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AUCTION RECAP of the 31st of May 2016

Skipping the commentary on this one, because I’m behind by a few days on these, and I want to get started on the the June 1st recap.  I hope to have that one out the door today as well.

Shane’s Main List   The name for that ” I don’t really like you” email  Big fan of energy.  Regardless of what type   Not a bad name for under $50.  I like to play and I love berries.

$389   Even a dot cc would make a nice, high traffic games site   Temptation is the root of all bad.  And what makes life fun   Cs are my favorite letter in a  This one starts it off with two of them  I would think most people would know but you’d probably get some traffic

$470   Getting some good bids on just the history and backlinks  What they call old cannabis.  Just kidding, made that up.  I think they call it stank. No bidders   forex broker   Sounds like something that they’re selling on an infomercial on Sunday morning on my local CBS station   Has the most bids on the board

$2,125   Be rich or connected  Like it as a brand for a cheap price  I tried all through college   Don’t blow it.  Hire Trumpet Media.  Free slogan  You know you could easily see this on a real estate sign   We do.  And they’re life is more important than a gorilla although its still a shame it had to happen.  Got more publicity than the 4 killings in Chicago which seems to happen every weekend   I think they already have this but I think there is room for another site   No bidders.  Worth $12 IMO   You are reading one each day here   The 5Ns are starting to show up again on the GD auctions

$760   The real one is called the World Poker Tour League but nobody knows it


Ike’s JV list 3d Movie Specials, printing specials

$155 The magazine for active people

$290 Like antiques road show, find out what your old crap is worth The Real talk, no BS and fluff Because the second best isn’t as good Bikers that love riding bikes, or bikers that drink a lot

$155 So many of these people that they sell fake boobies  15 years old, home health nurse, nursing homes A Casino where you also win money, that’s the twist Blockchain retail  things, however the hell it works I’m not sure. The site or app that lets you check in on the action. Maybe sports or home surveillance Editing site, really anything you do could use someone to double check your work for mistakes. The dude that sells you the Chronic There’s gotta be a fishing charter that goes by this name, several probalby. Lots of coast out there. Not much money in coffee shops, but I like this one, even with the “S” on the first word. Makes me think of a cafe or dinner. I still listen to the radio when I’m driving, anyone else listen to the radio? This is a valet service or company that actually fixes curbs. Master being a good dad I told the dog, cat tracking story several month ago. People will pay big bucks to find their pet. Who doesn’t want a drink break every now and then. Stay hydrated. The drone that’s so quiet it’s only a whisper Grow lights that use less energy  The Soil, Shane can use this to sell Spanish Soil A private getaway, a fence company The last group of Vape names did well, here’s some more. Doesn’t have to be Monkeys, could be a story, life or a problem

$510  yep, you guessed it, good movies The fastfood restaurant that only serves food eaten with a spoon. Nice short name for a couple that works out. The Cultra family is in the “running” for this. Pun intended A legal name, or a name to regain trust Travel around the world, or hike anywhere in the world  Edward Snowden’s home page Pole vaulting name. Breaking into a donkey’s computer You could swing this name as a Vet, pet insurance, pet training She needs the right gear to workout After working out and drinking Whey she’ll be a Hulker Internet Mentorship, It’s good to have a mentor. Independant Mother, or racing mom As soon as I hit publish I want this syndicated  home security name, new shotgun brand Looking to add a few workers to your force? The name for food that comes in a big pack that you throw in a pot and boil. No measuring or setting the temp. They have commercials for this on daytime TV everyday. I think they figure if you’re watching TV all day long or might need a job. It plays right after the injury attorney commercial. So I want staff is for finding new employees, but what if you only need them for a few days? Lease them. I think we can all agree that life as value, some more than others. a fast rifle or the future weapon that shoots lightning. Not like a tazer, but a devastating bolt of lightning.

$293 Mr Dicker had a similar site to this at one point. Basically you would hire and actor to do videos that would pop up on your screen and tell you what to do. If you’re traveling someplace new you want to expirience exotic local things, not mundane boring stuff. Good logo making service name This one makes me think of a meeting taking place via morse code on a telegraph. Don’t heal at a normal rate, mega heal right away. Very small funds, like in office space, fractions of pennies for everyone.

$3,050 A mom that pops out of a bottle and grants wishes Learn how to be a good mommy, or a mommy that coach’s her childs sports team Being made every day for free by everyone. the waiting list for whatever Cat people are crazy, this is a home health service for cats. They will pay for it. A medical advice site, or a service that comes to your house. A list of douche bags that we want to see silenced. Not because we hate that first amendment, just because we don’t like idiots. I imagine there are many pools in Orlando. The person that makes a path? I have no idea. the IOU site, keep track of who owes what. Or a credit site. everyone likes pictures Camping, tailgaiting, lots of uses for a portable cooker. Songs that take you to a different time and place, or motivate you to do something. take the money and run Don’t buy the junk weed anymore, get the pure stuff. Accepted alternate spelling of Quick.  Choose a dancer for your next special occassion sounds like something that takes a beating, truck liner, boots, tires Keep your rum safe 6 characters and you get the idea

$236 the safe haven with tropical fruits and waterfalls Fire or water damage, vehicle towing and junk yards Don’t know what you do with it, but people say it a lot I like the way it sounds. Could be anything

$160 Not much value but fun Your little buddy that gets rid of stains Football, Rugby, Cricket The Techs that know no bounds Computer not working? Need a knew server or network? get a tech work up This is that guy that always goes the extra mile and is loyal If you don’t like it here then move. full service investement help

$325  Walking fitness The marriage site, two become one Look up info about your pet?

