet $1,550.00 3/30/2016 NameJet $1,625.00 3/30/2016 NameJet $2,025.00 3/30/2016 GoDaddy $4,398.69 3/30/2016 $2,813.31 3/30/2016 $2,963.33 3/30/2016 $4,103.59 3/30/2016 $2,810.53 3/30/2016 $2,345.97 3/30/2016 $6,302.17 3/30/2016 $3,163.97 3/30/2016 $3,241.14 3/30/2016
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3 Replies to “AUCTION RECAP, 31st of March 2016”

  1. Josh, you got it all wrong on the renewal of ! Unless, you are playing a prank on April 1st. Anyways, Happy April fools day! 🙂

    The renewal fee is $499 (not $3500) and Ali added two years extra during the course of the auction to boost it. He did a pretty awesome job selling it IMO.

    – V

  2. Hey Thanks Vicky, I came across that number somewhere, not sure where. I’m glad it’s less than I thought. Did they lower it at some point? I think my point with premium renewals still holds true. They’re a means for the Registry to continue to command higher revenue from the better names, taking some value away from the domainer. Not that they’re doing anything wrong, but I think it’s worth considering. I was serious about the commission rather than buying the name. Some of these registry’s have 30% commission for as long as the name is registered through your referral.

  3. Josh, was pulled from the auction because it was renewed on March 30th before the auction ended which is why it only reached $202. Some guy named Ken O’Brien almost lost a good name.


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