$155 Probably a bad idea, too close to uni

$425 Short domain to talk about your children Another fine no meat no dairy domain Get more VIPs’ to your business Are you a warrior? Let me see your war face A water boy variation We are connected now more than ever, lots of possibilities Rent a horse drawn wedding carriage. The newspaper that keeps you up to date on weed. If you only drink tea I’m sure you’ll lose lots of weight.

$121 I’m thinking wellness, health connect.

$1035 This is what happens when we coddle some one, we woosify them. Tell your workers how good a job they’re doing. What is the date?

$698 Wow that guy is the most valuable player

Your LLLL.coms of The Day – $510 – $606  – $400 – $300 – $510  – $305 – $330 – $475 – $330  – $330 – $420 – $330 – $676 – $455 – $400 – $400 – $330 – $330 – $400  – $400 – $475 – $330 – $400 – $400 – $400  – $400 – $405 – $400  – $400 – $345

And a Few More

CVSY.COM – $1,500
DWVO.COM – $330
EDBR.COM – $606
EDCE.COM – $475
EDFN.COM – $405
EDGF.COM – $405
EDHH.COM – $510
EDLH.COM – $400
EDPH.COM – $400
EHVK.COM – $330
EHVV.COM – $330
EKVJ.COM – $330
EPUV.COM – $330
ESVU.COM – $330
EWKC.COM – $330
EZKC.COM – $521
FAVK.COM – $330
FEYV.COM – $330
FFYU.COM – $510
FPHE.COM – $606
FPHO.COM – $400
FPTE.COM – $568
FRAO.COM – $600
FRDO.COM – $400
FRGO.COM – $606
FWIU.COM – $330
FWUV.COM – $330
FYUM.COM – $400
HQEE.COM – $330
JJYA.COM – $553
JMTU.COM – $510
JTRU.COM – $405
JUTF.COM – $330
JVIV.COM – $330
JVUZ.COM – $330
JWEZ.COM – $330
JYIF.COM – $330
KGAU.COM – $330
KIWM.COM – $330
KTEU.COM – $330
KVEI.COM – $330
LFBO.COM – $400
LFDO.COM – $400
LFEF.COM – $400
LFFE.COM – $400
LFIH.COM – $400
LFIN.COM – $400
LFOM.COM – $400
LFPA.COM – $400
LFSO.COM – $676
LKUV.COM – $330
LRHU.COM – $330
LROU.COM – $327
LSDU.COM – $510
LYUG.COM – $330
LZYU.COM – $330
OPJP.COM – $330
OTFP.COM – $410
OTGD.COM – $405
OTLH.COM – $400
OTND.COM – $405
OUJV.COM – $330
OYWH.COM – $330
QVAG.COM – $330
QWCI.COM – $330
SQPO.COM – $330
TPPO.COM – $455
TRFA.COM – $606
TSDO.COM – $405
UBQA.COM – $330
UBSY.COM – $370
UCJE.COM – $327
UDKV.COM – $330
VYIC.COM – $400
ZXPI.COM – $400

 And a Few Numerics – $170 – $151 – $17 – $55 – $148 – $201 – $22 – $12 – $137 – $12 – $12 – $32 – $99 – $27 – $27 – $49 – $59 – $99 – $100 – $99 – $99


GWS.CO – $370
WFY.BIZ – $75
TFX.INFO – $165  You think dirty word but the money is in the fact its a very popular Asian name  You’re probably thinking adult here as well.  In this case you would be right

7 Numerics Domains for One Low Price

Ended unsold at $129

And One more Package of Numerics with Lots of 8s

Ended unsold at $195 18 years old. Strong letters on this one

Ended unsold

3 days left and still at $1!

NameJet one of the best you can own,, – $860,,   Some great letters on these Closes today.  Will sell for over $5K.  I know that because its already over $5K

$5,000 on the dot  I sell it, don’t eat it  Nice

$2,110  This should be the name of Jamie’s blog  I still like triple 8s. Just not buying any right now.  But people still are

$190  I love this one. Just wish people could spell assistant    I’m guessing the end user will sell fake hair.  Or real hair to put on someone else’s hair

LLLL’s that End Users Might use someday

WWSX.NET – $190
LXFX.NET – $101
ADJT.NET – $58
NSBJ.NET – $83
YOSO.ORG – $35
UPRY.NET – $17
MJJE.NET – $17
LGOY.NET – $17
WUWX.NET – $50
LVLD.NET – $17
MESJ.NET – $17
MUNO.ORG – $12
JCNL.ORG – $49
JSDK.ORG – $12
YCRN.ORG – $12
EJSC.ORG – $12
NYMN.ORG – $12


MOSMO.COM – $622

Names With Traffic – $470 – $230 – $155 – $215 – $160 – $156

Domain Spotlight: